Hoaxed On A Feeling, Part Deux


Well, the Fake Hate Crime Brigade that I’ve discussed before is back and up to their usual tricks.

On Monday, gay YouTube celebrity and LGTB activist Calum McSwiggan posted a selfie on Instagram (seen above), showing himself in a hospital bed with multiple facial injuries. He claimed that after leaving a gay club in West Hollywood, three homophobic men attacked and beat him up, leaving him with broken teeth and six stiches on his forehead. He also criticized the LAPD for not doing more to protect him from the attack. “I’ve never felt so terrified to be a gay man in the public eye”, he concluded.

But – get ready to show your shocked face – the LAPD released a statement proving that it was all a hoax. McSwiggan had, in fact, been arrested for vandalizing a car outside the club that night, and a publicly-released booking photo clearly shows that he was brought in with no facial injuries. Upon being booked, he was placed in a cell alone, where he was observed beating himself up with the receiver of a pay phone, at which point he was taken to the hospital for treatment, where he took the Instagram photo.

I have found some documentary video footage of the self-inflicted attack, but be warned, it is disturbing:

Let’s hope he gave himself a safeword beforehand, so that the whole thing was consensual.

This is, of course, coming only a few months after another famous LGBT “hate crime” hoax, in which a gay pastor in Austin falsely accused a Whole Foods baker of adding a gay slur to a “Love Wins” cake, before admitting that he added the slur himself. And this will undoubtedly not be the last such incident. The people that perpetrate these hoaxes suffer no consequences when they get caught, other than some minor embarrassment (and of course if they had any shame, they wouldn’t be doing this in the first place). So what reason could they possibly have to stop?

What I can’t figure out is, what do they hope to achieve here? They already have gay marriage, massive cultural support, and even transgender bathrooms; it seems like they’ve already got what they wanted, so why are they even still having a Pride Month, much less beating themselves up during it? You could argue that they are trying to draw attention to the bigger issue of gay-bashing, but if they really cared about that, they would speak out against the Muslim who shot up the gay club in Orlando, or the Muslims who violently bash gays all over Europe on a regular basis, or the Muslims who throw gays off of buildings in the Middle East. (Stop me when you’re starting to see a pattern here.) But why bring that up when you can slander your innocent straight neighbors and cops instead?

You know, for a group of people who hate Christians so much, they sure are desperate to be martyrs.

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From The Trailer Park - Sully

The story of “Sully” Sullenberger, the pilot who became an American hero in 2009 after he glided his malfunctioning plane onto the Hudson River, saving everyone on board.

Directed by Clint Eastwood. Stars Tom Hanks, Laura Linney, and Aaron Eckhart.

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Wednesday night with Floyd R. Churchill

From The Trailer Park - LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

IMHO, the Lego games are the most consistently fun and entertaining family-friendly game series out there. I have played them all with family members and friends, and (aside from the occasional bug or gameplay issue) they have all been an absolute blast to play.

Game was released yesterday; I’m definitely looking forward to getting myself a copy when I get the chance. (And yes, Doc, it’s available on all platforms.)

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10 Actors and Filmmakers That Surprised Us Once

Once an actor or filmmaker has been working for a while, the public tends to know what to expect from them, in terms of both quality and range. Occasionally they will surprise us by making a movie or delivering a performance so different or well-made that it redefines what we thought they were capable of, and usually that changes the course of their career. A good example would be Jim Carrey’s dramatic work in The Truman Show, which suddenly put him in demand for both comedies and dramas from then on. Occasionally, though, an actor or director will only step out of their wheelhouse with one uncharacteristically great/different film or performance, before stepping back in to it again. Here are 10 examples:

1. Christian Slater (He Was a Quiet Man, 2007)

While Christian Slater has given memorable performances in everything from Pump Up The Volume to True Romance to his recent TV work on “Mr. Robot” and “Archer”, he’s never been seen as having much range, with all of his characters displaying a similar screen persona: cocky smart-alecks with a vaguely Jack Nicholson-esque delivery. However, there was one instance in which Slater gave a performance thoroughly unlike any he had before, in the indie black comedy/drama He Was A Quiet Man.

Slater plays Bob Maconel, a balding, overweight, middle-aged, bespectacled, misanthropic cubicle dweller who wants nothing more than to go out in a blaze of glory. On the morning he finally works up the courage to bring a pistol to work, he is about to go postal when a co-worker suddenly beats him to it, and ironically Bob is able to use his own weapon to gun the man down and prevent further deaths, becoming a hero. His co-workers shower him with praise, his boss (William H. Macy) gives him a promotion and his now wheelchair-bound office crush (Elisha Cuthbert) finally notices him. It all seems too good to be true, and as things get even stranger and darker for him, he begins to wonder what’s real and what’s not. Is someone as unbalanced as him capable of being happy, or at least doing the right thing?

Slater HWAQM

It’s a fascinating, challenging and at times surreal film, but Slater’s anti-social Everyman character keeps us anchored, and from his opening monologue about how men are no longer allowed to be men in our civilized and feminized world all the way up to the twisty ending that I had to look up on IMDB to understand, there is not a trace of the normal Slater persona anywhere to be seen. He fully inhabits this character, barely hiding the desperation in his eyes behind those nerdy glasses. It’s a performance that suggests Slater has untapped depths as an actor, that will hopefully be explored more in future roles as he ages and transitions away from leading man roles.
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St. Mark's Basilica, Venice, Italy

St. Mark’s Basilica, Venice, Italy

Admit 'em All; Let Gaia Sort 'em Out

US Marine Corp riflepersons

US Marine Corp riflemen

The US Marine Corps will be removing “man” from 19 job titles according to the Marine Corps Times:

Thousands of Marines serving throughout the infantry and in other key positions are about to get new gender-neutral job titles, but the service’s top leaders are pushing to leave the word “man” in some of its most iconic occupations.

In all, the Marine Corps plans to rename 19 of its military occupational specialties, or MOSs, as the result of a months-long review mandated by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus. A service-wide message announcing the changes is expected to be published within the next few days.

The terms “rifleman” and “mortarman,” are among those that remain untouched, according to a list — obtained by Marine Corps Times on Monday — of 33 MOSs that were reviewed. And that was by careful design, said a Marine official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

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