For the last time, ROCK THE VOTE is non partisan

If you say it enough times, it might be true. Nope still doesn’t work.

H/T Sister Toldjah, Via Ace of Spades. Go read the commentary at Sister Toldjah for more on this stupidity.

For all you fans of Friday Night Lights, you might notice Zach Gilford, who plays Matt. Yeah, he’s now officially one of THEM. Young, dumb and full of something that rhymes with dumb…that’s no way to go through life son.

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  • Rock the Vote is nonpartisan … just like The One.

  • Jake Taylor

    FWIW, Saracen pretty much always was young, dumb and full of something that rhymes with dumb. I guess the actor was just playing himself this whole time.

  • Jake Taylor

    Oh, also (and please forgive the crudeness so early in the morning) liberal girls are the ones you sleep with in college because you’re desperate and stupid and you know they’re easy.

    Conservative women are the ones that you fall in love with when you’ve grown up enough to realize what sexy really means.

    • Jake, those girls were acting easy and stupid. You were not being crude.

      Back in the election, Nickelodeon (cable children’s shows, NOT conservative for the most part) was running a little rap video giving some information about the candidates. But they ran the McCain one about 4 times the amount they ran O’s. I kept wondering who was the lone wolf Republican who was in charge of that and whether or not he still has a job.

  • Reminds me of a bumper sticker I once saw: “I only sleep with pro-choice men.” It’s the first time just reading a bumper sticker made me want to go home and take a scalding hot shower.

  • Veruckt

    I like to think they’ll grow out of it as they get older like most of us do (yes, I used to be a Liberal when I was younger) but the problem with the Hollywood types is they never see the real world so they never have a reason to grow up. To me this is why Hollywood is so Liberal, a complete disconnect from reality.

    • Rufus


      I wrote a long, long comment on this at Libertas once, and I don’t have the energy to repeat it, but I agree.

      Most of us are liberal when we’re young because we are inexperienced and uninformed. Actors and actresses typically work minimum wage jobs and the very few who make it can make it rather quickly. The rest of us mortals go through a slow, gradual process where we learn a great deal about human nature, and how people are motivated, and what people really care about. The rarified class of actors and actresses who earn millions go from pauper to prince almost overnight. They have a very stunted, stilted, stifled and immature view of economics and politics. George Clooney, Matt Damon, the douches in this video… Children.

  • I always get emails from that group. This is the goofiest one by far.

    There has been a huge amount of advertising for the health care bill touting how great it is. It far overshadows the ads against it. The thing is, what they are saying for it is totally wrong. The whole cause/effect ramifications are not understood. I am under a retirement health plan as is my wife. Together we are covered almost 100%. It’s simply not possible that those of us who are covered won’t get undermined by the health care bill. And the employers who don’t currently cover 100%, which is most, will have to terminate employees to pay for the new overhead costs. Some will go out of business altogether. This is legislation at it’s worst. And it’s being sold as it’s greatest. It’s sharing the wealth, alright. It will make everyone poor.

  • This seems to be a useful campaign. Never had any interest in air-heads, no matter their cup size. A similarly inclined single young fellow can now easily separate the bimbos from the brains. To wit: “Before I ask you out, can you tell me if you make your choices on who to have sexual intercourse with based on your partner’s opinion regarding a public policy issue which you really don’t understand? – You do! – Ahh, I just remembered, I have an appointment to have my latest goiter removed.”

    Partner pre-screening just got a lot easier!

  • […] via Threedonia I found this Rock the Vote video appeal. I’d like to think that even liberal young people […]

  • JohnFN

    My favorite Rock The Moment memory – the group enlisted Chris Cornell at the peak of Soundgarden’s glory days as a spokesman. He lasted all of a handful events, saying the group was more keen on getting young Democrats to vote rather than young people to vote, chiding the group’s hidden partisanship. Funny, given the usually non-political Cornell went on to form Audioslave with a bunch of Communists.

  • Jake Was Here

    Anybody notice that we’ve been namedropped by Jonah on NRO?

  • Ike

    Those “Columbian chicks” sure had a decent command of English.

    I wonder if they spent a few years working in ACORN-sponsored brothels brushing up on their inclusion skills…

  • I would bet that no one in this video can tell us who the Vice President is. ‘Rock The Vote’? How about ‘Get The Stupid To Vote’? That would be a more accurate description of this crowd.

  • I would actually enjoy seeing someone say to young people, I don’t care what opinion you form I would just like you to develop the skills necessary to become a critical thinker, and form your own opinions about things. But these people count on the useful idiots who will just parrot what (insert name here) says and does. It’s really quite sad.

    • Rufus

      Outlaw, that’s pretty much the line I take with the Little Fireflies. Even when their views reflect mine I often play devil’s advocate to test them, and make sure they can defend their views. I’m not raising parrots. I’d rather have a critical thinker who disagrees with my opinions, yet can intelligently explain why, then a kid who is in lockstep but doesn’t know why.

  • 67Cougar

    It would be easy to say this is a modern problem, but I don’t think so. Remember back to the ’60s when left wingers (hippies and such) were usually too drugged out to do anything for themselves, much less develop a coherent thought. Well, over the years, the drugs have been less needed to turn young minds into jello. The more advanced media we get, the worse it seems to be. Kids grow up now spoon fed bullshit on TV from the moment they open their eyes for the first time. As we get farther into the internet revolution, it is definitely getting worse. Kids don’t have to do anything except turn on their iPhones, and their day is completely booked.

    Kids can’t do much of anything themselves – they are too damned lazy, too damned used to parents and libs giving/doing everything for them.

    I see it in my daughter and her friends, whom we’ve seen grow up from first graders to college. Those who have parents who are ‘strict’, who have conservative (or at least moderate) families raising them for the most part have minds that function. Kids who have grown up in permissive, give them everything, control nothing families are represented by the idiots in the commercial – tell them anything and they’ll believe it. I don’t consider these kids ‘bad’, at least not the majority of them. I consider them violated, mistreated, abused … and completely incapable of functioning for themselves.

    But that’s what the left wingers want, isn’t it … a public completely dependent upon government to provide them everything they need.

    It is sad, and very dangerous for our country. The majority of our young are growing up not capable of functioning at a level higher than a McDonald’s counter rat. Compare this to our competitors in the world, who are forging their young into engineers, scientists, doctors …..

    Crap … the US is only going to be good enough to serve hamburgers to the rest of the world in 20 years …

    • Rufus

      67Cougar, I see the same trend among my kids’ friends. Coddled kids are not independent kids. As I often tell my kids; it’s my job to make life at home so miserable they can’t wait to learn the lifeskills necessary to get out.

    • Rufus


      I see the same trend among my kids’ friends. Coddled kids are not independent kids. As I often tell my kids; it’s my job to make life at home so miserable they can’t wait to learn the lifeskills necessary to get out.

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