Socialism: Not Even Once.


#FeelTheBern? I imagine a lot of Venezuelans are Feeling the Bern in certain unmentionable places now that they’ve run out of toilet paper.

8 comments to Socialism: Not Even Once.

  • Daniel

    It saddens me when my fellow Catholics add the qualifier ‘democratic’ to socialism and suddenly it’s not just an ideal economic system, it’s downright divine.

  • Dr. Schplatt

    Still better than Detroit.

    • -fritz-

      I have never been able to come to a full understanding of why the left so loves to turn garden spots into sh*tholes!

      • They just need to try harder, I’m sure it won’t screw everything up this time.

        It always amazes me that environmentalists are lefties. They should look up the environmental damage the Soviets did in their own backyard sometime, or check out the pollution levels in communist China. Then get back to me about how capitalism is the problem.

        • Dr. Schplatt

          Because environmentalism has very little to do with protecting the environment, but more about controlling what other, happier and more successful people are allowed to do in order to make yourself feel better about being miserable.