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“Liberal Hunt” from Bloom County by Berke Breathed from the mid 80s. Seems the liberal made a comeback.

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  • Magnus Caseus Formatis

    Funny! and FIRST!

    Coffee will be on in a minute!

    • -fritz-

      I hate to say this Magnus, but I actually should have been first this morning. I was on my Android down in the garage, but the thing is a pain on Threedonia because it doesn’t remember my name or e-mail address for some unknown reason, so I have to type those in everytime I try to post here. That’s OK. I’ve been up since 2:30, having gone to bed at 2:15. The wind here is horrendous again today and the house sounded like a creaky old manor house.

      • Magnus Caseus Formatis

        Sorry for your luck, -fritz- :-(

        Does 3D offer a consolation prize for second place? Or, how about points?? Oh, yeah . . .no points for second place 😉

        This could create an entirely new ranking system, though:
        1. First Place
        2. Should have been First Place
        3. Second Place
        4. Should have been Second Place
        5. etc. I think you see where this is going. My, but I’m unusually sarcastic for this early in the morning . . . I’ll try to tone it down for the remainder of the day.

        • -fritz-

          Save your sarchasm for the news about light bulbs. 100 watt bulbs are going to be outlawed for production soon. They have designed a new LED that puts out 100 watts worth of light and only costs about 40 bucks a pop. Obama owns GE stock, so it’s all self explanatory! Think Prius, Volt, Leaf, wind power, green everything, recycled toilet paper, never ending bullshit etc.

          • Magnus Caseus Formatis

            . . .and, I read that the 100w LEDs become too hot; so, it will take a while for that problem to be fixed. I guess the most popular bulb is the 60w tungsten; but, not in this house. Mine are at least 100w, with a soft-white 200w job for the front porch!

            I like new technology; but, not because it’s “green,” “sustainable,” or other “touchy-feely save-the-planet” reasons. New tech is cool, and when the prices drop, I’ll look forward to installing those LEDs at “Chez Formatis.”

            • At the moment, the most powerful I run are 60 watt, and the majority of bulbs in my house are 40 watt. What with the downturn in my situation these past couple years, I’ve had to do this just to help make ends meet.

              I loath our politicians and I loath even more the envirotards that have brought us to this situation.

            • Tink in Cali

              I better stock up on regular bulbs, they are much better for reading than the CFL crap-tastic ones. I think Ann Althouse has blogged that she been stockpiling the regular bulbs for years.

            • I’ve got an LED flashlight that survived two trips to the sandbox never needing a bulb change. Yeah, they do get hot, but they produce enough light to blind a small child…enough people buy them the price will start coming down.

          • Dr.Schplatt

            We made this switch to florescent tubes several years ago. It’s cheaper, the light is better, and if you break one, you don’t have to die of mercury poisoning.

        • MCF… in real life….

          First Place


      • JJ

        creaky and old: two words fritz knows well. 😀

      • JimmyC

        Don’t worry, Fritz, I’m sure you’ll get a trophy for participation.

  • -fritz-

    Hi there! Up early because of the stinking hurricane! Coffee is hot and fresh, just like me!

    • Magnus Caseus Formatis

      Thanks, -fritz-! I believe I’ll enjoy a well-medicated cup o’ joe, and grab a couple of crullers! Have a great morning, and . . .hang on to your hat!

      • -fritz-

        Actually Magnus, Jake Was Here got here before either you or I. He4 was poking around way before us on another post. Sorry buddy!

        • Magnus Caseus Formatis

          Perhaps; but, I waited for the game to officially begin, with the posting of the Open Thread.

          • -fritz-

            I’m outa here for awhile. Have to take Mrs. -fritz- to work. Say Hi to Tink and all the kids for me. I’ll be back, Lord willing, in about an hour and a half or so.

            • Tink in Cali

              Good morning! My goodness, look at all of you early rising fellows this morning. I am guessing y’all think you don’t need any beauty sleep. You might want to check your avatars and think again.

              • Magnus Caseus Formatis

                Now, was that nice?? We’re a handsome bunch of men (at any time of day or night), who don’t need beauty sleep, as beauty just comes naturally to us.

              • JimmyC

                My goodness, look at all of you early rising fellows this morning.

                That’s what she said.

                I’m on my second cup of coffee, because this morning was a doozy. The baby can be kinda rough on us in the mornings, but when you’ve had four different kinds of bodily fluids on you before 7 am, well, that’s a special morning.

