Halloween Open Thread

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  • Dr.Schplatt

    Good morning! I offer breakfast!

    Some Photoshop Phun for those of you with rather odd zombie tastes.

    In case anyone has a Halloween birthday!

    Last but not least, some Halloween funnies for everyone!

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  • Dr.Schplatt

    While my surprise posts awaits the good gift of life from our admin Frankenstein, I just want to say this movie is seriously freaky considering when it was made.

  • Raoul Ortega

    At what point did vampires go from the ugly evil of Nosferatu to the dreamy Tiger Beat wimps of Twilight? Is Anne Rice to blame?

    And don’t forget, if there’s a zombie attack, the safest places will be your local Occupy Whatever camp, because zombies are looking for brains, and while they may be undead, they aren’t going to bother wasting their time where there aren’t any.

    • I blame George Hamilton. Blacula should kick all dey asses.

    • Mighty Skip

      Ha! I was thinking the same thing when I saw the movie poster. I blame Ann Rice actually, since she popularized the “romantic” vampire.

      • No longer blaming Hamiltion, even in jest.

        Hamilton has been very eager to make a sequel to Love At First Bite. In 2009, he stated: “It’s terrific. It’s all about old world school of Dracula in the Bela Lugosi 1940s up against the Twilight felons with humor, It’s hard to do but it’s great fun. I think ‘Twilight’ is a wonderful series of books. It’s so important for these young girls with hormonal changes and this love that’s worth giving your life for. But now I have to find a way to bring my ‘Love At First Bite’ character into that kind of story and make it funny and not be at all like ‘Twilight’ and I think I found a way to do that”

      • JimmyC

        At least Anne Rice was honest enough to actually make her vampires gay. If Meyer had done the same, I’d probably have more respect for her.

        Although Rice’s vamps were actually more badass than they get credit for. She wrote Lestat with Rutger Hauer in mind, not some skinny little nancyboy. And remember that scene in the Interview With The Vampire movie where Louis goes medieval on all those wussy theater vampires? Man, that was an awesome scene.

        • Stephanie

          Yeah but Lestat in the novels was supposed to be thin and of questionable masculinity. Brad Pitt was a terrible Lestat because he did not look the way Rice wrote him and he wasn’t the type of actor to play Lestat. Stuart Townsend was perfect but Queen of the Damned sucked.
          Actually Rices’ stuff doesn’t seem to translate well to the screen.
          Anne Rice is partly to blame but then there is Frank Langella in Dracula.

          • JimmyC

            Actually, it was Tom Cruise who played Lestat (and did a pretty good job IMHO), but I agree that Townsend personified him better even though QOTD did indeed suck, and what a bummer since it’s my favorite Rice book. You’re right, her books don’t translate very well to the screen, probably because she goes off on so many philosophical tangents. God help us if they ever try to make a movie out of Tale of the Body Thief.

            • Let’s really have some fun with Lestat …

              • JimmyC

                Yeah, that exists because some movie executive saw Sting wearing a thong in Dune and said to himself, “that guy would make a perfect Lestat!” Frigging Hollywood. Good thing that movie version of the story never happened.

            • Cruise was too old to play Lestat. Brad Pitt was too old, too, but he’s a much better actor so he managed to do the innocence-into-self-loathing thing.

              Thank GOD they didn’t do the sequel where Lestat becomes a rock star.

              Anyway, the qualities and limitations of vampires have always been pretty random. Stoker set up the standard rules with his book, but they were all over the place before him, and they were pretty random all the way back to “Ubir” days. Basically vampires have whatever limitations the plot requires, and nothing beyond that. It’s like Warp Drive: how fast is it? “However fast the script says.”

              • Tink in Cali

                That whole rock star thing was completely ridiculous. Can a book jump the shark?

                • JimmyC

                  Those who were unfortunate enough to see the Queen of the Damned movie saw how well the rock star thing worked out.

                • From what I recall from reading it, absolutely. It’s been awhile, but somewhere about page 11 or 12 as memory serves.

                • Kit

                  I guess making a vampire a rock star was a rather dumb idea.

                  I’ve never read the books myself, are they worth a read?

                  And, yes, Tink, a book can jump the shark.

                  • Tink in Cali

                    I managed to get my lily-livered self through the first one and thought it was decent (not my cup of tea), and quite the second one a few pages in like Eric did.

                    • Tink in Cali

                      Oops, looks like I bought an extra vowel – “quit the second one . . .”

                    • Kit

                      I think I now know where CRIMINAL MINDS got the idea for the vampire-rocker episode.

