I Love Sarcasm

While the GOP as a whole needs revamping… some in there still have juice…

From Rep. John Carter (R. — Tex) the Timothy Geithner Penalty Waiver Act and here’s Carter’s press release:

Carter says the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution mandates equal penalties for similar offenses, and that the failure of the IRS to assess any penalties against Geithner demands similar penalties for all taxpayers with substantially equivalent cases. “This bill seeks to codify what is now established by the law of precedent,” says Carter. “The Geithner case has established a legal precedent for the determination of penalties by the IRS, and that precedent can be cited in all federal tax courts. The penalty is now set at zero.” “Taxpayers who willfully attempt to evade paying their fair taxes should pay a penalty, or our tax code becomes unenforceable,” says Carter. “This bill is not to reward tax evaders, but to defend the Rule of Law itself. If we as a nation choose not to enforce the law against the politically privileged, then we cannot enforce the law against others without undermining respect for the law itself.”

Here’s the whole thing from Carter’s website. Chance of passing is zero of course, but an A+ for snark, accuracy in snark, and putting it out there.

h/t: TaxProf Blog

3 comments to I Love Sarcasm

  • Rufus

    Very, very well done! This is one of the most important constructs of our nation; NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW!

    Regarding the Clinton-Lewinsky affair, I didn’t really care about their relationship, except I thought it was sick a man would prey on a young, impressionable employee in that manner, but once Clinton was on record committing perjury I cared. Even the President is not above the rule of law and our courts. If Geithner gets a pass the least among us should too.

  • As someone currently embroiled in some back-taxes fun from my first marriage, where do I sign up to get behind Rep. Carter’s plan 100%?

  • The dems contempt for societies rules is at least here put down on record…that has to hurt the turd in question ,if only a little.

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