From The Trailer Park - Frequency

A TV series about a New York police detective (Peyton List, Mad Men) who discovers that, via a ham radio signal, she is able to reach a signal 20 years in the past and communicate with her father (Riley Smith, Nashville), also a police detective who died in 1996. Using the radio to keep in touch, she uses her knowledge of the future to help her father solve crimes, including his own murder. Also stars Mekhi Phifer (8 Mile).

And the remake machine rolls right along. As you’ve probably guessed, this new TV series is adapted from the 2000 film of the same name starring Jim Caviezel and Dennis Quaid. It’s definitely a premise that can exploited for some interesting dramatic material that the (excellent) film only touched on, but whether it will be done effectively remains to be seen. It’s being produced and co-written by Jeremy Carver, who gave us Supernatural and the surprisingly good remake of Being Human, so hopefully this will be more than just an unnecessary retread.

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  • WB, kings of film-to-TV adaptations in 2016-17: this, Time after Time, Training Day, Lethal Weapon.

    [nervously poke head into hallway] Not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with that.

    • There seriously IS nothing wrong with that. Everyone complains about the glut of remakes going on right now, but there’s a reason so many of them make money – with some exceptions (like the new Ghostbusters), they are pretty well-made overall. People just want to be entertained, for God’s sake, and so much of what modern Hollywood puts out sucks at that level. So why not go with an established brand?

      • As a theatre person who knows well of the many presentations and (re)interpretations of plays from the likes of Euripides and Shakespeare, as well as Miller and Mamet, for years upon years, for the most part, I agree with you. Heck, two of the best shows of the 70s, All in the Family and Sanford & Son, were based on British shows.

        However, I’d be more receptive if the recycling typically didn’t stink up the joint, rarely living up to even a modicum of the source material’s greatness. That said, I’m torn on the proposed Lost Boys series on the horizon for CW. Great concept, seeing the world decade by decade through the eyes of the ever-living dead while the cast around them passes on, but would it kill the producers to not rely on the goodwill of the established brands?

  • Rufus

    I saw the original film with Quaid and Caviezel.
    Not bad.

  • Tall order, but the TV world needs more Friday Night Lights, and fewer Rush Hours.

  • Dr. Schplatt

    I find Supernatural and Being Human to be basically just supernatural soap operas, so I’m guessing this might be more of the same?

    • Yeah, probably. As soap operas go, they’re pretty fun to watch.

      • Dr. Schplatt

        I can get myself through episodes of Supernatural though I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it. I tried watching Being Human on Netflix and let it go after a half dozen episodes or so.

  • -fritz-

    I am so over sequels, pre-quels, and remakes, since Star Wars, Star Trek, and Rocky #23 !