                    • Oh, I finished Lestat. Though younger and more amped on the “new breed” of vampires, still thought it cool at the time. Just recognized it went in a direction nowhere near as interesting as Interview with a Vampire, almost like you could tell Rice finding amusement with herself instead of her characters as she wrote.

                    • -fritz-

                      Put the extra vowel back in like this: “Quiet!” :-)

                    • Kit

                      “almost like you could tell Rice finding amusement with herself instead of her characters as she wrote.”

                      Sadly, she ain’t the only one to have done this.

        • Mighty Skip

          You are right, her vampires still had some bite to them (see what I did there?) But hence began the slide to “sparkling” vampires.

    • Tracy,txmom2many

      I did not know that the Twilight vamps could be in the sun. They don’t turn to dust, they sparkle (yeah, yeah, I live in a cave). As a good friend said, ” As a plot devise, sparkle does not provide the same tension”.

      It irritates me that they got rid of 100’s of years of folklore, for sparkle of all things.

    • >>At what point did vampires go from the ugly evil of Nosferatu to the dreamy Tiger Beat wimps of Twilight? Is Anne Rice to blame?<<

      Nah, there's been a 'Sexy Head Waiter' quality to Vampires as long as they've been in movies.

    • Kit

      Twilight made better.

  • Tink in Cali

    Trick or Treat!

  • Scott M.

    Go Cowboys…to hell.

  • Scott M.

    Your morning Giada…I’d eat anything she’d put in front of me:

  • Scott M.

    Outbreak of a new disorder:Cain Derangement Syndrome(CDS).

    • Tink in Cali

      I think there is at least one person around here that is suffering from it.

      • Stephanie

        Uh thats not any disorder on my part. He isn’t a good candidate. And tehse new allegations prove it. I honestly think now he never thought he’d go as far as he had and the latest (Wisconsin campaign finance issues and harrassment) would never come to light.

      • Dr.Schplatt

        hook, line and sinker, 😀

        • Mighty Skip

          She’s just mad that Cain is statistically tied among Republican primary voters in Perry’s home state.


          • Floyd, people are being mean to Stephanie and for the first time in awhile it’s not me. Heck, they’re not even trying to help with her grammar and/or spelling (though the Cain-a-ducation definitely qualifies in the assistance department).

            Make them stop. In the name of all that’s unholy today, please make them stop!!!!!

          • Stephanie

            Really? Take a look at this Cainaics…


            The fact is Cains followers are acting like Obamabots. If he was Allen West I’d probably be supporting him but he’s not. Unlike a lot of PEOPLE…I am not going to allow anyone to be teflon because of their color, gender, sexuality. If you have a policy thats ridiculous I won’t support you. And if your followers are offended thats their problem. I can get past a persons race and that is the only reason why anyone takes Cain seriously…its ridiculous and frankly embaressing.

            • Mighty Skip

              Hey, my opinion of the man is clearly stated several times and its not all positive. Just because I’m not on the Rick Perry bandwagon doesn’t mean I won’t vote for him. It’s funny you link that because it includes Cain’s tie with Perry in Texas as well.

              Also, the fact that you are comfortable with the Left “Clarence Thomasing” the man says a lot more about you.

              • Stephanie

                Wow…a black candidate gets caught in an uncomfortable issue, a conservative who isn’t concerned about his color asks questions and there for its Clarence Thomasing? Rationalization…..
                Oh and on good authority a lot of Cains followers are bandwagon Paulistanians.
                THe Wisconsin part of the poll is the thing that screams the loudest. Blue state and Obama is getting beaten by PErry?

                • Mighty Skip

                  I was referring to your insinuation about “these new allegations” which are completely unfounded and much worse than what Clarence Thomas went through as they are being leveled anonymously. Uncomfortable issue? Where was this attitude with the Niggerhead Rock and Perry? But why should I expect any logical consistency with you? I guess that makes it my fault.

            • Kit

              Just because we lack the immense hate you hold for Herman Cain does not make us “Cainiacs”.

              And the only Obamabot behavior towards Herman Cain I’ve seen around here is from you.
              Except its more of a reverse-Obamabot. Instead of slavishly following him you are attacking every statement he has made and believing every charge against him, no matter how outlandish.

              If someone came out and said that he was the 2nd Shooter at the Grassy Knoll, you’d start trumpeting it.

              They have a word for this: Obsession.

              And while you have flaunted your obsession you have lashed out at any who has expressed the slightest satisfaction at a statement made by Rick Perry, offered even the tiniest bit of criticism at Rick Perry (who appears to be your Obamessiah*), no matter how constructive, or doubt about Rick Perry’s abilities to win the nomination.

