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  • Dr. Schplatt

    Morning everyone, I’ll leave coffee and fresh fruit on the table. Weather is getting warmer here so it’s fruit season in Taiwan. Hope you enjoy it.

    • -fritz-

      Thanks for the coffee, Doc! Thanks for the fruit(?) as well. :-) I’m operating at half throttle this morning since I got to sleep till 8 a.m., for the first time in years! Now I’m dopey and groggy…like Tink!

      (The previous statement was made just to see if she’s up yet, and I disavow all knowlege of any attempt to make her appear less than what she is…bright and so very nice!) Is it safe to come out now? :-)

  • Magnus Caseus Formatis

    Thanks, Doc! Fresh fruit! It’s just what the . . .er . . .”Doctor” . . .ordered.

    For all of you who watched, I hope the Super Bowl was as dynamic a game as you expected. I had to leave “the party” at half-time, and my “farmervision” antenna didn’t pick up the rest of the game very well. Always nice to see a come-from-behind-victory, though, even if the Giants weren’t really down by that much.

    A couple of days ago, House Representative “Moonbeam” visited with the striking Cooper Tire & Rubber workers, in our fair town: (Yeah, I know that “Moonbeam” was a term applied to Gov. Jerry Brown, by Mike Royko. It’s early, and was the best I could come up with)

    The money quote comes at the end. This, from an elected idiot who would enjoy nothing more than witness an adaptation of chinese-style communism in this country.

  • Magnus Caseus Formatis

    Teleflora had an “interesting” ad. Even so, I got a bigger kick out of this one, which didn’t appear last night:

  • O, BarryO, still awaiting your take on the Operation Fast and Furious scandal. Here’s a great primer since the non-right-leaning media’s fairly intent on flushing the story down the rabbit hole. As always, your opinion is appreciated.

    Right after the testimony ended I began searching for coverage of the hearing on Google. First stop was Associated Press. Remember: If the AP doesn’t write anything on Fast & Furious more than likely the rest of the media won’t mention it. Pete Yost did write about the testimony, but hat’s where the excitement ends. Again, he distorts information to favor Mr. Holder and the Department of Justice. Mr. Yost fails to mention the subpoena was issued October 12, 2011. That’s 4 months ago. That is plenty of time to go through the hoops to release the documents. Mr. Yost says, “Though neither side said so, negotiations are almost certain to be the next step.” If you watched the testimony do you honestly think Mr. Issa or Mr. Holder will negotiate? Didn’t think so. Mr. Issa won’t accept anything less than the documents he needs. Then Mr. Yost describes a few dialogues, but doesn’t bother to get down to nitty gritty of the testimony.

    • “It’s Bush’s fault”(TM) That’s what they’ll say. Nevermind that the similar operation under Bush was quickly ended when they realized there was no real way to keep track of the weapons (with tracking devices embedded, but short battery life) once they crossed the border. F&F renewed and kept up the operation until the deaths of the two US agents (that we know of) and countless Mexican citizens, and we have no way of knowing how many of those guns are still out there in use by the cartels. By my way of reckoning, we have an undeclared civil war in Mexico, between the Federales and the cartels, with various acts of war by the cartels against the US too, so why isn’t our modern Blackjack Pershing being sent down there to kick some ass?!?

      I discovered last week, after giving a coworker the Reader’s Digest version of the F&F scandal, that this story has dragged on so long and been swept under the rug so far, that (except for the rabid gun owners), the average American citizen hasn’t paid any attention. When this is trickling out of a Congressional committee, a few soundbites at a time, it’s not enough to sustain the voter’s interest. It’s only after you give them the Reader’s Digest version that folks see that this administration is either the most incompetent schmucks who shouldn’t be allowed to guard a pet rock, or they intentionally, maliciously acted to boost the statistics to prove the 90% lie about the guns in Mexico coming from the US, and thus give themselves an excuse to further restrict the rights of American gun owners, and by extension, all citizens.

    • Break yourself from AG Holder’s gaze, BO — save yourself, this was not the hope and change you were looking for!!!

    • BarryO

      What are you upset with – the events or the coverage? Yes these type of operations have been going on for a long time (even under other administrations, although you only seem to care about it now). Because of the fact that this has been status quo for a while, it’s not jumping to the top of the news cycle. It’s just something to use to bang the political drum against whatever is the current administration. There are many travesties in the story.

      • Starting at the top (Attorney General) and working its way all around the horn, so, please, pick a travesty about Operation Fast and Furious, and tell us why you think it’s a travesty. According to you there’re plenty, so, if your usual moral equivocation and joy in pointing everywhere but President Obama, I’m sure you’ll focus otherwhere. Then again, after your baby steps re. Keystone XL, I have some faith.

      • Tink in Cali

        Can’t we be upset with both the event AND the (lack of) coverage of them? Aren’t you upset with both, BarryO? Don’t you want to know what happened and why it wasn’t monitored properly and/or stopped altogether before lives were lost? Don’t you want to know why someone didn’t have better sense than to give murderous jackals more weapons? Doesn’t it concern you that the press isn’t interested in providing you with the whole story?

