From The Trailer Park - Spider-Man: Homecoming

After being introduced in Captain America: Civil War, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man gets a solo movie in which he takes on The Vulture (Michael Keaton), with occasional help from Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr). Also stars Marisa Tomei, Jon Favreau and Bokeem Woodbine.

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Grover Cleveland had the first electric lit Christmas tree in the White House in 1895

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Brian Setzer.

From the Trailer Park: War for the Planet of the Apes

Hell, yes! That is all.

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More "Compassion" From the Soulless Left


This delightful ray of sunshine just found himself unemployed for the holidays after the above Facebook post, mocking the victims of the Tennessee fires for their politics, went viral. His employer soon fired him and disavowed any association with him, and he deleted all of his social media accounts after other users went after him online for his insulting remarks. (h/t Stacey Dash)

He joins dozens of other liberals who have used social media to mock and insult those affected by the fires, including washed-up comedian Michael Ian Black. I personally have seen over a dozen such tweets reposted in my own Facebook feed lately.

What can you even say about someone who believes that people who didn’t vote for their candidate deserves to die in a fire? This is what leftism creates: hyper-partisan drones with pitch-black souls; what little humanity they have lives and dies with their politics. Like many other conservatives, I was disappointed with how many people voted for Obama, especially the second time around, but never in a million years would I dance on the graves of innocent people in a blue state who died in a disaster. But to liberals like the man above, anyone who didn’t vote Democrat (or even lives in a state that didn’t) is deserving of nothing but the utmost scorn. That’s what liberal “compassion” looks like.

The ultimate irony is that, if this guy gets another job anytime soon, it will probably have been created by Donald Trump’s economic policies.

Thoughts and prayers to the people of Tennessee, 14 of whom have died in the fires and thousands more have been left homeless in winter.

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Message Received


This is a message that was sent to the surviving sailors on a warship at Pearl Harbor from the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, shortly after the attack there. God rest the souls of all who died there, and may we never forget their sacrifice.