You put your left hand in …

Our friend Kender MacGowan strikes yet again (and again and again), graduating to a slot at The American Thinker in the process — awright, awright, awright!!! This time he narrows his sights on the malcontents occupying polluting cities from coast to coast (and around the world). Be sure to check out the whole column, too. Any lefty visitors to our fair shores, please remember to thank Kender. He’s a helper.

Hello, fellow protesters — I’d like to offer some advice, in the spirit of camaraderie for your ongoing demonstrations. You’ve been doing things in protests we Tea Partiers never did and you’re having experiences I am unfamiliar with. I think perhaps I can offer some advice to stop these events from occurring. I see you’ve been having some trouble with the cops telling you to break it up and go home and then, when you don’t, they shoot tear gas into the crowd and swarm in and bust skulls …

What follows are some things we did that assured a tear gas- and baton-free event, and I offer them up simply as friendly advice.

1) Get permits. I know it’s a bit of a pain and subtracts from your feeling of impromptu, grassroots, screw-the-system activism, but seriously, we have certain rules in place to help keep order and protect people from uncontrollable situations that get out of hand. Plus it gives those “pigs” (do you hippies still call cops “pigs”?) one less reason to roust you.

2) Police yourselves. I realize that part of your message is screw the system and you believe that folks should be able to do whatever, whenever and wherever they feel like it, but the fact of the matter is that illegal drugs are illegal drugs, and the feeling of power you may derive from having an “eff ’em — just let them try to arrest me” attitude doesn’t help your cause. People out here are calling you dirty hippies. You should work to get the general public on your side, not just the disaffected stoners, unemployed baristas, and out-of-work philosophy majors.

6 comments to You put your left hand in …

  • Mighty Skip

    “If you want to fight the system — the very system, by the way, that has given you the freedom to sit around in a tent in the middle of major American cities for weeks on end and not die of starvation or exposure — try to do it the old-fashioned way.

    Hire a lobbyist.”

    Hahaha! Nice touch. Burning hot jealousy runs through my veins that you get to write at American Thinker as well.

  • kbiel

    His advice assumes a level of intelligence and competence that is not in evidence.

  • JimmyC

    I love how liberals are trying to spin this as “the cops attacked a peaceful protest and were unprovoked!” Really? Because if the cops were really just rabidly waiting around to attack some protesters for no reason, then how come the Tea Parties have been able to hold peaceful protests for the last 2 years without clashing with the cops once? Are the cops all working for the Koch Brothers or something?

  • kender

    Thanks for the kind words folks…..

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