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  • Such a funny, talented man. Growing up, my family watched his films together over and over again: Willy Wonka, Young Frankenstein, and of course the films he did with Pryor – Silver Streak is one of my mom’s very favorite movies. There’s never been anyone quite like him in film, as far as I’m concerned.

    Fun fact: he served as a Medic in the US Army for several years in the ’50s, treating psychiatric patients on-base.

    • Rufus

      “The Producers,” “Young Frankenstein” and “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” are three of my favorite films. Could even be my top 3, hard to quantify. Running through the channels I saw brief clips of him in “The Producers,” “Willy Wonka” and as the Waco Kid. Such different roles and he looks like he’s playing himself in all three.

      An immense talent.

    • Rufus

      One of my dad’s favorite comedic scenes (and one of mine) is the “Puttin’ On the Ritz” scene in “Young Frankenstein.” All anyone has to do is mumble loudly, “Uttin onna RITZZZZ!!” and my dad is in stitches.

      I love how surreal it is. It works on so many levels. Dr. Frankenstein just discovered how to reanimate life. That should be enough for some notoriety, but no. For some reason he decides the best way to display his experiment is in a Broadway dance number.

      The run up is wonderful; the theater, the audience, the tuxedos, top hats and canes. And it’s going great, even the monster is selling it and the audience is buying it. And then he goes to sing. And then, when the fire starts Wilder is trying to get the monster to stay in rhythm… Just hilarious!

      I heard an interview with Mel Brooks who said that entire scene was Wilder’s idea and he, Mel, didn’t want to put it in the movie. Mel didn’t get it. I think it’s hilarious but I can’t comprehend how anyone could think of it. Pure genius!

      • But why did everyone in the audience have lettuce in their pockets? Did they know the monster might freak out, and they might need to throw it at him?

  • I don’t think the quotation is originally his; I’m pretty sure it goes way back. But RIP to Mr. Wilder, who was a genius.

  • INFJ

    R.I.P Gene Wilder – the funny guy with the kind eyes.

  • So Trump is in town, making a campaign stop just a few miles up the road from me today. Hillary visited the same location earlier this year, and just to point out just how biased the local media is, someone posted a pair of headlines about the two candidates’ visits. Same local paper, same writer, same campaign stop, mind you. This is the headline about Hillary’s visit: “Clinton to visit Machinists hall on Tuesday”. And the headline for Trump making the same visit: “Trump’s visit sure to cause traffic woes Tuesday”.

    Dear God our media sucks.