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She’s a rich girl, and it’s gone too far…


TV personality Rachael Ray is on a mission: to get Hall and Oates into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We’ve known that Ray is a lover of the more rock-flavored variety of the Hold Steady and the New York Dolls, but after learning of their Hall of Fame absence during a recent taping of her daytime show, she not only declared her love for Hall and Oates but decided to start a petition to get them inducted.
“It was completely spontaneous as far as I was concerned,” Oates tells Spinner. “No one mentioned anything to Daryl [Hall] or I. We were going out to play a few songs, do a quick interview. Next thing she did, she told her audience we’re not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Daryl and I looked at each other and we’re like, ‘Woah.’ I don’t know if she had planned it, but she didn’t tell us and I was blown away.”

Ray took to her blog shortly after the taping to kick off her campaign. “Did you know Hall and Oates, one of the biggest pop rock duos in history has not yet been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame???” she wrote, still reeling from the news. “That’s why I want you to leave me a comment here and this will act as our petition to get these guys into the Hall of Fame. We’ll gather all of your kind words, and send this off to show just how much we support these guys.” That’s quite an endorsement!

The episode is slated to air on Nov. 6, during which the band plays a few of Ray’s requests: ‘Rich Girl’ and ‘You Make My Dreams.’ But Oates says that whether or not Ray’s petition works its magic, they aren’t really concerned with the honor.

“If we were to be nominated for inclusion, we’d be very happy and jump on board, but no one has said anything to us,” he says. “So, we just carry on with our lives. It’s not something I wake up every morning, worrying about. I’ve learned over the years to not spend too much time worrying about things I can’t control. Getting accolades and awards is a nice perk, but that’s not why we do things.”

26 comments to The Company They Keep

  • Matt Helm

    Amongst other things, she had a neck back then.

  • Veruckt

    I could have lived 7 life times without seeing that picture and been perfectly fine. She has what I refer to as “creepy gymnast boobs”. Thanks for the mental scarring Rufus.

    • Rufus

      That is hilarious, Veruckt. I really don’t know the woman, and for all I know she’s the salt of the earth, but the very concept of her offends me. Mrs. Firefly once began a sentence with, “I heard something interestin on Rachel Ray’s show…” and I cut her off right there. I said, “How can anything that woman said or did possibly be of interest to anybody.”

      It’s completely unprovoked and unjustified, but she annoys me. However, now that I know she’s on the money about Hall and Oates maybe I’ll give her a chance.

  • Replacements, Hall & Oates, Three Dog Night, J. Geils Band … sadly on the the outside looking into the Hall of Kiss Jann Wenner’s ass. Many others, too, but those are my four favorite and most egregious omissions in my book. Hell, Duran Duran and Motley Crue as well, yet The Rascals have been honored. Wha’ever.

    • Rufus

      And aren’t Derek and the Dominoes in? I mean, of course E.C. has to be in, but Derek and the Dominoes? Really? C’mon, Cleveland!

      • The College Widow

        After graduating with a fresh new degree in Sociology (with an unofficial emphasis on sociology of music and religion) I aspired to work at the Rock Hall. I was nicely turned away with the usual ‘we currently have no positions that match your resume.’ Now I realize that I was fortunate. Just think of all the hours I would have slaved away cleaning the stains out of all of those Rolling Stones costumes?

        • Rufus

          “a fresh new degree in Sociology (with an unofficial emphasis on sociology of music and religion)”
          As our High School baseball coach used to say, “That, and a buck, will buy you a cup of coffee.”

  • Ditto Blind Faith. I think it’s Wenner Law that every Clapton-related project needs to be in the Hall. I’m honestly surprised Connor hasn’t been posthumously inducted.

  • I can’t stand her and her evoo. Perky people make my hiney itch.

    But I did think what H and O said about the honor was cool.

  • Stephanie

    Oh she is just creepy. Between Rachel Ray and Paula Trailer Park Dean they have ruined the Food Network. Barf. And don’t even get me started on Giada My Head is GINORMOUS De Laurentis…she is more phoney than Michael Jackson’s nose.

    • The College Widow

      Oh…is Rachel Ray of the Food Network? I’m so out of the current pop-culture without cable/satellite. I hear references to people like her but have no idea why people are talking about them. There’s a Ford Motor Co. ad with someone called “Mike” that apparently everyone knows but the spouse and me. Sure, I could look it up but I’d rather spend my time here on Threedonia.

  • JohnFN

    My wife loves Rachel Ray – has for years. She buys every book, watches every show. She met her once at a book-signing, got her picture and a short conversation. Watch Rachel Ray on TV, watch the bubbly personality and the energy – imagine the hair is blonde and you have my wife. Someone has to counter her curmudgeon of a husband.

  • I like 30 Minute Meals, dislike The Rachael Ray Show. Why? Idk, but I think it’s that 30MM is all about the cooking, while The RRS tries to pretend to be about food by wedging a recipe into an Oprah/gossip/HSN template.

    Sound like Mike R. is nominated for a Hubba-hubba?

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