Quite Possibly The Strangest Ad I’ve Ever Seen

It’s from Denmark and the highlight is hundreds of topless women skydiving, linking up and spelling out the fact that a store has Siemens washing machines on sale for 4,999.000 DKK which translates to around $900 American.

The Sun (known for it’s Page Three Girls) has dubbed this, “The Sexiest Ad Ever”.

NSFW (I’m warning you…yeah you!)

Link: Fleg Master Tlpizza

18 comments to Quite Possibly The Strangest Ad I’ve Ever Seen

  • Veruckt

    All right I’ll say it…best ad ever. Also I giggled and said “boobies” approximately 15 times.

  • Raoul Ortega

    I believe they are far more likely to have earned the HALO badge than the Houston twit.

  • JohnFN

    My wife is going to wonder why I keep staring at the sky.

  • That’s the most boobs in the air since everyone flew to the Copenhagen climate change conference.

    And would that be DD-Day?

  • Stosh from da Sticks

    Will someone please tell Siemens we buy lots of washing machines here in the States?

  • Scott M.

    Yeah,Fritz,you mean the senior Senator from Nevada?

  • Kit

    The ad can only be described by Mike and the Bots

  • I thought this was a family-friendly site?

  • Did you see the warning? I told people exactly what they would see. What is your issue other than being a whiner?

    There are F-bombs and other swear words being tossed around here quite regularly, what is worse boobs or cussing? They are both not exactly what I would want kids to see, but that’s why the warning is there. Just like “Porky Pigging it” isn’t family friendly…that’s why Eric put the warning in there.

    If parents allow their children to serf the internet unfettered then this site is the least of their concerns.

  • Veruckt

    I think we should replace all cursing with boobs.

  • @ Outlaw:

    Since when have I *EVER* complained on this site? Or my own? I’m not a whiner. I find it unmanly. It violates the guy code. I asked a genuine question.

    Yes, I saw your warning, but it still seems a bit out of place, you know? If I went to a religious website forum and threw it in, even with a NSFW warning, it just seems out of place. Likewise, if I went to The Superficial and posted a link (with warnings) to, I dunno, an NOW meeting or something, that would seem out of place.

    Obviously, Threedonia is neither of those, but it still seems a bit out of style for this place, so I asked if this is a family site or not. That’s it.

    • We ain’t the Manson family, but we sure also ain’t the Waltons. Besides, I thought we cleared this up awhile ago anyway: We’re the Cheers family, who were ribald from time to time as most families will be.

  • Republibot — and others… speaking as one of (but not for) the “Three” in Threedonia… We are a “family site”, but we are most likely an R-rated site, and thus not always for all the family. We don’t censor much around here. Rufus and I (and our currently silent Founder Chuck) asked every one here that posts because they bring whatever it is they have to the table. We have yet to censor much… I think Rufus cut a comment once, I cut a comment that was a personal attack on John Nolte back in the very beginning of our site, and I’ve self-censored a helluva lot. :-) I put one picture “below the fold” as an executive decision.

    While we’ve posted stuff here I personally wouldn’t post (think about that and then reconsider man-boobs… what must Floyd’s standards be???) I imagine I’d draw the line — a line we haven’t really discussed because I personally prefer a case-by-case discussion — at crotch shots, graphic sexual depictions, racist stuff (unless there’s a comedic or larger point — but I refer back to the group dynamic case-by-case stuff) anything of a personal nature that might get us sued, and anything else that we deem to be unfit — probably anything too explicitly foul or whatever. And of course grammar edits and spam.

    All that being said… Rufus and I have final edit as founders and majority owners of the site (and those $49.78 of revenue make the dynamic tense!) and we would explain any content issues if we felt the need I imagine (“imagine” because we haven’t yet in over 18 months).

  • Fair enough. Thank you for explaining that. We do something similar on Republibot, though we’re probably a bit more overt about explaining what is and isn’t acceptable behavior over there. Figured it’d save trouble down the line…

  • 67Cougar

    Wow … Boobs descending from the Heavens … A very nice variety of boobage at that.

    Notice it was filmed in the US – there ain’t no C-141s in Denmark – and I would expect that those young ladies are all red-blooded Republican Americans (Ok, maybe just Americans), since the film company wouldn’t have shelled out to fly that many babes over from Denmark for the shooting.

    Most people would think the guy is lucky, having that many loose boobies bouncing behind him. I think he’s gay … if he were straight, he would be walking towards them, not away from them.

    Pretty darn cool commercial, ought to be played during the Superbowl (especially if Nawlins’ makes it – the world capital of booby flashing!)

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