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Wednesday Open Thread

99 comments to Wednesday Open Thread

  • Scott M.

    Super Tuesday here in Tennessee,I’m voting for Rep. Ron Paul!

  • Scott M.

    Santorum?Fake earmarks,pro gun control,pro war.

  • Scott M.

    Endorsed Arlen Specter for the US Senate…a real conservative!

    • David Marcoe

      It’s called an “empire” in the Federalist Papers, more than once.

    • David Marcoe

      Yes, I’m being a smartass.

    • Mighty Skip

      Yup so you one-in-fourers who won’t vote Republican please don’t complain if the Dems make things worse.

      • Stephanie

        Lol skip…that would be an independent voter? You mean the majority of the people who vote? Were the ones you party people should be vying for…instead of insulting.

        • Mighty Skip

          That’s pretty rich coming from you. I didn’t realize that being a registered independent also means independent of proper thinking and/or being logical. If party affiliation is the only thing that tethers you to philosophical understanding of the relationships between citizen and state then there is no help for you. I shouldn’t even have to explain this.

          Conservatives “court” voters by adhering to conservative principles, just the same as libertarians and liberals. The difference here is that libertarians are basically putting a gun to the heads of conservatives and saying “believe what we believe or else”. Using coercive force against conservatives to get them to abandon principle for political support instead of logically thinking, “Hm, we agree on nearly 75% of everything, perhaps I should support them and work towards our political goals with them.” Nope. This is why libertarians hypocritical people and ultimately moronic. Asking why they won’t vote Republican, fearing the candidate too conservative, they will state they are standing on principle but demand conservatives give up theirs and thereby empower politically the leftist stances that stand diametrically opposed (supposedly as libertarians totalitarian stance on political loyalty brings into question their sincerity as champions of liberty.)

          Now as for your specific case, Stephanie; I would gather you voted Republican because you found their theories on government mostly agreeable with your own. For you to willingly abandon it because other members of the party did not share in your Cult of Personality regarding Rick Perry, that makes you better than an Obamabot.

          • Veruckt

            Remember not all independents are Libertarians. There can be true moderates, independent Democrats (ie. Reagan Democrats), fiscal conservatives, etc. I believe even the most conservative of estimates are that nearly 50% of the nation falls into this category with the remainder being loyal R’s and D’s. While you dismiss anyone not in line with you on being a solid R it has been repeatedly shown the independents are far more familiar with the candidates actual stance and record than party loyalist. This is why soon as the primary is over you will be abandoned and your candidate will begin trying to cater to people like me…we elect presidents. They know they already have your vote no matter how foolish or ill qualified they are so please stop insulting independents.

            On a side note Santorum can’t win in a general election. Period. Indpendents like myself who want anyone but Obama are pushing for whoever can unseat Obama and that is anyone but Santorum or Gingrich. Pretty well every poll you can find, except perhaps ones from the Santorum and Gingrich campaign sites, back up that fact. If you truly want Obama out of office, and I believe you do, get behind Romney. Even though I am a Libertarian that is who I am voting for (though part of me still wants to vote for Paul) because I believe he can and will defeat Obama, if so called Conservatives quit trying destroy him, and that is what is important. Santorum and Gingrich’s selfish scorched earth campaigns against Romney are doing nothing but helping Obama.

            • Mighty Skip

              Scott’s article was specifically talking about Ron Paul supporters and I was directing my response at that. That said, Independents are idiots and I will continue to insult them as such. That is what the (I) next to their name stands for. I know because I was one. I switched to (R) after the 2000 campaign because it became crystal clear the Democrats cared nothing for our Republic, only themselves. If you talked to anyone for more than five minute who is a self-declared (I) or “moderate” it quickly becomes clear there is no such thing. It is a title given to oneself who wants to appear to have greater intellectual and moral clarity. They might know more about the candidates, but they know nothing of politics.

              The reason being simply is that as I have said before, politics is the relationship between citizen and state and what the nature of that relationship means. “Moderates” and (I)s only see a list of contemporary issues and make checkmarks next to names. They are without a doubt the most ill-informed people I’ve never met, because of their arrogant assumption that party affiliates don’t care about what a candidate stands for, as you suggested. They certainly do not elect anyone; instead they destroy nations with their ineptitude and total disregard for truth and individualism. It is why, because of your attitude, this nation is doomed to failure continuing to put with “moderate” nonsense.

              The current generation of “moderates” has turned the very notion on its head. This attitude you have only encourages corruption since you willingly admit to being manipulated, ensuring that no candidate ever speak truth or conviction. In a nation of three hundred million people no one man or woman can possibly have all the checkmarks on same boxes of dozens upon dozens of issues as a plurality of people because statistically speaking there are more than hundreds of millions of possible total combinations. So they do the only thing a politician can do to appease “moderates”, they lie. Yet you willingly embrace this foolishness! Is there any more accurate description of idiocy?