              But now, I see, the shit you’ve been shoveling at everyone here in Threedonia is starting to blow back.
              Stinks, don’t it?

              *By the way, my opinion on Rick Perry is this: he seems to have had trouble in the debates but he was a good governor of Texas. In short: I am undecided.

              • Kit

                By the way: my statement about Perry being your Obamessiah is not a statement on him as a candidate or a person but rather on your increasingly slavish devotion to his candidacy and utter contempt of all his opponents and critics.

                • Stephanie

                  Yeah. HE is. I was working for Armey sprout when you were still in short pants get it little boy? I have been watching Rick PErry longer than any other candidate out there because in the time I worked for Armey Texas politics was something I had to pay attention to. I have always liked the guy. I liked the way he leads and I like his stance on things. Thats called experience. I worked my ass off to for W in 2000..wanna say something snarky about him being an Obama messiah little boy? If anyone has an Obamamessiah dearest its Cains apologists. He makes a bold statement about Muslims and then retracts it and it is rationalized, he makes a pro choice statement about abortion and its rationalized. HE says something ignorant about negotiating with terrorists and it gets swept under the rug. Thats what they did with Obama isn’t it? 57 states and the world ignored it. Cain says abortion should be left up to the states and his followers ignore it.
                  Its ridiculous.

              • Stephanie

                But Kitten I don’t hate Herman. I just don’t think he is the guy. And if something bad comes out about him, Romney, Bachman or anyone..I’ll use it. Sorry. Thats politics. OK? You Cainiacs ought to have thicker skin. :) Cain has a nice radio show. He should go back and do the show.

            • Dr.Schplatt

              Really? Do you really want to be the first person bringing up his race? Do you really want to imply that the people here who don’t hate him as much as you do are so mindless and unintelligent to be unable to look beyond someone’s race in deciding on a candidate?

              Steph, go ahead and tell me all about your personal experience dealing with different races in your nice little fully blond haired, blue eyed, Scandinavian bubble world. We know this is the case because no dark haired, slightly Italian looking girl in a hot Packers outfit could possibly be from Wisconsin, right? Go ahead and write that up and then once I’ve read it, I’ll be sure to converse my two black brothers adopted from Haiti, my two Cambodian nieces, my Chinese niece, my Scottish Aunt, my Vietnamese Aunt, and my Taiwanese girlfriend, sharing these new found bits of wisdom I’m sure you will impart about how to look beyond race.

              Then, after that discussion with my multi-race family, I’ll pull my head out of my ass and go look for a white guy to vote for because I obviously can’t think beyond race when looking for a candidate.

              • Dr.Schplatt

                And just to clarify, all of that was sarcasm.

              • Kit

                “Do you really want to imply that the people here who don’t hate him as much as you do are so mindless and unintelligent to be unable to look beyond someone’s race in deciding on a candidate?”


                • Kit

                  She seems to have difficulty believing someone could rationally disagree with her.

                  • Kit

                    At least on the issue of Herman Cain (and occasionally Rick Perry).

                  • [sniff] Y’all are making me get tears in my ‘fro. So proud, so proud … [sniff]

                    • Dr.Schplatt

                      Is that a pop-culture reference with which I am not familiar? How in the world do you get tears in your ‘fro unless you’re standing on your head. I have nothing against people who stand on their head, I’m just curious.

                    • This year’s costume’s Ben Wallace, who sported the greatest NBA ‘fro since the glorious 70s. Needs to get me some Soul-Glo to make sure it stays out of my face so much, too. Gimme that Soooooul-Glo …

                • Stephanie

                  I love it..Kit loves Herman Cain. We get it. Everything he tosses at me from his youthful and rather callow lap top proves he neitehr understands what he is talking about. Look Kit..thats nice. You like Herman. Awesome.
                  What part of reality hasn’t hit you yet. (You can bite me EP get it)
                  Kit you need money (Cain has none.) You need organization (Cain your dear leader, has none), you need Personel and if what happened on Geraldo the other night is any indication of Cain (Your hero’s) admin ability…all I can say is Herman has no personel either.
                  Now you wave your little banner around and scream Herman and tell me some how this idiot and he is who has no experience in Gov, besides lobbying that he is our best bet and I don’t have to listen to you KIT. Go lecture someone your own age alright. IN fact your snarky, sarcastic statements here? Make Herman your hero look worse. Is he proabortion? Personally, No, is he pro choice? Apparently yes.Would he negotiate for hostages with terrorists? He said yes and then he said no. He was also for TARP and the letter he wrote can easily be found on the web.
                  Now KIT you are talking to someone who has no white guilt. Really. I don’t care about Herman Cain’s color and apaprently a lot of people do. FIne awesome. Same excuse people gave for voting for Obama. He called my candidate a racist (or implied) before even knowing a smidgen of the facts. Just like Obama’s attack on the cop in Cambridge. I was offended and so were a lot of people. Cain lost me long before that with his hair brained 999 plan. No economist that is respectable likes it and furthermore it was created by a loan officer at a Wells Fargo. HUH?
                  But hey Kit and all of teh followers want me to like him? Sorry.No. He is our Obama. Take a good hard look at the man and THINK once. If you can still like the guy awesome. I have seen enough.
                  And its also nice to Kit has no idea how to click a link. THat blog was correct. Cain’s deflating like a balloon. Maybe it would be the case if he hadn’t made so many faux pas or actually campaigned in Iowa.

