The Simpsons did it second

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  • Every little bit helps. I wonder if, years from now, historians will look back at the South Park flap as our “Common Sense” moment? I mean, when Paine wrote “Common Sense” the reaction effectively backed the Brits into a corner. The more rebellious the colonists got, the more King George was forced into a corner. He could either: 1) do nothing, which would only encourage more colonists, or 2) try to crush the rebellion, which would enflame the rebels. At some point, you hit critical mass and the the results are inevitable.

    With this whole South Park thing, I think we’ve hit the point that more and more people are going to commit the unpardonable sin of making fun of Islam. That leaves the jihadists with two choices: 1) do nothing, which makes them seem impotent and encourages more mockery, or 2) punish infidels in the US, which will make things worse for them in the long run. Thomas Paine – Trey Parker – Matt Stone. Who woulda thunk those three names would go together?

  • JimmyC

    To quote Team America, “I like you. You’ve got…balls. I like balls.”

  • Stephanie

    This is awesome! Good for The Simpsons! TO HELL WITH DHIMMITUDE!

  • Jake Taylor

    Sorry guys, I don’t see what we’re supposed to be happy about re the Simpsons. They basically threw in a half-second statement acknowledging the situation and conceding victory to the Islamists.

  • […] and Stone’s right of freedom of expression. Sunday night’s episode of The Simpsons began with Bart using the chalkboard to write “South Park – we’d stand behind you if we weren’t so scared” however many times […]

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