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  • Scott M.

    Happy 63rd to that great constitutionalist,Ted Nugent!

  • Scott M.

    Rise and shine,Magnus!

  • Scott M.

    No more disturbing than what this country has been through for the last 11 years,Doc.

  • Scott M.

    Introducing Michelle Fields..she’s talking about economics..or something,I forget:

  • Matt Helm

    Here’s something to watch while slurping coffee and inhaling krullers and bacon. This is a little known Oscar winning animated short of A Christmas Carol from 1971, produced by Chuck Jones, and directed by Richard Williams (animation supervisor on “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”). Someone finally uploaded the whole 25 minutes uncut.

    • Stephanie

      I have not seen that in decades. Great find Matt. There are a few animated Scrooge’s running around. The ghost of Marley and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come always freak me out more in animation…well except for Frank Finlay’s in the George C Scott version.

      • Matt Helm

        They usually make those ghosts closer to the characters in the book. I think the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is one none of the live action movies got right. The Ringwraiths/Nazgul from Jackson’s LOTR would make the perfect GOCYTC. Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol is good too.

        • Dr.Schplatt

          As crazy as it sounds (and I’m not saying this because I’m biased) I thought the Muppets had a decent ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

          Ringwraiths yes, but they can’t talk :)

  • Matt Helm

    They have the entire uncut Lemon Drop Kid on there too (see Floyd’s yesterday’s CPOD), for those who don’t have TCM (Tink!) either. I watched it last night and it comes in surprisingly good quality if you can stream it to your TV. I haven’t seen it in decades and it was funnier than I remembered. One of Hope’s best performances.

    • Tink in Cali

      Thanks, Matt! I have been wanting to see it for awhile and hadn’t made it to the video store lately to look for it.

      Are the students getting antsy with their break just around the corner?

      • Matt Helm

        They’re always antsy. I keep them in line this time of year by warning them that they won’t participate in our Christmas party if they don’t behave. There’s always a couple who think I’m joking, or making hollow threats, that end up as Christmas party casualties. Rather than send them to another room, I make them sit and watch the well-behaved kids enjoy the party. I may even lay in some melodrama by exaggeratedly savoring a cupcake to show them what they’re missing by being idjits.

  • Scott M.

    Saw that Christmas Carol in ’71,Matt…beautiful animation.

  • So anyway, as we touched on yesterday, I’m thinkin’ we’re gonna’ piss away a gimmie election. I think if the vote were held today, Obama’d get a second term. Six months ago, he wouldn’t. Six months from now he *may* not, but we’re not really putting forth a particularly vigorous and confidence-inducing alternative at the moment.

    I fear we’re pulling a “Gore.” We’re so confident victory is assured that we’re just sorta’ half-assing it, and it’s going to work against us. That’s my fear, anyway. We’ve spent the last three years more-or-less bitching about the guy, and not really trying to develop any credible candidates. C’mon, Newt? Mitt? Perry….MAYbe….but only maybe. Best card in a very weak hand.

    I’m concerned about this.

    • Tracy,txmom2many

      Is there anyone you see that should have been developed? (serious, not sarcastic, question)

      I’m not happy with the list but I don’t know who else should’ve been there or what would have happened when they were exposed to the press.

      • >>Is there anyone you see that should have been developed?<<

        That's my point: The party should have been on the lookout for viable candidates, and should have been packaging them for the run over the last three years.

        • Mighty Skip

          One note, you make it sound like we’re Communists or the Gestapo. “The Party” doesn’t recruit from the youth/lower echelons of the Republicans and forge the Ubermensch of politics (see Obama). This is contradictory to the essence of modern American Conservatism regarding our respect for individuality, self assurance and reliance and the choice of people who decide to serve the public as a representative. This concept is alien to most conservatives who want someone to make the moral case for free enterprise is a vital link to liberty, how liberal’s denial of this truth has warped our social fabric.

          We want a candidate who can weave their thoughts into a vision and are far more prepared than only able to look dumbstruck when the acolytes of Obama like Wasserman-Schultz shovel their garbage. People far more cunning than her are going to try this stuff in the general campaign and we want a candidate who will be able to strike them down intellectually like a thunderbolt from the sky; but not because they were doing it for the cameras, because they actually BELIEVE it.