    • Would that be a dirt hurricane? I’ve been in your neck of the woods when one of thsoe has kicked up, not fun. Take it easy out there.

      • -fritz-

        Yes it would. However our dirt hurricanes here aren’t near as bad as what they get in Phoenix. Theirs are more like what you’d see in Saudi and places like that. We don’t get the rolling sheets of dust like they do. Vegas is surrounded by mountains so the dirt we get is more localized and not that terrible. It just likes to knock over palm trees and the like.

  • -fritz-

    Love the cartoon panels, Floyd!!

  • Burke Breathed is a rare liberal (admittedly with libertarian leanings sometimes) with the ability to poke fun at himself. Bloom County kicked Doonsberry’s ass on a daily basis back in the day.

    • Oh, hell yes! Made that travesty known as his solo Opus sequel all the more painful. Bill the Cat and/or Steve Dallas for Prez!!!

      Sadly, killing the modern liberal mindset, far trickier than expected. No impossible, just far trickier.

      • Tracy, txmom2many

        I love Bill the Cat running for president.

        “who are you running?”
        “a dead cat.”

        I thought of that constantly in 2008

    • I loved those cartoons when they first appeared. I have all of his anthologies. What’s so funny is that my 12 year old daughter is currently reading through them and understands most of the humor. I have to explain a few political references & names now and then, but she loves these cartoons, and I love her all the more because of that.

    • Tink in Cali

      Did you know that Berke Breathed (very interesting name) grew up in Houston and attended the University of Texas, Austin?

  • Mighty Skip

    I’m all for re-instating hunting licenses for modern liberals to thin the population some.

  • JimmyC

    Good news out of Hollywood: looks like Peter Berg (The Kingdom, Friday Night Lights) finally got the go-ahead from the studio to make his Lone Survivor movie, about Marcus Luttrell. Apparently, they finally agreed to it when Bin Laden was killed, and they wanted to capitalize on the current goodwill towards Navy SEALs. Eh, whatever makes it happen is okay by me, and Berg will definitely do Luttrell’s story justice. Let’s just hope he stays away from the shaky-cam.

  • Who knows, maybe shaky-cam is getting too passé and they’ll opt for Steadi-Cams.
    Sure reduce my need to use the empty popcorn bag in the theater.

  • Mighty Skip

    I think Obama and his team delayed the release of the Birth Certificate until recently so they’d have things like this for the upcoming election:

    • Just because he was born here, doesn’t mean he necessarily “made” here.

      • Raoul Ortega

        Looks like our Community-Organizer-In-Chief now has two positive accomplishments to run for re-election on now: that it only took Him 16 hours to finally order the raid on bin Ladin, and that it only took Him three years to produce a document every other American has to produce to do just about anything these days.

  • Anybody going to Jerusalem, in August, for Beck’s “Restore Courage” rally?

    Interesting idea – physically standing with Israel, especially given the news, lately.

    Had an idea, a while back, for a film about a new American Volunteer Group (Flying Tigers) going to Israel to fight with the IDF. Was told by someone “in-the-know” that Israel really likes to fight her own battles, so a group of foreigners wouldn’t be very well received.

    Makes me wonder how Beck’s rally will be perceived in Israel. Guess it might depend on what Israel’s neighbors will be doing at the time.

    • I still get a Lonesome Rhodes vibe from Beck (and I hate to draw that comparison because I know many on the Left think that but I take the intersection of religion and politics extremely seriously — and not for the reasons the Left does.

      • I can definitely see that – I always take the guy with a grain of salt.

        To take another film analogy – the guy also seems to channel Howard Beale, at times – without the suicidal tendencies, of course.

        But, taking Beck out of the equation, it’s an interesting idea.

  • -fritz-

    So AG Holder is trying to decide whether or not the second Amendment means private citizens can own guns. Seems to me the resounding answer from the SCOTUS has been a big fat, “YES!” twice now within the last few years!

  • -fritz-

    A friend of mine on FB had just posted this. I thought yuou would appreciate it for what it is.

    “Thanking President Obama for killing Osama Bin Laden is like going into McDonalds and thanking Ronald McDonald for the hamburger.
    It’s the guy cooking the burger that should get the credit, not the clown.”

    • To be fair is like thanking the manager or the store owner for your crappy burger. And when you do thank him, the manager and the cashier proceed to tell you exactly how the burger was made to include the ingredients for the secret sauce. Obviously it’s funnier to say the clown…but.

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