              The political battle of our times rests on the simple premise of those who believe in an all-powerful State and those who believe in individual liberty. All the candidates’ policy choices rotate on that one pivot point and at this point in time, Democrats are on one side and Republicans the other. To believe there is a middle ground between the all-powerful State and individual liberty is a total contradiction to the latter; if you think such a ground is real you fall on the side of Statists, period. The State’s power is derived from rights that pre-exists that State; its authority based on the consent of the governed but seconded to them and limited in scope or it is not.

              You go on and keep telling yourself all Republicans care about is abortion or guns or drugs or Christianity or whatever fairy tales dance in your dreams. In truth, that is what “independents” care about, but Republicans understand there is no choice for anyone going down the path we are on. Of course some of the details will determine the preferred candidate. And I’m supposed to be celebrating “independent” voters who support Ron Paul not voting Republican because Ron Paul (a Republican) isn’t the candidate, or not voting for Santorum because Romney is not the candidate? You want me to believe that these people are truly independent thinkers? Bullshit. That they are “moderate” because they lack the intellectual sophistication to differentiate based on philosophical notions? Bull. Shit. Am I being an asshole about it? Hell yes. Because someone has to point out this stupidity. If that bothers you, go vote Democrat at least that would make you honest.

        • Dr. Schplatt

          Wait, did you just encourage someone to not insult someone?

          Pardon my French but, how far up your ass did you have to reach for that one? I can’t think of someone who has insulted people more on this forum than you.

  • -fritz-

    Meeting of the breakfast club! Coffee, bacon and eggs and toast. I’ll be back later to issue the spankings! :-)

  • David Marcoe

    So, I’m writing a short story/novella (we’ll see how long it gets) provisionally titled “Under The Red Banner,” which is a hommage to Edgar Rice Burroughs’s anti-communist The Moon Maid. I posit an alternate history where Huey Long becomes president and Hitler dies before assassinating Ernst Ernst Röhm and dismantling the SA (the socialist wing of the Nazi party), creating conditions that precipitate a decades-early fall of the dominoes and the rise of a Communist world-state (German efficiency, Soviet policies, Chinese numbers). America goes through four phases: populist socialism, a Soviet-style takeover, a neo-Maoist cultural revolution, and then the rise of a Derrida/Foucalt-style “intellectual” ruling class. Setting it a hundred and fifty years after the election of Huey Long, this cognitive elite have eliminated literacy, institutions like schools, libraries, organized religion, and marriage, saying that they have liberated the masses from the tools of control imposed on them by the old ruling class. Any ideas and suggestions are appreciated.

  • Veruckt

    Here is your Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot moment of 2012. I will keep the names private. This is absolutely unbelievable but verifiably true. I have censored the language as best I can.

    I have a friend here who is a supervisor at our call center and being a call center it is full of what can only be called some ghetto folks. Well, yesterday morning as she is on her way to work my friend gets a picture message from a number she doesn’t recognize on her cell phone and she opens it and it is a picture of a tore up looking a**hole. Yep…a tore up looking a**hole. She of course freaks out and flings her phone. About 10 minutes later she starts getting calls from this number just one after the other and finally she relents and answers and it is one of her employees saying “did you get my message!” Not wanting to admit that she saw a picture of a tore up a**hole on her phone she says “yeah but I didn’t look at it cause I’m driving”. The employee then proceeds to tell her “All right, I’m not gonna be in today. My hemorrhoids are flared up so bad I can’t get my underwear on or sit down. It feels like I been a** f*cked by a cactus.”

    My friend is completely mortified. I haven’t been able to successfully stop laughing since she told me this story…why would someone send a picture and tell their boss this?

  • Mighty Skip

    Olympia Snowe is retiring and of course she’s taking shots at Republicans as much as she can. I’m linking this article about it because at one point she mentions her Spartan heritage and it has the obligatory quote.

  • Kit

    Little blurb from BigHollywood about a possible rise of conservatives in Hollywood

    Not much to read that we didn’t know already, except the claim that the possible ratio for liberals to conservatives in Hollywood may have reached as high as 60-40.

    However, the link is worth clicking to for the photo they have of the very easy-on-the-eyes Hollywood Conservative Patricia Heaton.

    • Kit

      If BigHollywood did more articles like that rather than another 500 on how biased GAME CHANGE is, it would be a far better website.

      I mean seriosly, do we need a whole day of 10 articles back-to-back on how biased Game Change is and how the liberal media is going to carry water for it? Do we really?

      • Kit

        Eric, you are right, aside from stuff by Toto, it is really not worth much.

        I have no idea why I still go there.

        I will add, now, that posts with photos of Patricia Heaton are worth clicking on too.

