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The IRS is going to be a bit busy for awhile it seems.

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  • -fritz-

    I also heard and read that the IRS is going to start auditing a lot of those who make $1 million/year and up. Good. Maybe they’ll leave me alone for awhile. I’m not having much of a problem, though they did audit me for 08 & 09 because of a simple mistake I made those two years in the way I filed because I was a “greenhorn” when it came to doing retirement taxes. Not much owed, but a PITA anyway. With Obiwan spending money like it was water, no misunderstanding there as to why they are going on a tear to get all they can get.

  • Magnus Caseus Formatis

    Assuming that they collect all of it, at current spending rates (, from last year at this time), it will be all gone in a few minutes less than 16 hours. $385 BILLION DOLLARS. Completely spent in 16 hours. GONE! Let that sink in. I haven’t found the rate of spending for last year. I wonder how much more it will be?

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