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Holding the Line

I’m liking what I’m seeing from the GOP in Congress as this year winds down…

First they save the incandescent light bulb — at least for now (Yay Edison!) and they are holding fast on the Keystone Pipeine as part of the payroll tax cut extension in the face of a probably toothless Obama veto threat:

Separately, the House of Representatives, in a rare bipartisan vote, passed a $1 trillion spending bill on Friday, after an agreement was reached preventing a potential government shutdown. Senate paassage was expected Saturday.

But finding a compromise on extending payroll tax cuts could be more complicated. Republican leaders are insisting they will not support a tax cut extension unless it includes language on speeding work on the pipeline.

Both the Republican leader in the House, Speaker John Boehner, and the Republican minority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, made this point Friday.

Boehner said if the Senate sends the House the tax legislation without the pipeline provision, the House will put it back in.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said congressional bargainers were preparing a two-month extension of the payroll tax cut and expiring jobless benefits as a fallback plan in case negotiations on a yearlong package do not succeed.

President Obama and many congressional Democrats are opposed to accelerating work on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, which would run 1,700 miles from western Canada. That conflict has been one of the major hurdles to a bipartisan compromise on the payroll tax package.

Obama has announced he will delay a decision on the pipeline until after next November’s elections, citing a need to study the impact the pipeline would have on sensitive lands in the Midwest state of Nebraska. Obama has threatened to reject the payroll tax bill if it includes language on the pipeline.

The postponement would let Democrats avoid having to choose between two of the party’s core constituencies: environmentalists who oppose the pipeline and some labor unions, who covet the jobs it would produce.

I’ll fully believe it when my gasoline price drops when this pipeline is underway and I;m using my hot bulbs next October, but the signs are encouraging so far. I dare the Democrats to ban light bulbs 30 days before elections next year. Please.

I forgot the glaring exception… the retarded… and aggressively so Internet anti-piracy bill which is really “Anti-Internet”.

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  • -fritz-

    It’s definitely getting interesting. Someone has to get the cajones to stand up to the envirowhackos and stop them from their hog tieing of every single thing that would drag our country back to prosperity! It looks like the Republican House is giving it a shot.

  • Magnus Caseus Formatis

    Fine. I now have enough incandescents to keep my block illuminated for the rest of the century, and they JUST NOW repeal the ban?

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