          This is why Newt both currently has the banner as he has a sparkle of this power. However people are reticent to vote for him because they don’t trust him. I personally think he is getting far worse a rap than deserved, but I understand why. The same reality applies to Romney, conservatives certainly don’t trust him. There are those here who think Cain is a joke, but that’s because they are dbags. Simply put, he caught fire because he had that vision and forces went to work on his weaknesses until he collapsed instead of any real honest debate as to why he wouldn’t make a great candidate (and there were real reasons for that).

          Huntsman gleefully jumped on a landmine by telling conservatives to screw off and by doing so could never create that cohesive gel for voters to stick to. Perry for some reason decided to intentionally dig up a similar landmine and hit himself over the head with it and has caused his message to swing wildly, making him look dumb up until this last debate. Hopefully he got his mojo back from his alternate ego, Dr. Evil Perry.

          Bachman never managed to articulate that vision from the start falling head first into obvious traps, like a rabbit going for that carrot dangling under a box held up by a stick. She also had the fortune of having popular media intentionally making her appear insane. With the exception of Cain, who didn’t have the political savvy to properly defend himself, and Ron Paul there is no grand vision. That is why Paul continues to attract numbers but he is an actual insane person and not a manufactured one.

          Now, you may say that what conservatives want as I listed in the opening paragraphs is anachronistic and part of the reason we are heading for a loss (which, for the record, I believed months ago and still have my bet with my friend Obama wins by a popular vote margin of 5 or more). The Conservative vision is antithetical to the state of modern politics; the two couldn’t clash any more starkly. Therefore the Republican Party is only able to produce weird political mutants that roam the landscape as they have to fake it. If you really believe in what America stands for, you are unfit for running for office.

          • >>One note, you make it sound like we’re Communists or the Gestapo. “The Party” doesn’t recruit from the youth/lower echelons of the Republicans and forge the Ubermensch of politics (see Obama)<<

            We're a party, yes? What should I call it when I'm talking about it if not "The Party?" Are you saying it's politically incorrect

            >>This is contradictory to the essence of modern American Conservatism regarding our respect for individuality, self assurance and reliance and the choice of people who decide to serve the public as a representative.<<<

            SPiffy. But we *are* a party, right? That means that we've come together with similar goals, hopes, aims, and plans of action, yes? So saying a party should actually act in a reasonably coherent method to do what parties do makes sense to me. (Note; The Democrats are even worse about this than we are)

            Just as a *good* football team scouts around for people with potential, so an effective party keeps an eye open for viable future candidates. Losing teams just take whatever crap comes along their way. A little planning a couple years back would be reaping major dividends now.

            • Mighty Skip

              Well you ignore the main fact that who is making these decisions? Who in the party keeps an eye open for viable future candidates? Who dictates what qualifies as “the reasonable coherent” method? Who are the scouts then? You? Me? Why raise the specter of political correctness? Because I don’t think party heads should be the ultimate say? That I reject the notion of ideological purity in favor of letting a candidate prove their mettle? Did it ever occur to you that relying on their judgment is what got us to this point in the first place? Am I the only one tired of the pre-packaged, vacuum sealed dimwits that line the shelves of the Republican store?

      • Tracy, Dang! but that is the cutest avatar!!

    • BarryO

      I don’t think the voters are looking for plain old vanilla (ask Pawlenty), but wanted someone dynamic. Obama came into the 2008 Presidential race as a dynamic presence and was able to ride that to the White House. I think the repubs/tea partiers/conservatives wanted to find that same candidate and looked at Palin for a long time. She spiced things up in 2008, later on threw herself into the Health Care debate, and had a pulpit on FOX and reality shows to reach a lot of people. I think it made everyone feel like she was going to be the spark to take on Obama. When she didn’t pan out, what’s left? A lot of energy spent tearing away at the POTUS does not equal building something else up.

      Being from Texas, I thought Perry would do better and was thinking he could take on Obama. Now I have serious doubts. Romney and Gingrich have experience but are both very plain. Cain was a joke. Does that leave you with just Trump?

      • Why the “does that leave you” mentality, BO? Despite differences, aren’t we as Americans all in this together? Can you honestly say President Obama deserves another four years? If so, why?

      • >>Obama came into the 2008 Presidential race as a dynamic presence and was able to ride that to the White House. <<

        The only thing I can think of that would really hurt Obama is that a lot of the more hardline Democrats I know are *Really* disappointed. I've been saying for several years now that Obama's 1st term is George's 3rd term, since he's still following most of the same courses of action (Excepting the space program). Lately I've met a fair number of democrats who didn't realize I was (mostly) joking, and I've even met one person who insists on calling Barry "George the Third."