        You mentioned “long time” and “other administrations.” Besides the short-lived operation that Bush ended, can you be more specific or are you attempting to divert our attention again?

  • JimmyC

    Since nobody else has mentioned it, happy birthday to the one, the only Ronald Reagan. And IMDB sucks for putting Rip Torn and Zsa Zsa Gabor on their front page birthday list, but not Reagan.

    • Gabor I can handle — she was an ardent anti-Communist… Kathy Najimy is the real insult. It looks like the living take precedence over the deceased on the list in fairness to imdb…, but I don’t know if that’s always the case so just a guess.

      • JimmyC

        Actually, they put deceased celebrities’ birthdays on their front page pretty regularly. They’re probably just trying to avoid coming off as a political website, but it’s still a dick move.

  • Only 5 comments AND it’s past noon on the East coast… come on ya damn Yankees — wake up!

  • Magnus Caseus Formatis

    I’m up; I’m just busy. Well, not busy. My wife has discovered a new computer game that takes up huge chunks of time. I’m considering buying her a computer of her own. Then, again, I may just buy her a house of her own. Kill two birds with one stone, that way.

  • Magnus Caseus Formatis

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think that “blue balls” means something else?

  • -fritz-

    On a happier note…Not.

    Mr. Romney won the Nevada caucus on Saturday, and according to Yahoo News, Obama is now surging ahead. Of course we all know that the MSM is all bought and paid for by the left, but it seems now that there are allegations that a lot of Dems actually voted in “our” primary so they could sway the vote to a man whom they pervceive as one that can be beat by Barackbaby! Personally I feel that anyone with a hint of a pulse can beat Obama, but then I’m a cockeyed optimist.

    • Magnus Caseus Formatis

      Don’t be surprised by their actions. Dems have done that election after election. If you remember, Rush Limbaugh felt that Obama was skating to an easy primary nomination, and encouraged his listeners to register as Democrats so that they could vote for Hillary. I wonder how many dead voters showed up at the polls?

      • Magnus Caseus Formatis

        What I meant, by the reference to Rush, was that it was time to turn the tables on the Democrats. It proved to make Obama’s campaign much more expensive. This is war, folks, and, the Geneva Convention not withstanding, there are no rules.

    • David Marcoe

      Let me guess, they cited the new WaPo/ABC poll? Even if we were to accept its accuracy, the landscape of polling data up to this point has shown Obama in the danger zone, which means we would have to consider it an outlier.

  • Mighty Skip

    I’ll have a little more faith in the polls come October.

    And work at the moment has been very busy, lots of labor intensive lab stuff.

  • -fritz-

    Anyone seen Tink this morning? MIA for two days now. Hoping she’s not sick again/still.

  • Kit

    So what does everyone think of the Eastwood ad?

    First, it’s a Chrysler ad done to promote the company Chrysler and show that it is still in the game. That is the big goal of the ad.

    Now, on its politics.

    I think one could find a pro-Obama message but one could also find a general theme that, despite the tough times right now, not only will America come through but, as Reagan said, our “best days lie ahead.”

    I do love that line at the end, “This country can’t be knocked out with one punch” and “we get right back up again and when we do the world’s gonna hear the roar of our engines.”

    • I think you’re on the money, Kit. Gran Torino notwithstanding, Clint’s not as right-leaning as we’d like to think, though, and his working with a company who accepted a federal bailout smacks more of the Flags of Our Fathers/Letters from Iwo Jima and Million Dollar Baby Clint smacks of that. Taken at face value minus the bailout BS, nice “down, not out” message.

      Still, since Chrysler did accept a bailout (not to mention it’s not starring by a die-hard lefty), can be damn sure this commercial won’t go the way of Ford’s which mentioned they didn’t take a handout.

    • Mighty Skip

      Honestly I thought it was incredibly stupid. I really want Ford to run an ad saying it may be half time for GM but we have yet to begin to fight. And remind people GM only made it to halftime because the referees were bribed.

      Even though Eastwood is the face, all I could see in that ad was the Unions whining and crying like babies. They are the ones that messed up the place by pooping where they ate. If someone wanted to give Detroit real advice, they would make a commercial telling its citizens to stop voting Democrat.

      And on an sorta-related note, I understand it was advertising but if I were Manning I wouldn’t be impressed getting a car I could buy 10,000 times with my salary.

    • Kit

      Gran Torino was awesome.

    • Loyal Goatherd

      Yeah, I got that same nasty taste from the ad, I like Clint and the wording of the ad was fine, but the hidden meaning was hardly hidden. It’s half time? What Obama gets another four years, oh hell no!!. A better analogy is, we’ve waited patiently for six innings, but our pitcher is not stepping up and if this continues, we’ll lose the game. Let’s go to the bullpen, we can still win!

  • Happy 101st Birthday President Reagan.

  • Kit

    Some evening Jazz, courtesy of L.A. NOIRE

  • Obama’s really stepped in it now:

    Wonder how long ’til there’s the necessity for a little “rule changing” over at HHS

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