                  • And vis a vis Kit’s age… I’ll parry you with St. Paul in his letter to St. Timothy — probably a lot younger than Kit:

                    “1 Timothy 4:12 (NASB) Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe.”

                    Age as an argument and as a de facto sign of a lack of wisdom is rejected by St. Paul rather directly.

                    • Stephanie

                      Again I have been working in politics and know a lot more about it than KIT does..hence I won’t take anything he says seriously. He is a college boy. OK? Like Saint Paul and would agree with him if the situation was different like if Kit was wearing chevrons I’d listen but he isn’t.
                      Its time people started asking themselves questions about Cain. Why do they really support him. We went through the same thing with Obama and it scares me to death that it could happen again. I got no problem with Cain but I do have a problem with the lack of vetting.

                    • Dr.Schplatt

                      It seems in Steph world I don’t exist because rarely ever responds to anything I say, but wow, ignoring a direct admonition from the scriptures is classy.

                      Exactly how does experience alone mean jack-squat? Isn’t the Nevada moron in the senate older than you with more experience? But his opinion means very little.

                    • Stephanie

                      Wasn;t ignoring it but didn’t agree with it concerning the situation.

                    • Not listening to someone due only to their age is foolish… and putting qualifications on Paul’s very clear dictate to a very young Timothy is evidence of your lack of seriousness. Not agreeing with it is foolishness also because it’s so clear even a BA in History could understand it. If you think your pittance of experience compared to Kit matches Paul’s over Timothy you’re delusional. In other words if Paul listened to Timothy then you dismissing Kit is laughable.

                      Chevrons…. Jimmy Carter served honorably … big goddamn deal. I honor his service, but he apparently drew not much from it that would give him wisdom. Military service only conveys wisdom if one uses discernment — just like college only helps if one uses discernment.

                    • Stephanie

                      Again Kit is a college student who has never worked on a campaign or ever dealt with teh stuff that goes on the Hill. I will honor his opinion when he has twenty years under his belt. You honor youth to the point where you are dissing age and experience? Give me a break Floyd.
                      Kit cannot tell me anything abvout campaigns because he has never worked on one. Also do not attack my education. OK? I worked my butt off for it and let me say this: The College environment is the most unrealistic place a person can be. A person learns more about issues when they actually are out working on them. Campaigns and elections? Unless you have sat up till 3am, filling envelopes, making phone calls, doing the work required how does a classroom compare? We were up and working on 4 hours of sleep a month out before the general election in 2000. We saw the money, the people who ran the campaign, and how it was organized. All of us kids learned a lot watching what was going on. Running a campaign takes money, people and it has to be organized like a swiss watch. There is nothing I learned in my history classes that could have prepared me for that learning curve. I don’t see how comparing Paul and Timothy to Kit’s lecture to me about what I really think and believe works well here. I won’t be talked to by someone who has never worked on a national campaign, who is young enough to my kid about this stuff.
                      And enlisted people wear chevrons, Floyd. Carter was an officer. And when I said what I said I meant this: I know a lot of young twenty year old kids who I learned a lot from because they actually did something other than sit in a classroom. At the age of 19 and twenty these boys and girls have the kinds of responsibilitys that would crush a lot of people and they live up to their responsibilitys with a grace taht is hard to imagine.

                    • Dr.Schplatt

                      Ok, I’ve been working on campaigns from the time I was 9 years old. My dad has managed over 25 different ones, some winning and some losing. I’ve done the sign making thing, the envelope stuffing thing, the fund raising thing, the phone calling thing, the street walking thing, the parade thing, the finance department thing, the getting arrested for mistakenly trespassing thing, and pretty much anything that happens when working on a campaign. I still support Cain even with the exact same experience you have.

