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Great and under appreciated movie from 1980 — and ditto the soundtrack by Ry Cooder. The originals are fantastic and his renderings of period pieces — as below — are masterfully done.

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  • -fritz-

    Ry Cooder…good music. The Long Riders…good movie, though a tad cheesy during the shootout scene.

    Coffee and krullers today, but an abundance of same! I’ll be back.

    • -fritz-

      What? Not a single word about my last 2 posts on Wednesday Open Thread? Maybe not important? Maybe or maybe not, but I think it is to whatever degree anyone has the stones to really call the POTUS out on it.

      • Magnus Caseus Formatis

        I may have been the only one up at the time. :-)

        I was really tired, too; but, couldn’t get to sleep.

      • Magnus Caseus Formatis

        I’m watching the vid, and can’t help but notice that even back then, he talked down his nose at people. He seems to have a contempt even for people that come to hear him.

        Looked at the McCain vid, too. They were discussing the “freedom rebellion” in Iran, a while back, noting that Iranian dissidents were chanting something like, “Obama, will you help us?” Of course, he didn’t do a thing, which makes sense. He wants to strip us of our liberty; so why would he help folks in any other country secure theirs?

        • -fritz-

          The video that Hannity showed was actually two videos, similar but the second one showed a higher up in the Obama campaign stating that they had suppressed the entire last part of the video because of what it would do to the campaign since the “perfessor” was a wide open Alinsky loving Marxist and Obama recommended that all the students at the rally pay close attention to what the perfessor had to say and that they would gain a lot from it!

          Here’s the Hannity video from last night:

          • Magnus Caseus Formatis

            Here’s a related vid from CNN, via Soledad O’Brien and panel discuss/argue with the Editor-in-Chief from He stands his ground well:

            I’m looking forward to seeing more of this.

      • Mighty Skip

        Actually Fritz I think this is very important but I believe the narrative that anyone who brings up Obama’s past is just a racist prick is too deeply embedded in the public psyche. So far, this is just more proof of what anyone who has been paying attention already knows. Those who consider Obama the second coming are not likely to be persuaded. However, this is also a ‘we’ve got more coming’ scenario so I’m waiting to see what the more is.

    • Took a couple visiting Norwegian relatives to Northfield at Christmas, to see the bank (now a museum) where the big shootout happened. Contrary to pretty much all the movies, though, the gang did not ride their horses through any big glass windows.

    • Stephanie

      Very excited today…I am having a series of essays published on a blog that has fairly high volume. The opportunity just came to me.
      Thanks or the coffee Fritzie!

    • Tink in Cali

      Plus the name Ry Cooder is one of the coolest names in the music biz.

  • Scott M.

    “Hold On To God’s Unchanging Hand”..old Protestant hymn.Archie Samuel’s funeral.

  • David Marcoe

    So, after having a rollicking time with Mass Effect 3, the ending was…disappointing. Without spoiling it for those who haven’t played, the ending(s) feel like you’ve been railroaded. After all the choices one has made with one’s character over the entire series (if you imported from 1 into 2 and then into 3) and all the energy invested in the characters, you don’t get a nice roomy epilogue to see things play out. You, your crew, and your squadmates are whisked offstage.

    • JimmyC

      They probably want to keep the game open for future sequels. Halo was likewise supposed to be a trilogy with a storyline that ended after #3, but surprise surprise, there’s a fourth one coming out this year.

    • David Marcoe

      Oh, most definitely, made clear with the scene after the credits, but they could have easily have finished out Shepard’s own personal story properly (the seed for such an ending was there) and left the larger one open. In the end, they did poor service to the fans who buy their games.

      • Mighty Skip

        BAH! F*** that. The entire point I was going to buy this game for, and this was explicitly stated by the developers, is that this was the end of Sherpard’s story. I am so sick and tired of them dragging out a storyline well beyond it being interesting. The Mass Effect world is a gold mine they can drill out any number of stories, why beat this one to death?

        Also, David, you beat this game in TWO DAYS? Did you play non-stop?

    • Dr. Schplatt

      “the ending(s) feel like you’ve been railroaded.”

