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Whittling Down Gun Control Idiocy

Guns don’t kill liberal/Progressive gun control arguments. Bill Whittle does.

Sunday Open Thread

St/ Dwynwen's Church. Wales. UK

St/ Dwynwen’s Church. Wales. UK

Apparently today is St. Dwynwen’s Day in Wales — equivalent to Valentine’s Day.

Sunday Gospel

They Blinded Themselves With Hatred?

Delfategate? Remember when steel couldn’t melt? Yeah me neither. Science is a bitch. Real science — not the sciencey stuff practiced by the media. Could it be that the New England Patriots will be vindicated by the law of Nature — and Nature’s God? I hope so — not because I love the Patriots. No… I want to see the media and the NFL look like asses — verifiable asses. Anyway… the jury is out, but The Daily Beast has an interesting piece wherein they talk to a Boston College physics professor (a Buffalo Bills fan).

Note to scandal seekers: Gases lose volume when it’s cold, meaning the Patriots may not have done anything wrong.
New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick says that he is “not a scientist,” but a basic law of physics taught in high school may well vindicate his team in the controversy dubbed DeflateGate.

On a blackboard, the Ideal Gas Law is written thus:


The P stands for pressure, the V for volume. The n is the amount of gas, the R a mathematical constant. The T is temperature.

Among other things, the equation establishes that if the volume is a constant such as the inside of a football, then the pressure will vary in accordance with the temperature.

Let’s say the internal pressure of a football is measured indoors, as the footballs were two hours before the AFC Championship game last weekend.

And let’s assume that the temperature inside was in the mid-70s Fahrenheit.

Now we know that the temperature on the field was around 50 degrees when the balls were brought out for the start of the game.

We also know that the temperature soon after dropped into the mid-40s.

And, as calculated by a prominent Boston physicist at the request of the Daily Beast, a 30-degree decrease in temperature would result in a corresponding pressure drop of 1.54 PSI (pounds per square inch.)

“You’re on the right track,” Dr. Michael Naughton, chair of the Department of Physics at Boston College, confirmed when contacted by The Daily Beast on Friday.

Naughton was as cautious as is any good scientist when it comes to speculation, but he ventured, “What’s not unreasonable is that footballs initially measured in a typically warm room and then brought outside and used in a 40s temperature field will have dropped one and a half to two PSI.”

More at the link.

Saturday Song

Saturday Open Thread

50 years ago today Winston Churchill, the greatest man of the 20th century. died.

Some (too few snippets) :

“I will begin by saying what everybody would like to ignore or forget but which must nevertheless be stated, namely that we have sustained a total and unmitigated defeat, and France has suffered even more than we have….the German dictator, instead of snatching the victuals from the table, has been content to have them served to him course by course.”

       —House of Commons, 5 October 1938, after the Munich Agreement 

       “I would say to the House, as I said to those who have joined this Government, I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat. We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many long months of toil and struggle.

       “You ask what is our policy. I will say, it is to wage war with all our might, with all the strength that God can give us, to wage war against a monstrous tyranny never surpassed in the dark, lamentable catalogue of human crime.

       “You ask what is our aim? I can answer in one word: Victory. Victory at all costs. Victory in spite of all terror. Victory however long and hard the road may be. For without victory there is no survival.”

       —First speech as Prime Minister, House of Commons, 13 May 1940.

About whether Britain would stay the course…

 “We have not journeyed across the centuries, across the oceans, across the mountains, across the prairies, because we are made of sugar candy.”

       —Canadian Parliament, Ottawa, 30 December 1941.

Jazz Hands Up, Don't Shimmy

Given that the Feds have now vindicated Darren Wilson, it seemed like the perfect time to share this awesome video.

God bless our boys and girls in blue.

This Afternoon’s Broadcast is brought to you by…

Bad Company. In the beginning, I believed every word that you said…

Friday Open Thread

If I have to listen to one more self-righteous sports journalist or ex-football player whine and moan about “competitive advantage” or “the integrity of the game” I’m going to throw up.

For the sake of consistency, ANY player who intentionally breaks the rules: holds, pushes off, clips, interferes, runs into the kicker, flops to trick the ref into a running into the kicker foul, etc. is seeking “an unfair competitive advantage” — and is thus a cheater. Brady did nothing worse than that. It’s wrong, but ultimately meaningless (or minor). They beat the Colts like a rented mule — a whiny rented mule. I understand why people think it’s wrong. I just don’t see a big deal here without A — the Patriots and B — the Super Bowl.

I am now rooting for the Patriots to win this Super Bowl. Thanks a lot ESPN, et al. — see what you made me do?

**I do not for a second believe Tom Brady (a bit more inclined to believe Belichick — as even the most micro manager of folks can not literally know everything that goes on — in other words willful ignorance of the Sgt. Schultz variety). Given the draconian punishment that undoubtedly awaits I wouldn’t fess up either, especially since they have an incomplete case (not that Goodell cares about due process). The whole bureaucratized mess is a symptom of the sickness that grips our country.

Discuss. :-)

Edit: Additionally, pursuant to Outlaw’s point, I reserve ultimate judgment if the NFL has some smoking gun or stronger case. Meanwhile Aaron Rodgers has admitted over inflating…. I await his flogging.

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