                      I didn’t even start college until I was 24 because I spent my years from 17 – 24 “actually doing something” as you put it. Even though I started late, I managed to get my BA and Masters by age 28. So if I, having pretty much done all the things you claim make people like you smarter than people like Kit support Kit’s thoughts in this matter, that pretty much neutralizes your argument and makes it null.

                      So, now that we’ve established what everyone already knows that your MASSIVE experience means twat in regards to the subject at hand, can we move on to important subjects? Or if you would rather continue tooting your own horn about how much more experience you have than everyone here, how much smarter you are because you see through the Cain fog and how we’re all a bunch of racist, ignorant morons as supporters, feel free to go ahead and do so. I’ll be on the other side of the room quietly ignoring you until you figure out a way to disagree without using degrading, arrogant, self-inflating, hyperbole.

                    • Dr.Schplatt

                      I’m curious what you DON’T have some random youtube song for. 😀

                    • It’s a gift, one for which I would like to thank my parents (heck, damn near everyone in my family) for instilling and initially funding. Not random, either — very, very broad-based and with a purpose, some more flippant than others. 😉

                    • Kit


                      From what I know, all I have ever revealed on this page, aside from my views on politics and my favorite tv shows, books, and movies, is (1) I am rather young, (2) I attend college, and (3) I am from Alabama.

                      to you personally I have revealed (via email) I enjoy the music to HALO and am a fan of Vince Flynn, but find, I think like you, his female characters (except Kennedy) to be lacking.

                      So, from that, how do you know anything about who I am or what I do outside of college.

                      I may be employed, I may not.

                      I may be a slacker, I may have done menial labor over the summer.

                      I may have dated a thousand times I may have never dated.

                      I may be straight, I may be a closeted gay or bisexual.
                      I may secretly date other men. Do I? Do you know?

                      My parents may be together, my parents may be divorced.

                      My mother may be stay-at-home or she may be working.

                      I may have siblings or I may be an only child.

                      My parents may be doctors, lawyers, cops, teachers, or, quite possibly . . . in politics!
                      Or they may be shopkeepers.
                      Are they?

                      How do you know I have never worked on a national or local campaign in some fashion?
                      Have I ever made a definite statement at threedonia or to you personally?
                      I do not recall saying any such thing.
                      So how do you know I have never worked on a national campaign? How do you know I lack relations, friendly or family, to someone in a campaign through which I could gain knowledge on the intricate details of the election season?

                      You do not.

                      I know that you (1) are dyslexic, (2) married to a Marine, (3) live(d) in Florida, (4) worked on Dic Armey’s campaign, (5) live(d) in Wisconsin, and (5) are blonde.
                      I have never assumed something about your personal experience from my little knowledge about you.

                      So how can you make such claims about who I am and what I do?

                      Please, tell me.

                      Did God gift you with telepathy or some incredible Sherlockian skill of deduction that few mere mortals possess?

                      If you lack those gifts and are simply making these attacks because you concluded that because I disagreed with and criticised you I must be a spoiled college brat -I remember you making similiar Sherlockian deductions on Blackhawk- then, well, I have nothing to say.
                      And neither, do you.

                    • Kit

                      Oh, and one other thing I have revealed here:
                      I am a Methodist.

                      Which must tell you a great deal about my personal habits, state of employment, lifestyle, etc.

                    • Stephanie

                      Good for you. Support Cain. Awesome. Please explain to those of us whpo don’t have your vast experience in campaigns on a local level how 999 or 909 or 9 1 9n or whatever his stance is this week will help us. And why is the idea that came out of the vast brain of a Loan officer at Wells Fargo a better idea than that of wait for it the idea that was championed by not just a retired Majority Leader of the US House (Armey wrote and sponsored the bill in the House when he was there.its almost word for word the same as what Perry is proposing) but an economics professor. See I don’t understand why such intelligent people can look at 999 on its face and think it would work. But then I don’t think they are actually really thinking about it.
                      Judas Priest eh? Awesome…..
                      Like their music but using that band as some sort of font of wisdom is pretty laughable EP. If your trying to make a point Floyd did better and I still didn’t agree with him. When Kit works for 20 years and has some real world experience he can come back and tell me about what its all about. Until then, no way.
                      It takes money, organization and people. I find it fascinating in looking at the Iowa Caucus calender for November, Cain is only showing up one day. The rest of the candidates at least four times and less. Bachman by far has the most Iowa visits. The only person who isn’t in Iowa at all is Romney. I didn’t look at the rest of the people, just the main guys. If Super man wants to be a viable candidate, superman should be in Iowa campaiging shouldn’t he? The Iowa people I know say that Cains HQ there is a ghost town. He also didn’t win friends at the big faith dinner they had a week ago. He didn’t stay to talk to the Caucus members and people were angry. Bachman stayed, Perry stayed as well as the other candidates. Cain left. You wanna win Iowa to make a splash. Thats not the way you do it. Perry did well, as did I believe Santorum and Gingrich. Bachman wore out her welcome there.

