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Since we’re playing Truth or Dare, I figured y’all would be interested in more honest facts about Rufus. (And do we really need the adjective there? I mean, this is a conservative site. Although I guess our lib stalkers would need the “honest” clarification.)

Anyway, since I have known Rufus, for like – oh, months – I am privy to a great deal of intimate information that he is just too darn shy to share. For example:

1. Could not be dissuaded from lighting up a stogie while returning from Europe on The Hindenburg.

2. Has a phone number that actually starts with “555”.

3. Once dated Billie Jean King, Martina Navratolova and Ellen Degeneres, with predictable consequences now known as “the Rufus effect” in medical circles.

4. Auditioned to be the guy in the “Ding Fries Are Done” video.

5. Family motto: “Semper ubi sub ubi”.

6. Went to the premire of “Brokeback Mountain”. With Floyd.

7. Devoutly believes that Gary Burghoff is the greatest actor in history.

8. Prefers Oates to Hall. (Which is TOTALLY gay).

9. Watches old Batman episodes with his TV tilted at a compensating angle, so that everything appears to be straight and level.

10. Has attempted to write his name in the snow, but only got as far as “Rufus Fir-“

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