        So it's possible that Democratic disappointment could hurt him, but I'm not placing too much stock in that because at the end of the day, who else are they gonna' vote for?

    • Stephanie

      If we nominate a Gingrich or a Romney we may piss it away. That will elicit a third party run by Paul.
      If we nominate Bachman…the GOP can just die of embaressment.
      Perry, is the only electable conservative. Period. Go to RickPerry.org and check out his ideas. From overhauling DC, to protecting the border, to protecting our allies and keeping our international committments, pro second amendment, pro life, anti Wallstreet and Anti DC…its awesome..we could have a complete 180 from the last four years…and momentum is truly building. He is gaining in the polls in IA.
      I’d vote for him or Santorum (Even if I think Santorum would be mashed into the turf)…..we have a good guy here…just go to http;//WWW.RickPerry.org and check it out……

    • Kit

      I am starting to agree with Republbibot that we are going to lose.

      The attacks on the right-of-center candidates (especially Perry) have been over-the-top.

      The Tea Party and Conservative movements have descended into a Revolutionary Jacobinsm. Which is funny, because most Revolutions wait until AFTER they have taken over the place before they start putting people up against the wall.
      Not us. We take care of that BEFORE the Revolution.
      Thus ensuring that no revolution takes place.

      Of course, I am rather sick right now, so it could be affecting my brain-pan.

    • goozer

      As long as the focus remains on the horse race to replace the SCOAMF, instead of taking back the Senate and keeping the House, we will continue to play by their rules on their field and will gain NOTHING. We shall see just how deep the wave really is in the down ballot primaries this spring…

  • Santa chug-a-lugs cognac? I knew he had superpowers, but never suspected that. Sometimes great power brings great irresponsibility.

  • Scott M.

    Your Emperor of Japan:

  • Tink in Cali

    I just saw this at Althouse – kind of relevant (and totally hilarious) since everyone seems to have Newt on the brain:


  • JimmyC

    Okay, so I’ve been pretty vocal about my dislike of the first G.I. Joe movie, but based on this trailer, the sequel looks freaking awesome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSX2oxLdcWA

    • Okay, the last part of the trailer did it for me.

      Seriously – those guys climbing the rocks ever consider packing a pistol instead of a sword? That way you don’t have to swing all the way over to your enemy to kill him. Just a thought.

    • Mighty Skip

      Yes, when I first saw the stills of Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson and the far more gritty military vision (as opposed to the anime style, Mission Impossible, Intelligence Organization/CIA-ish look) I became hopeful. This movie might still suck, but at least I won’t know that until after I see it.

    • Yeah, that’ll work. Bruce Willis remains so damn cool. Glad he’s getting more screen-time in the Expendables sequel.

  • Since Russia, Iran, Pakistan, N. Korea and China are such good friends of ours – I guess this plane was unnecessary after all: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/12/13/last-f-22-raptor-rolls-off-assembly-line/

    (Yes, this post is dripping with sarcasm.) 😉

  • I am in a piss-poor mood. Grading, finals week, and I can’t shake off this flu-The Stand-bug-whatever-it-is that is now entering its 16th day.
    That’s all. Just wandered by to sprinkle some sunshine & then go back to bed.

  • Magnus Caseus Formatis

    A little military humor for you all. Steph, did you husband experience anything like this? Whaddya say, Outlaw, did you ever see anything like this?


    Btw, this is definitely NSW.

  • This is either JUST WRONG – or, oddly appropriate, given that it’s a Subaru:


  • Matt Helm

    Two Netflix streaming Christmas classic TV episodes that no one should miss:

    The Twilight Zone – Night of the Meek (season 2, episode 11): Art Carney plays a drunken department store Santa who finds a magic bag that lets him give whatever gift anyone wishes. I haven’t missed watching this for 18 years.

    Alfred Hitchcock Presents – Santa Claus and the 10th Avenue Kid (season 1, episode 12): Barry Fitzgerald plays a cynical parolee who gets a job as a department store Santa who promises a street kid that he’ll bring him a model jet on Christmas Eve.

    • Loyal Goatherd

      Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! Maureen McCormick alert in the referenced Twilight zone.

      • Matt Helm

        Ah … no, Goat. She would have been about 4 years old when this TZ episode aired. But the elf girl does look like her.

        • Loyal Goatherd

          Damn, I just looked you are right, it looks just like her though. So talking Tina from ’63 was her voice. Larrian Gillespie is credited, good correction Mr Helm. This episode will be on syfy Dec. 24th at 9 AM for the non instant crowd.

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