Oh! Hell! Yes!!!

OK, I’m not giving up hope on the Cars finally getting on the ballot for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame later this year, but maybe my RF3D “kiss of luck” translated to the release of new material instead. Guess that can’t hurt in the way of getting them deservedly back in the spotlight, though, so one things leads to the other. “Jacknife” Lee’s a helluva producer, too, so even without Ben Orr, still looking forward to the band adding some more greatness to the catalog.

“I was aware that on half of the new songs, Ben would have done better than I did,” Ocasek concedes. “But we never wanted anybody from the outside.” Orr was actually present, in spirit, at many sessions: Hawkes played one of his old basses, now owned by Robinson. “Ben would have been there if he had been alive,” Hawkes says. “That’s the only way we could think about it.”

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  • I always liked there music. Most of it, anyway. Still do.

    For the record, and not to highjack this thread, but here goes… :)

    I’ve been dealing with health and family issues. Mostly, I’ve developed a tumor in my lower spine. The good news is that it is non-cancerous. The bad news is that it has grown and is putting pressure upon the spinal cord causing MUCH discomfort.

    Mostly, it’s been hard for me to post the sort of commentaries I would like to, because I’ve been trying out varying courses of pain medication to find something that will be palliative, as well as keep me lucid. Apparently, they are mutually exclusive. The good ones kill the pain but leave you either in a fog, or feeling so hungover you can’t do much. The other ones don’t help the pain much, but give you a better reality. Sigh.

    Add to that the travails of being a single parent, with a son deployed to Afghanistan and being injured there, and it’s all been a but much.

    That’s not to excuse my absence, per se. I’m getting better with the pain management thing, and the boy is getting the help he needs over in Germany, and life goes on, as always.

    I should be a more frequent visitor (heck, how could I NOT?) and so we’ll see how everything works out.

    Thanks for keeping this great place open, and for the many fine folks who comment and post here.

    Trusting that this finds you all well and prospering, I remain,


    AW1 Tim

  • Hang in there Tim! Best wishes for everyone.

  • Thanks all. My son suffered a concussion as a result of an IED blast that struck his vehicle. He’s having some memory problems, and been diagnosed with PTSD. He’s in Germany being treated by the TBI team. He’s doing well, but has a few issues. I’ll keep you posted if anything changes.


  • Tink in Cali

    We will be praying for your family and hoping to hear good news for you and your son.

  • Scott M.

    Take it easy,friend Tim.

  • The College Widow

    My best to you and your son, Tim. Glad you checked in. Add my prayers to the others offered.

  • Tim, I am so sorry to hear your news, but glad you are keeping us in the loop, as we will keep you & your son in our thoughts & prayers.
    [runs off to check Tim’s bday thread to see if he saw it…]

  • [runs back to say:]
    Oh yeah, I came in here to say, the HOF is DTM until Badfinger gets in.

  • Jake Was Here

    HOF is and will always be DTM because they have all but said that they will never nominate Rush.

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