      • goozer

        It would also be a better website if they would pull the plug on that vapid ‘Glee’ recap crap…

        • Tink in Cali

          They are doing Glee recaps over there?! I find that show completely disgusting in the way it is marketed to teens, preteens, and younger kids too and they depict far more sexual situations (and of the grown up variety) than most of the shows that I watch. At least that is how it appeared in the once or twice that I watched it. Even I am not that big of a glutton for punishment (despite what goozer seems to think :)).

    • Mighty Skip

      I think the site deserves more credit than it gets here but there is a historic grievance so I know I won’t be changing any minds. Still, that Game Change stuff was getting out of hand. A couple of articles followed by a single one with the roundup of afterthoughts would have been sufficient.

      As for Glee, I never watch the show so the general roundups coupled with the critical articles at least gives me some proficiency in talking culture with my younger coworkers.

      • Kit

        10 Articles in a row on GAME CHANGE is just silly. Especially when hal the articles every day for the past week have been on
        the subject.

        Especially since half were pretty much on the same subject: It’s biased and the biased media is supporting it.

        It must have been a slow news day.

  • JimmyC

    A video shows the Occupy UC Davis pepper-spraying incident in its full context, and makes it pretty clear that it was the protesters’ fault, not the cops. The video is pretty long, but worth seeing all the way through.

    Interestingly, it’s being shared on FB by some of my liberal friends. I guess their sympathies with OWS only go so far, when the truth is so clearly staring them in the face.

  • Veruckt

    Question of the day.

    What is the worst job you ever had?

    Mine. Cold call telemarketer. When I was about 16 I used to do cold calls to people in Kentucky trying to get donations to put K9 officers in high schools. Whole thing turned out to be a scam and we got shut down by the TBI (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation).

    • Part-time garbage man one year in college. Though it did give me the right to enter the girls’ dorms (I always shouted a warning). Never had any pleasant surprises.

    • Scott M.

      Being a shoe salesman in Arkansas…

    • Hate saying “worst” as they’ve all taught me something, but probably waiting tables. Great in that you learn people skills up close and personal, but the other end of the spectrum on those occasions where you bust hump and still make $5 on a $115 check. Still, I think everyone should have to wait tables at some point in their lives, if for no other reason than its humility lessons.

    • -fritz-

      Dishwasher/busboy. And yes they did have dishwashers in the Dark Ages…me!

    • Dr. Schplatt

      I know this doesn’t sound too bad, but I worked for a Fan Sports store where we sold apparel, cards, decor, etc. While having having a TV on with sports all day is ok, it was ESPN meaning they didn’t show any games we cared about, and when you have to watch the same 30 min of sports center over and over again for 4 hours, it’s painful.

      Also, the manager was an ass, and that’s what made it the worse. I can do any job, no matter how terrible, as long as the authority isn’t a pain.

    • I had a temp job when I was in college in August in Texas, loading the new phone books from semi-trailers into the vehicles of the people who were delivering them around town. Hot, long and hard….TWSS.

  • goozer

    Sad news — Davey Jones of The Monkees has joined the choir invisible. :-(

  • “Act of Valor” shot with still cameras:

    Own some of this company’s gear – very well manufactured – in Texas, BTW.

  • JimmyC

    Well, the government’s endless plan to save the noble Spotted Owl continues. Since their previous plan of “destroy as much of the logging industry as we possibly can” hasn’t worked and the Spotted Owl population has continued to decline, the Obama administration has unveiled their new plan: shoot the other owls. Seriously, that’s their plan. I’ve got a helluva imagination, but I couldn’t make that stuff up if I tried.

  • Mighty Skip

    Alright, I think I need some clarification from the Threedonia women.

    “Reproductive rights activist” Sandra Fluke testified before congress that it costs her and her other would be lawyers so much money to buy contraception for all the sex they are having that it should be covered by public assistance. Spending as much as three grand for all that time laying down. As the University she attends apparently doesn’t offer student insurance that covers contraception.

    Rush Limbaugh called her both a “slut” and a “prostitute”. Fair or unfair? Or perhaps not right, would a better description be whore or harlot perhaps? None of the above?

  • Dr. Schplatt

    I applaud the team for sticking to their beliefs and the state of Texas is under no obligation to change the date of the game and so I don’t fault the state for not doing so. It’s just a situation where sometimes you can’t have your cake and eat it too. I would point the team towards the story of Eric Liddell.

    Another thought would be that if this were a Muslim team instead of a Jewish team, they’d just threaten to kill everyone involved if they didn’t get their way. So that might be an option for them to consider.

    • Just so we’re clear on this the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools’ isn’t a part of the government of the state of Texas. Additionally the University Interscolastic League controls public school playoff games in Texas, it was created by the University of Texas at Austin and isn’t controlled by the legislature either.

      • Dr. Schplatt

        Ah, yes, I didn’t notice that it was a private organization. Still, the private organization doesn’t need to change anything. I wonder if there was something in writing that says sometimes games are played on Saturday. It’s not like the Jewish school didn’t know there was a possibility.

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