                    • Dang it, woman, how am I supposed to talk around you (including a plea to Floyd in your honor), with you directly addressing me? Please, try to keep it down …

                    • Dr.Schplatt

                      I’ve been defending a Methodist? Aw man, my dad’s gonna kill me.

                    • Kit

                      One little note and then it is off to bed:

                      It is not age or experience that determines whether or not one is right but whether or not they ARE right.

                      Good night!

                    • Kit

                      Well, Schplatt, my brother is a Baptist.

                      And, I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

                    • Dr.Schplatt

                      “Please explain to those of us whpo don’t have your vast experience in campaigns on a local level”

                      Does the word “hypocrite” get used a lot around you? You just finished attempting to rip Kit a new one based on your vast experience but somehow the fact that I have political experience is a negative to you?

                      My point simply was this. You and I both have political and life experience and yet come to totally different conclusions about a candidate. Thus, logic would dictate that experience alone does not by itself establish a proven and infallible argument. Kit’s (and anyone else) perspectives are just as valid as yours, experience be damned.

                  • Kit


                    Okay, I need to respond to this.

                    I never said I loved Herman Cain. I have never said I supported him for president. I simply said that you went too far in your attacks on him and on those who expressed reservations on Rick Perry or admiration for Herman Cain.

                    In fact, I have some problems with him (see, Foreign Policy) and I have doubts about whether or not he is capable of being President.

                    So please, don’t call me a “Cainiac” just because I defend him occaisionally.

                  • Mighty Skip

                    You aren’t very well read, off the top of my head I can think of one economist who supports 999 is Arthur Laffer. Yes that one; the Laffer curve and a member of Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board. Or does he not count because he’s not giving a hand job to Rick Perry?


              • Stephanie

                I don’t hate him. I am just sick of the hero worship and the lack of vetting the guy is getting from his followers. Nothing he does wrong is ever questioned by these people. Why?

              • Stephanie

                OK since we are going to play the I have colored friends game..I have several. Do I count them no. I don’t keep that kind of score. I wasn’t raised that way. I have a black friend who loves Newt and doesn’t trust Cain. Wanna talk to her about it?
                Schplatt race doesn’t matter. But I asked that question because it seems that Cain can make a mistake and walk away from it while others from Bachman to Romney get kicked all over the place. I asked why is that? Why?

                • Dr.Schplatt

                  You’re the one who brought up race, don’t pin it on me. Not a single person had discussed his race until you brought it up. You are the one that accused us of ignoring supposed faults because of his color. Only you have ever brought up his color as a voting issue.

                  Cain doesn’t walk away from mistakes. He gets attacked all the time. Are you saying I can only support candidates that never make mistakes? I disagreed very seriously with several of George W. Bush’s choices but I supported him overall.

                  I don’t agree with every, single thing Cain stands for. For example, I’m not a huge fan of his desire to restrict the building of mosques when they comply with local ordinance. Do I think that stance will ever actually amount to anything? No, we have checks and balances for a reason. So, while I consider it a mistake for him to say that, it’s not a deal breaker for me.

                  You talk about his 999 plan a lot as if it is a negative. I simply don’t see it as a negative and actually like that idea, so it’s not a mistake in my book.

                  You implied earlier that Cain is pro-choice. This is a simple factual error. If you have listened to him on the radio for years like I have, have read his books and articles and have personally attended events in which he was a speaker, you would see that he is extremely pro life but is also very cautious of the slippery slope Federal regulation brings. He just thinks states should make their own law regarding abortion and I’m sure he would encourage those individual states to pass pro-life laws. So again, there isn’t a problem here for me. I’m the kind of person who wouldn’t vote for Jesus Christ himself if he was somehow pro-choice. The pro-life vote is a breaking point for me with every candidate.

                  As to his support of TARP, agree with him or not, at least he’s clearly explained his position on it and made it very clear why he supported it. I think I disagree with some of the specifics of his stance on TARP but also agree with some of the foundational concepts he has discussed in his reasoning. But again, no one is perfect. I disagree with Perry’s immigration stance but I’d still vote for the guy if he ran against Obama. I disagreed with a lot of Bush’s policies but I voted for him both times.