      Ahahahahaha! Everyone raise your hand if you didn’t expect a video game to do that at some point? Even the Elder Scrolls games, GTA, hell even Sim City railroads you. These games aren’t open and free, they’re simply a railroad with more tracks. They allow you to pick the turns but in the end you’re still all heading to the same station.

      Of course I’m saying this as a fellow gamer who still loves them but has turned into a cynic 😀

      • David Marcoe

        There are exceptions: The Witcher, The Witcher 2, Alpha Protocol, Indigo Prophecy, Dragon Age: Origins

        There are limits imposed by time, money, and even the constraints of the medium, so I can understand some limits, but what is really odd with Mass Effect 3 isn’t those limits, or even the railroading, but that allow player choice to unfold up to nearly the end of the game. In the end, they got arrogant, or lazy, and went for some quasi-intellectual ending(s), a la BSG.

  • Scott M.

    For Dr. Shplatt..

  • David Marcoe

    Speaking of games and storytelling, this is a new tech demo teasing Quantic Dream’s next game. It’s stuff like that that makes me want to be a games writer.

  • Kit

    Anyone heard of the Joker Blogs?

    It is a fan film series that is a sequel to THE DARK KNIGHT centering on the Joker in Arkham City and his interviews with Dr. Harleen Quinzel, who in the 90s animated series and later comics (as well as the recent video games) was the Joker’s #1 henchwoman, fangirl, and, occaisionally hinted at, girlfriend (ick!).

    Scott McClure, the actor who plays the Joker is amazing. He channels HEath Ledger’s performance brilliantly. He does so well, one might argue that by the amazing 8th episode he has come into his own.

    Another great aspect of the series is that the makers understand the Joker.
    Most series would’ve lightened his evil up, or make him more sympathetic, in order to make the “romance” between the Joker and Harley Quinn more “romantic”.
    Not these guys. These guys make it clear, especially with episode 12, that the Joker is a sociopath.

    But they also understand that the Joker is, to borrow from Bruce Timm, a combination of the class clown and the schoolyard bully. You laugh at what he does and then feel guilty for laughing. An example in the series is the “gift” he leaves on Harley Quinzel’s desk. An example for the movie would be the Pencil Trick.

    Each episode is between 5 and 10 minutes, except for episode 17, which is about 20.
    So watch it. It is incredibly well done, chilling, funny, all the things you need for a great Joker story.

    My suggestion is watch it through the first 8 episodes. Episode 8 is not only great its when the show hits its stride and things take a massive turn.

    • Kit

      Here are some scenes of Harley Quinn from the Animated Series

    • Mighty Skip

      I haven’t checked these out but so far they look pretty good. The animated series actually did a lot more than just suggest their romantic relationship and really didn’t shy away from how abusive the Joker was to Harley, mentally and physically.

      There was an episode (Mad Love, adopted from the comic series inspired by the animated series, if that makes any sense) where Harley decides to kill Batman because she realizes as long as Batman is around; the Joker will spend all his time fighting him instead of spending time with her. She almost succeeds and Batman gets her to call the Joker to gloat about killing Batman. Of course, the Joker being the Joker shows up and proceeds to throw her out of a third story window, as he is the only one allowed to kill Batman. And they even go so far to show Harley recovering at Arkham asylum in a full body cast. I was a bit surprised to see them not pull any punches in a cartoon.

      • Kit

        “The animated series actually did a lot more than just suggest their romantic relationship and really didn’t shy away from how abusive the Joker was to Harley, mentally and physically.”

        Another great thing about the show. Never get away with that today. The blogs hint at the abusive nature in one of the last episodes.

        And I think I’ve seen that episode. It’s quite good.

        The fact she had to explain the joke involved in his death in order for it to make sense didn’t help matters for her.

  • -fritz-

    Happy International Women’s day all you wimmins and any post ops that hang out here, figuratively speaking! :-)

  • Kit

    What does everyone think of the Solar Flare?

    Is it dangerous?

