Cheerleader Please!

Dallas Cheerleader
Happy Halloween Lil’ Wayne! err… Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader dressed up as Lil Wayne! I can’t tell if that’s blackface or if that what she looks like after she stepped into the shit storm she’s embroiled in.

For the record — I think it’s a GREAT costume — high-larious and Blacks can unclench. I also think it’s funny when Dave Chappelle dressed as a white dude in white face. Pot meet ummm… kettle. I also think it’s stupid because white touchy liberals, touchy Blacks, and their weenie conservative enablers make the cost too high for this stunt. Too bad cuz she’s purty — for a white girl.

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  • I think I’ll move to Dallas for when the media has the time to report on this non-event, then that must be a city free of murder, rape, assaults, muggings, corrupt politicians, corrupt businessmen, kidnappings, and all the other lousy things that make life in places like New York, Los Angeles and every other major metropolitan city in America not so nice places to live.

  • blackhawk12151

    I am definitely bringing this up in my Civil & Political Rights class for the sole reason of seeing all those morally superior d-bag beta male leftists blow the tops of their heads off with the surge of sanctimonious rage.

  • Rufus

    “I think it’s a GREAT costume — high-larious and Blacks can unclench.” Couldn’t have said it better myself, Floyd!

    (And this title is your best title since all the other fantastic post titles you have written.)

    And, in honor of our old, DH’s Place compatriot, Rich: Cracker please!

  • “I don’t care about the face. What about her butt?”
    “Ihearya, baby!”

  • The College Widow

    I am impressed.

    That is one heckuva commitment to a costume! She could have opted to wear long sleeves and therefore use less makeup but no, she really went for it. I wonder what she used? I’ve had my experiences with costumes for Halloween over the years and know it’s fun putting it on but getting it all off…well, that’s when it really gets fun.

    Lil Wayne should feel honored because that’s a great costume. Those who are offended need to move on. Being offended over stuff like this is giving others way too much power.

    • >>but getting it all off…well, that’s when it really gets fun. >>

      Having gone as The Beast a few years ago, committing the makeup to face, hands and neck only (and blue spray-paint hair), I politely disagree. 😉

      • The College Widow

        My husband and I met at Ohio University in Athens, OH and Halloween was a very important event every year. (I’m sure it’s not as fun now because: 1. we don’t go so how could it be fun?; and 2. kids don’t know how to have fun without rioting.) We subjected ourselves to all sorts of uncomfortable appliances to the face and makeup. It only gets more fun when one has had too much to drink. Then you’re faced with trying to remove it while intoxicated or waiting and ruining your pillow case. Ah…youth.

      • Matt Helm

        Eric, you must think about how mutants felt about your insensitive costume decision. Sure, they’re genetically superior to us with powers we’d kill for, but that doesn’t make them any less a victim, Eric. Shame on you. What’s next, a Mr. Magoo costume to oppress the blind?

  • Stephanie

    Its all that sugar in donuts. Just not good for ya Floyd. You guys should have been thrilled John was thinking of your health n all.
    And the photo is funny. Kind of like seeing a Black Vikings fan wearing a blonde yarn wig and a helmet..which also makes all kinds of sense.

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