                  Disagreeing with a few points doesn’t automatically remove a politician from the voting block.

                  Now, I do find it ironic that you are admonishing people like Kit and I to think instead of just blindly following Cain’s campaign. Dear Miss Thinksalot, have you been listening to Cain for years on the radio? Have you read his book? Have you read articles he’s written for years? Have you attended events in which he’s the speaker? Or does your version of thinking involve making your decisions based on what people in the media tell you about Cain? Have you listened to him in any detail outside of the media filter? Just curious.

            • Steph… do you have proof that anyone here likes Cain based solely on race? If not — back that up about 10 miles.

              I didn’t back you up in the kerfuffle I just asked everyone to cool it so threads wouldn’t be dominated by what were essentially pissing contests.

              But calling any Cain supporter racialists while you yourself are the one true conservative is wrong — and retarded.

              I see a lot of talk about Cain and people liking his 9-9-9 plan. That’s great if you don’t like it — let’s talk about it. But accusing his supporters of affirmative action sympathies is both ad hominem AND reductio ad absurdum and akin to Godwin’s Law. You talk about your education all the time… use whatever logic they taught you and argue the facts and not the personalities.

              • Stephanie

                Floyd it is. SOrry hate to bring it up. But Cain gets away with everything..why? WHY? He has no response that makes sense when 999n is brought up. That fair tax would kill the middle class in states where sales taxes are at 10 percent. But that makes no difference. If its Cain its cool. So my question is why isn’t he getting the same vetting and scrutiny taht Romney, Perry and others have? Thats why I said what I said. That has to be the explanation because nothing else makes sense. If he is to be treated the same as the rest then he has to answer teh questions and take the lumps. But every one who love him..and I mean LOVES him just ignores it. Not one of these people have ever stepped back and said so whats the good about this guy?
                He totally lost me when he stepped back from a nonpc statement he made concerning hiring Muslims. And then implying Perry was a racist because of that stupid rock was the straw that broke the camels back. He didn’t know the full story, even from the WAshington Post. He waved the race card. Thats when I went from saying at least he’s being decent to he is just like the rest of them. If people want me to take Cain seriously then they better start asking the same questions of him that they have of all of them.

                • What is Cain getting away with? If you’re so experienced in politics then you should know that these things wax and wane. If he’s flavor of the month then don’t sweat it. If you’re so wise, then you would know not to belittle and insult people and bide your time.

                  All the bullying you do belies the fact that you rarely argue facts — you only make appeals to authority and offer very little authority other than “I worked for Dick Armey.”

                  Now… if all you have to say about Cain supporters is that they do so because he’s Black then I have nothing to say to you on the topic ever again. It’s insulting and race-baiting. Stop it.

                  You complain about people stirring shit up when you’re often the one dropping the shit that is stirred.

    • FB friend mentioned how telling it is none of the GOP stalwarts (read, establishment) have come to Cain’s defense over his turn at getting “Palin’ed.” If Gov. Perry really wanted to look completely magnanimous in the face of Cain’s inexplicable attack on Perry over the “Niggerhead Rock” non-issue, as another candidate who’s been “Palin’ed,” he’d come to Cain’s aid, even minutely. Potentially mend a fence in the process, and get the focus on the necessary GOP teamwork against President Obama (and RINO Romney).

  • Scott M.

    Bikini babe,bottle of beer,and…

  • Scott M.

    Born on this date,John Candy.Here’s a little SCTV horror,courtesy of Doctor Tongue:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4u4tTFEF_XE

  • JimmyC

    Uber-creepy horror movie montage (very NSFW): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUFlHkbgGRc

  • -fritz-

    October 31, 1864, Nevada was admitted to the Union as the 36th state! This happened 8 days before the 1864 Presedential elections. Fortunately Harry Reid and busses did not yet exist at the time!

  • Scott M.

    Eric’s the CEO of Threedonia,so I guess it’s ok,Fritz.

  • Scott M.

    What are tehse new allegations,Stephanie?

  • Scott M.

    NSFW,but cool for Halloween(scantily clad succubi):

  • Scott M.

    My Halloween treat to Threedonia,courtesy of the Threedonian archives…seriously,don’t click this!

  • Scott M.

    Jimmy,they got a cold snap up in NYC,so the OWS crowd are back at home with their mommies singing “Soft Kitty” to them.

  • All the kvetching about Anne Rice reminds me of a clever but ultimately mediocre novel called “The Fat White Vampire Blues” about a none-too-bright none-too-attractive Cajun boy who got turned vampire about a hundred years back, and works as a cab driver. A running gag in the book is that there’s some woman named “Anne Longgrain” who’s written a bunch of novels about vampires, and that’s kind of made life miserable for the actual real community.