  • Rufus

    Dennis Miller was great regarding Sandra Fluke on his spot on O’Reilly last night. He correctly pointed out that she acts as if she’s Rosa Parks. Ms. Fluke has the same sickness I decried yesterday in Moore, Stone, Maher and Cameron. She has to invent something false to try to inflate her self worth. These people need to be ignored or they will continue to diminish our culture and humanity in an ever increasing psychosis of mistaking attention for achievement.

    A 30 year old, healthy adult begging Congress for money to support her personal behavior is literally pitiful. If we continue to raise up the pitiful and condemn the honorable (our armed forces, College students who swear oaths upholding honorable behavior, the religious…) our young people will strive to be in the former group. Kids want attention.

    What our culture rewards via a media spotlight will spawn legions of future imitators.

  • Magnus Caseus Formatis

    So . . .the Supreme Leader of Iran endorses Obama’s diplomacy?

    Perhaps the economic sanctions will be lifted when they get together at the bargaining table, eh?

    I guess Israel is safe, then, yes? Nothing to worry about, folks, nothing at all.

    • Tink in Cali

      Is a Chavez, Castro or Putin endorsement next? Too bad Saddam and Bin Laden aren’t around to add their kudos as well. Isn’t it nice that the President’s policies are causing our “former” enemies to think of us differently? Too bad “weak” is the word that probably comes to their mind.

  • Scott M.

    Maybe I have too much time on hands,but did it occur to Saudi Arabia and the Emirates to build a pipeline around the Strait of Hormuz?

  • Kit

    Andrew Price, a pretty conservative guy, debunks what he calls are several spins and myths circulating on Super Tuesday

    Read him in the comments too.

    There he says that Talk Radio is being very self-serving in their attacks on Romney and support for Santorum and also accuses Evangelicals of anti-Mormon bias.

    • Kit

      One of his statements in the comments


      And the irony here is that the MSM is pushing Santorum on us, and conservatives are falling for it! The MSM is proving that it is smarter than conservatives because it’s leading them around by the nose while making them think they are actually going against the MSM. It would be laughable if I were on the left. But since I’m not, this is very troubling.

      I can’t believe the number of people I’ve heard who say “I’m voting against Romney because I don’t want the media picking our candidate.” Yet, the media (conservative and MSM)is picking the candidate and they are steering you toward Santorum. Idiots.

      Conservatives right now have abandoned principle and are mindlessly doing exactly what they are told.


      And yes, that is exactly prejudice. Let me put it this way… when there is a gap of support within a group, then there must be something between the two candidates which is specific to that group which causes the gap.

      Romney is winning every group within the Republican Party (e.g. women, rich, poor, tea party, conservatives, moderates, etc.) or is only losing by a couple points.

      With evangelicals, Romney is getting blown out. What would influence evangelicals but not the other groups (since we don’t see similar gaps anywhere else)? Religious bias.

      Add in the circumstantial evidence that both Newt and Santorum believe they can win this race by suggesting that Romney is not “Christian” and you have your answer. It’s religious bias. This is the strength of the ABR camp in the South and rural areas and that’s why their ability to defeat Romney is limited to the South and a few rural plains states.

      That’s also, by the way, why Newt is the better ABR candidate. Newt’s people are not fundamentalists, they just think Romney is a RINO. If Newt drops out, they are not very likely to see Santorum as a better choice. But Santorum’s people are filled with religious hate and they will back anyone rather than the cultist. So they are much more likely to switch to Newt than Newt’s people are to switch to Santorum. Ironic, isn’t it that the ABR camp is calling on Newt to leave the race?


      It’s a can’t lose for them [Talk Radio and others] to support Santorum.

      1. If he wins, they were right, and they can always repudiate his loss in the general election as a betrayal.

      2. When he quits, they can change sides. Then they get to claim credit for the Romney win, but also can claim they never supported Romney if Romney does anything they don’t like or if he loses.

      3. The longer the race goes, the higher the ratings and the more they can claim to have “power” by keeping the race going.

      4. By opposing Romney they create “non-establishment” cred for themselves.

      5. If this destroys the Republicans and Obama wins, then they have four more years of guaranteed ratings as they can complain about Obama every day. And more importantly, they can blame everyone else for the mess.

