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Michelle Branch.

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As seen on the Book of Face

From The Trailer Park - The Nice Guys

Good old school look to the trailer…made me feel like I was in the 70’s.

From The Trailer Park - Sadako vs. Kayako

Teenagers pit the female ghosts of the Ring and Grudge movies against each other. This is undoubtedly a foolproof plan which will have no negative consequences whatsoever.

The trailer is in Japanese, but you get the gist. This looks like it could be a lot of fun for horror fans like yours truly.

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A rockin' Friday night with #1 son in Floyd's world

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Boys in a Pasture by Winslow Homer (1874)

From The Trailer Park - Climate Hustle

A documentary that takes a critical look at the man-made global warming movement.

Opens nationwide in theaters for one day only, on May 2nd.

h/t Christian Toto.