Maybe It’s Because You’re A Coward

…or maybe just a bitch.

How to leave a soldier
The war on terror may be impossible to resolve. Ending my marriage was easy

I probably shouldn’t have read this story, being where I am and knowing some of things that I do. I have absolutely zero sympathy for this woman.

You’d be surprised how easy it is to leave a soldier on deployment. You can do it with a letter. (He can’t argue with you. He doesn’t have a phone.) If you lay the groundwork early, saying to the soldier before he leaves, “This will be the end of us, we might as well admit it,” it’s that much easier. The letter won’t even come as a shock.

And if you have children with that soldier? You can handle all that with a letter, too. He’ll write it — because he cares about the kids, because he wants to work with you to do what’s best for them even though you’re leaving him — and you’ll give it to them. Here again, you will avoid a nasty confrontation. Who will they cry to? You? You’re just the teary-eyed bearer of the letter. Him? The one who’s sweating it out in the desert?

There will be no moving truck, no boxes, no house torn asunder. The soldier is peeing in a bucket as you pack. He doesn’t care who gets the couch.

…and she’s making money off of this.

Being a Soldier’s wife is no picnic, but I really, really, really don’t want to hear or read her “woe is me” crap. I think it’s quite revealing that she went on to marry a self proclaimed “marxist” and she couldn’t bring herself to be there when her son entered the Naval Academy. YIKES.

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24 comments to Maybe It’s Because You’re A Coward

  • David Marcoe

    Here’s the revenge: Her son remembered what she did to daddy and now she’s paying for it. The hammer always drops long after the dust has settled and the longer it takes, the harder it hits.

    People like this are never really happy. They check off all the boxes on their list, but their bitching and moaning goes unchanged.

  • Tracy, txmom2many

    I don’t know what it’s like to love a soldier, but I’ve watched my sister and her friends do it. Most of them fell in love with the soldier part of their man first and work to accept what that means. It’s more than a cool uniform and way of carrying themselves that commands respect, it’s a whole belief system and life. Lots of women can’t/won’t figure that out. My sister proudly says “WE are in the Army” and talks to the kids about the “family deployment” (even though they were in Ft Hood while he was in Iraq). It wasn’t a matter of having the life “without him” when he was there and “with him” when he returned, it was something they went through together. She doesn’t try and make a “safe civilian life” apart from the military, because she understands that there isn’t one without the military. This person never was in the service with her spouse. In fact, she seemed to go out of her way to make sure she and her children were not soiled with it in any way. She’s gonna miss knowing her son.

  • Mr. Sideous

    Figures this tripe was in salon, where all the Brights can congratulate themselves on how brave this self absorbed bitch is. Probably with Dixie Chicks playing on her iPod.

  • JohnFN

    I tried to post this in the comments at Salon. Reading 75-percent of them, it gives me greater faith in humanity. The other 25-percent? Well, there wouldn’t be good people if there wasn’t some bad ones.

  • Scott M.

    That c*nt ought to keep her f*cking mouth shut…we’ve already buried here in Shelby County two brave soldiers this year

  • Stephanie

    LET ME AT THIS (&*^&*^*%^*@@@@@)()*)&&&*&*^&^*&!!!&I(@$*^&*%$*@!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to kick her ass. I so do. What a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE REPULSIVE CREATURE!
    Tyger has roared….now I feel better.

  • Someone should tell her that her son isn’t becoming a soldier, he’s a midshipman. I think living in a tiny Manhattan apartment with a Marxist is punishment enough. I think her ex definitely got the better end of the deal. Yikes.

  • Kit

    Where is Stephanie when you need her?

  • Jake Was Here

    I’m going to become rich and famous when I invent a device that allows you to bitchslap people over the Internet.

  • Lots of folks in the service get divorced. Doesn’t mean she’s a bitch. Hell, lots of folks get divorced in the civilian world. I’m not holding this lady up as an exemplar. I just thought it was interesting to see someone face the challenges of being a service spouse, and realize it wasn’t for them.

    • I may have been projecting, given that I’m deployed and I’ve seen a lot of guys get “that” letter. But I didn’t see a whole lot in that article that would recommend that woman as someone of particular value.

      Additionally, I in no way meant to imply by giving you the H/T that you subscribed to my opinion of this person. Anyone who has been in the military for a while especially today can’t help but form opinions on this kind of thing, and it’s not fair to judge a person that you don’t know. But when you write an article about that subject and take money for your story about how you dumped your husband while he was deployed, you open yourself up for those value judgements…IMHO.

    • Tracy, txmom2many

      It seemed from her writing that she was actually encouraging others to wait for deployment to divorce your spouse, so you could get away with it with little or no consequences for yourself. Divorce or leaving your spouse shouldn’t be easy, military or not, but as you say, it happens. That she chose to do it while he was in a highly stressful situation so she could get the couch is what makes it vile.

  • David Marcoe

    I’ve been a first-hand witness to the breakup of a marriage: there are ways you do and don’t do things. The ease with which ended her marriage and the callousness of it make her a bitch, period. And if you knowingly go into a marriage with soldier and press the legal panic button because it “isn’t for you,” you’re f**king coward. Try using the same argument for parenthood or an oath of military service and you’re a f**king coward. Not paying your spouse the common dignity of a face-to-face meeting when you call it quits is a f**king cowardly way to go out. Making money off of telling people how to do is just f**king cruel. No matter which way you screw this pooch, it’s cowardly, but she did it with bitch berries on top.

  • Rufus


    I agree with Outlaw’s take, regardless of the fact that her spouse was military. It’s the same reason I have no respect for married folks who have clandestine affairs. Do people change? Sure. Is divorce necessary some times? Sure. But man-up, or woman-up and have the spine to tell your spouse to his or her face. 5, 10, 25 years ago you walked down an aisle or stood in front of a justice of the peace with this person and made some promises. You’ve changed your mind? You want out? Fine. Your first responsibility is to that person you made the promise with. You didn’t send him or her to the justice of the peace with a letter. You wanted to stand there in your pretty, white dress, or tux and get all the attention from everyone on your wedding day. Well, this is the other side of that coin. Stand in front of the one you loved and show them respect if you’re going to leave.

    I don’t know anything about her ex-husband, but based on how this woman describes herself (and one could logically assume her personal bias means she’s sugar-coating the story in her favor) I think “coward” is more than an appropriate description of her character. I hope her children have better examples in their lives so they can grow to be more mature adults than their mother.

  • Mighty Skip

    She married a self-proclaimed marxist who got his PhD writing on American Imperialism. That’s all I really need to know about her character.

  • YatYas

    Sounds like the LTC is better off without her. My ex-wife and I argued all the time, but she was a good Marine wife. My current wife, who I met after retiring became a good Marine wife when I was recalled from retirement and went to Iraq in 2005. Wonder, how this woman’s current hubby will treat her son if a Republican is elected President in 2012.

  • Stephanie

    Hey Yatyas….from an 0-6s wife…the good girls love the man not the uniform…..and yeah the LTC is better off without her. I’d tell her to. After I stomped on her for a while. Like I said she is a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE WOMAN!

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