You’re in suspension …

How’s that, Mo-Mo? You lied about your adopted daughter dying to make the US look like baby killers back in ’86. Have fun in exile and/or hanging from a noose like Mr. Hussein. Pun’ (“punk,” as translated from the Bronson dialect).

The adopted daughter of Muammar Gadafy, whom he claimed died as an infant in the 1986 US bombing of his Tripoli compound, appears to be alive and worked as a doctor in the Libyan capital, documents discovered by The Irish Times indicate.

A room belonging to Hana Muammar Gadafy in the section of the Bab al-Azizia compound where the Gadafy family lived contained several documents that appear to indicate she grew up to study medicine in Tripoli and took English classes at the British Council in the Libyan capital.

Flashback greatness below the fold …

2 comments to You’re in suspension …

  • js lawalin

    That raid is what made my dad a Reagan Democrat and started his gradual conversion to the light. He loved the doctrine of “We’re America, and if you kill our people, we will drop a bomb on your ****ing house”. It was such a refreshing change from the post-Vietnam funk the country was mired in.

  • Matt Helm

    It’s pretty bad when The Irish Times is the first to discover this.

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