Échele leche

For those actual Spanish speakers, I apologize for the liberal use (and possible mis-use) of the above phrase (which I vaguely recall from a stand-up routine I heard a few years ago as being on the risque side). Yup, 15+ years in LA and I can proudly state my knowledge of Spanish goes no further than the vulgar (and this is even after living in Van Nuys, AKA North Tijuana, for a couple years). Anyway, long way of explanation before getting to the story …

Maybe I’m giving too much credence to how much my former Buckeyes neighbors love their college football, but the news of Ohio State football (ex-)star Terrelle Pryor’s exile may have given people even more of a reason to drink. Maybe the Reds underperforming this season. Maybe the Tribe’s recent losing streak after owning the AL Central since April (insert AL Central jokes here). Perhaps the realization Ohio’s not turning their financial woes around as quickly as Texas. Whatever it is, a not-so-gentle reminder drunken Ohio chicks remain as crazy as I recall.

Thirty-year-old Stephanie Robinette of Westerville pleaded guilty last month to charges of assault and obstruction of official business.

Sheriff’s officials in central Ohio’s Delaware County say she wouldn’t cooperate when deputies tried to remove her from a car. They say she told them she was a breast-feeding mother and then exposed part of her chest, spraying them with milk.

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