I Heart Starbucks

I like Starbucks coffee… or rather I like some of it. Christmas Blend is my favorite and I like the medium roasts though I stay away from their dark roasts because they always taste too smoky to me. Anyway… living in the People’s Republic of California I pretty much don’t think about the issue of guns and coffee so color me “unaware” that Starbucks has a corporate policy of allowing open and concealed carry in states where those laws exist. So if you’re in Texas bring that Glock in the store while you order a Venti black coffee with 3 shots of espresso (my early bird favorite). Of course, this policy does not sit well with the liberal fascists who want to limit our rights to bear arms and ultimately take them away outright. So on February 14 of this year The National Gun Victims Action Council is organizing a boycott of Starbucks.

In response the website The Truth About Guns is sponsoring a BUYcott for February 14 asking people to use $2 bills (Second Amendment — natch) at Starbucks on that day and thank the baristas for honoring America’s right to bear arms. More information about it plus a pretty cool letter to TTAG from Starbucks corporate at the link above. If you’re of a mind go to the bank and grab a couple of $2 bills and go get some coffee that day — and wear your gun.

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  • -fritz-

    Open carry is legal in Nevada, but outside of work, I never open carry because it draws stares, and could potentially end up with some freak from out of atate or a local freak who doesn’t know the law, calling the police to check it out. Just too much hassle.

  • Mighty Skip

    Not a fan of coffee, or the smug a-holes who inhabit my local Starbucks, but I will buy one on February 14th.

  • Jake Was Here

    Here in Arizona, we have a law — and I don’t think I’m misremembering it, since the libs out here were furious when it passed and made a HUGE deal out of it — that states that you don’t actually need a separate CCW license. They always recommend that you take a CCW training class, but still, a permit to carry is a permit to carry concealed, full stop.

  • Magnus Caseus Formatis

    Make sure you don your firearm AFTER you visit the bank.

    Rats. Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday, and the closest Starbucks is 30 miles away, in Bowling Green. I usually go there on Sundays, for church. Even though I’m not a gun-owner, I might make a special trip, just to annoy the lib students and professors from the university.

    • Dig even further by wearing a Rockets sweatshirt, MCF.

      Not a fan of Starbucks, but will be sure to be there on 2/14, “Major League Infidel” t-shirt in full effect. Like the $2 bill touch for the extra added fact it’s got the signing of the Declaration of Independence on the back — EVIL, DEAD WHITEYS!!!!!

      • -fritz-

        Better still…wear a tee shirt with the logo, “Gun control is hitting what you aim at!”

      • Magnus Caseus Formatis

        Might be worth the trip to Toledo to get one of those shirts, then hit Starbucks. “Hit” should be “visit.” What with all of this talk of firearms, I don’t want any confusion about my motives. I’m just looking for a good cup of coffee, maybe some of that “Blonde” coffee I’ve been hearing of.

  • Daniel Crandall

    Starbucks, along with Nike, Microsoft, Google, and other corporate entities throw their money at support behind politicians Democrats voting for same-sex “marriage” in Washington State. Washington already has “everything but marriage” laws for same-sex couples. Why re-define the institution of marriage?

    Of course, it’s conservatives, according to Republicans like Mitch Daniels and Andrew Klavan, who should remain “mute” surrender to the Left “call a truce” when it comes to social issues. At least until a Republican’s elected … and then?

    • What then? Well of course we on the right go back to being even bigger spawns of Satan. Right, BarryO? 😉

    • Magnus Caseus Formatis

      Starbucks has long been a supporter of this movement. Way back in the ’80s, in “Intro to Economics,” about the time of the AT&T breakup, I learned that the gov’t likes to lean on large companies for compliance and “precedent” purposes. It makes smaller entities just that much easier to go after, when the “big boys” are the first to fall in line. Sometimes, no leaning is necessary, if the CEO is liberal, too. They just hop aboard the train to perdition (didn’t Duke Ellington do that song, or was it the O’Jays?), happy as clams.

  • Daniel Crandall

    And if my previous comment isn’t clear – I do not ‘heart’ Starbucks.

  • Well “heart” was more an oblique reference to the 14th of February — the date of the buycott than a declaration of love. I don’t care who they give their money to necessarily. They’re in business and they provide a product I mostly like, but if they take a stand we agree with then we should thank them for it. I see no harm.

  • Matt Helm

    Good for them, but I’m not a fan of Starbucks. If I’m going to pay an outrageous amount for coffee, they better be the ones putting my cream and sugar in it for me, not make me do it myself. It’s bad enough waiting in line for coffee, but you have to wait in line to put your own cream and sugar in it, and the public’s hands have been all over that stuff.

  • Stephanie

    I drink starbucks every damn day! Christmas blend rulz! Thanksgiving blend, Komodo Dragon and Espresso! Yay!

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