  • Much could be said about The Kang, but probably will not be.

  • Nah, I just don’t see why you’d wanna’ talk about boring guys with mutton chops when we could be talking about Kate Beckinsdale in the Underworld films (Yum)Or Catherine Deneuve in The Hunger (A different kind of yum) or whatever.

    Or, hell, if you’ve gotta’ talk about guys with sideburns, let’s go with Bruce Campbell in “Sundown: The Vampire In Retreat,” which also had Deborah Foreman (A third, entirely valid kind of Yum, though they don’t do enough with her)

    • “Boring” a matter of opinion, especially for anyone who’s seen Unknown Hinson’s amazing live shows, complete with blazing solos, all the more impressively played as he’s wearing gloves. Props to his rhythm section as well — go, “Tiny” on bass!

      Great VO work from him on Squidbillies, too, Mr. Gripey. You’ve got your own blogspace and instead of demeaning what anyone shares here you can also mention Deneuve & Beckinsale (seconding the yums), Campbell, etc. there.

      Donger say, “Eeesh!!!” 😉

  • >>You’ve got your own blogspace and instead of demeaning what anyone shares here you can also mention Deneuve & Beckinsale (seconding the yums), Campbell, etc. there.<<

    Man, you go from zero to 90 without anything in between, don't you?

    To recap: Everyone's talkin' 'bout vampires. I decide "Hey, I'll talk about vampires, too." I do, and you immediately change the subject, so I make a joke of it. Then you *APPEAR* to be joking in return. Then I talk about hot chicks (Always a fine topic which, surprisingly hadn't really come up in this context) and now suddenly you're mad at me and accusing me of trying to derail the conversation?

    Less caffeine, dude.

    • It has nothing to do with changing of subjects (it’s an Open Thread, knock yourself silly). It’s about you doo-doo’ing on something else “vampiric” somebody apparently digs enough to share in the name of propping up what you think is cool. Nothing more and nothing less. Well, an addition of one of my fave lines of exasperation from the Donger, but then that’s it.

      • I don’t see anyone else lining up to talk about your mutton-chop band. But it’s an open thread, knock yourself out.

        Nice potty mouth, by the way. Totally called for. Give you an air of sophistication. Good call.

        • Didn’t realize the “s” word had an air of “potty” to it (well, beyond the obvious terlet destination), which says more about my parents allowing it as a safe naughty word for me and my brothers in our younger years than anything. Altered for more sensitive sensibilities.

          We also don’t see anyone fawning all over your nods to Ms. Beckinsale, either. I brought up the Kang because when it comes to vampires, I don’t know of any other country western troubadour varieties besides Hinson, notably ones who can shred a guitar like he can. The character’s also someone who’s been featured on RF3D (and the ol’ Mr.EPluribus show), which others here appreciated. Just for you, here’s another “chart-toppin’ hit:

  • Kit

    The most frightening and disturbing thing you can imagine:

  • JimmyC

    “The only thing the Tea Partiers and the Occupiers have in common is that they both want the Tea Partiers’ money.” -Jim Treacher

  • I’ve noticed. Just raising a flag over it.

  • Ok, time to start setting up the candy. G’night everyone, happy halloween.

  • -fritz-

    This from Robert Redford’s “Mind of Doofus” will make your head spin and spit peasoup!


  • Kit

    A little Happy Halloween for my fellow DOCTOR WHO fans!

    It’s just a kids’ show!

  • goozer

    What this Hallowe’en Open thread needs is less politics and more appropriately themed

  • Loyal Goatherd

    Another minefield here today, I guess it’s safest to just check in down here and say something like Happy Reformation day to the reformed. Happy All Saints Eve to all saints. Happy Soween to the pagans. Is everybody happy with that? Attack at will, I’m going to bed.

    • Yeah, seriously, what’s up with that? Feels like everywhere I step, someone explodes. Disappointing.

      • Kit

        That’s threedonia for ya! :)

      • Dr.Schplatt

        EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelection season!

        Brings out the worst in everyone :p

        Now, if you’re feeling left out, I could come up with something insulting and offensive to say about you. Crap is so much more fun to throw when there’s a large group.

      • I’ll readily admit my reactions should have used better judgment, especially since you didn’t realize the reason I injected Unknown Hinson into the conversation stems from his hillbilly vampire (“vampahr” in his dialect) country western troubadour status, and I sincerely apologize for jumping on what I perceived as a rude dismissal. That said, you’re not that innocent. No apologies for that Spearsian reference. 😉

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