      That’s what’s going on. That’s also why they won’t flat out endorse Santorum because they want to avoid being locked down with anything people can hold against them later. So they do it all through implication.


      I’ll tell you what too, keep everything you see in mind. Because you’re going to see this.

      1. These same pundits will eventually jump on the Romney bandwagon. They will claim they were always there, but they were just making sure to keep him honest by challenging him.

      2. They will attack half of what he does in the first year.

      3. He will turn out to be a solid conservative president. And midway through his first term, these same pundits will claim to have seen this coming and will say they always supported him from day one.

      4. By the end of his term, they will claim that anyone who supported Santorum was a RINO.


      So, is Andrew Price right? Are conservatives behaving like stereotypes of themselves?

      • I like Andrew a lot. He’s a great guy, a fine writer, and a gentleman. But I don’t think he’s being objective about this race.

        He’s claimed that Santorum is a gun-grabber, when Santorum has a lifetime rating of A+ from the NRA. There’s something wrong there.

      • JimmyC

        Romney may not be a perfect candidate (who is?), but I support him for two reasons: (a) he’s spent a significant amount of time working in the private sector, so he understands how it works and what a detriment the government can be on private enterprise, and (b) he’s made clear that he intends to do away with ObamaCare. He hasn’t just said it once and then backpedaled, John Kerry-style, he’s made it a cornerstone of his campaign.

        Even if he got nothing else right, those two things alone would make him an infinitely better President than Obama. Now, if anybody wants to call me a traitor to the conservative movement for saying that, go right ahead, but I still stand by it.

  • Scott M.

    A suck up for Mitt…what a surprise.

    • Dr. Schplatt

      I’m just curious, do you use a phone or something to comment here that you don’t like the reply button? Half the time I can’t figure out what in the world you’re talking about because your comment shows up 9 spots down from a thread and the comment is a reply to something that happened in the middle of the thread. I’m just saying, sometimes it’s hard to understand who you’re talking to.

  • Scott M.

    The Empire Strikes Back!

  • Magnus Caseus Formatis

    Herr Kommandant (and any others listening in), the EU tried to save Greece, financially, and, over time, it fell to Germany to carry most of the troubled financial “water.” Is that because Germany is a much more productive nation than the other EU entities, and, therefore, has more cash to spare (if you can call it “sparing”)?

    • Rufus

      The Germans are great savers and very conservative investors, so they control the EU regarding Economics. If they’re not onboard it is a non-starter.

      • -fritz-

        Yes…pretty much what he said.

        Also the Germans love to control stuff. If they have something on you, you’d better knuckle under! Yawohl!!!

  • I saw this Calvin & Hobbes comic strip today and thought any parents of boys might get a kick out of it.

  • JimmyC

    Over 200,000 Muslims have converted to Christianity in the past 6 years. Gee, I can’t imagine why.

    And I’m sure the unbiased mainstream media will be giving this story plenty of coverage, right?

  • Mighty Skip

    Some follow up on the lesbian being refused communion here at my nearby Catholic Church (I do not attend there regularly). My Catholic brethren have been doing a little digging and this is yet another case of Liberal agitation along with the entire Fluke BS. Turns out this woman is an open Buddhist, runs a Buddhist art school for children which you can confirm by following the link, as she openly states her devotion to Buddhism. Not to mention links to her open support of abortion and her gay rights activism.

  • Magnus Caseus Formatis

    With all the confusion at Apple, Inc., in the wake of the death of Steve Jobs, it looks as if someone forgot to mail the check to the DNC:

  • goozer

    “When Gandhi advocated his philosophy of non-violence, I’ll bet he didn’t know how much fun it was killing stuff!” R. Koothrappoli :-)

  • Matt Helm

    Netflix streaming just added the documentary, “Shut Up, Little Man!” If you owned or heard that CD in the 90s, this is a must see. Ditto, if you hadn’t. Just don’t watch it with the kids around. The CD was a bunch of drunken arguments that two section 8 alcoholic, bickering roommates had nightly, that their neighbors recorded by holding a microphone outside their window. This went viral before the internet just on word-of-mouth. Hilarious stuff.

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