Finally, An Awards Show I'm Excited About (Bumped)

Just a reminder that this show is streaming live now at the link below.

Snowflake Awards

If you’re like me, you’re not particularly looking forward to the Oscars, a once-interesting awards show that has devolved into 3-4 torturous hours of limousine liberal back-patting, pretentiousness and conservative-bashing. (Not that I care, but for the record I expect the Hollywood-centric “La La Land” to win Best Picture, even though that’s apparently racist. Somehow.) Well, if you’re looking for a much more conservative-friendly alternative, The Blaze has you covered.

The Snowflake Awards, hosted by Tomi Lahren and Doc Thompson, will air on Oscar night as a sort of anti-Oscar show, and will present “awards” to the most obnoxious liberal snowflakes in America. As they put it:

The Snowflake Awards was established to honor notable hypersensitive citizens, those who, when subjected to the slightest pressures of life, begin to melt!

You can go to their website now and vote for Best (meaning most obnoxious) Snowflake, Best Hypocrite, Best Meltdown, and more. No word on whether or not the losers will get participation trophies.

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