Media Coronations: 0 For 2 (So Far)

It’s safe to say that things are looking pretty bleak for the Democrats at the moment. After losing big (White House and Congress) in the last election, they are watching as President Trump maintains his approval rating thus far, and they have now lost two special elections, first in Kansas and just last night in Georgia. That doesn’t bode well for them, considering that it was starting with Scott Brown’s win in a Massachusetts special election just a year after Obama took office that Republicans started their winning streak that culminated in Trump’s victory last year. Using these special elections as bellwethers, it appears that there is no such momentum building for Democrats, no matter how many times they burn down Berkeley or trot out Bernie Sanders to whip up their base into yet another socialist froth. Antifa is no Tea Party, and the Democrats’ fractured base and flailing leadership is no coalition.

So what to do? Well, if you recall, things were pretty similar for the Democrats back in the mid-2000s, having lost two elections to George Bush, despite going out of their way to attack and demonize him personally (sound familiar?). How did they get out of that slump? Simple: they enlisted their lapdogs in the media. Not just to tear down Bush, which had only gotten them partway to their goal of winning power, but to build up someone that would take his place. They plucked an inexperienced, good-looking, vapid Senator from Chicago still in his first term, who had done nothing except voting Present and hanging out with terrorists, and built him up into a hero who would ride in on a white steed and save us all. Never mind what the results were, the important thing (for them) is that they won the White House back – for eight years, no less.

Of course, that plan didn’t work so well with Hillary, but it helped that she ran a terrible campaign and had the incumbent effect running against her (i.e. Americans almost never vote in the same party after 8 years). We’re only a few months into Trump’s presidency, but it appears they’re already starting to follow the same playbook – use the media to patent and sell Liberal Savior 2.0 to America. However, it appears the new models are thus far a bit buggier than the original. Check out the new cover of Variety:


They tweeted that image out with the caption, “How cool does Chelsea Clinton look on our Power of Women, NY, cover?” How cool? Uh, not so much. She looks like a rich, entitled princess trying way too hard to be cool. Guh.

But if you think that’s bad, check out the cover of this new article from Elle Magazine:


Oof. Maxine Waters, really? She makes up some BS about Trump being impeached and suddenly she’s a rock star? Riiiiight.

Okay, so trying to turn a woman who is famous for being born a Clinton and a woman who is famous for saying incredibly stupid things into media stars isn’t their best sell, but believe me, they’re just getting warmed up. They’ve got plenty of time to find the next Obama, and I can guarantee you they will use the same playbook to sell him or her. The media will keep latching on to one Democrat after another until the public responds to one of them, at which point you can expect wall-to-wall glowing coverage of that person, followed inevitably by their name ending up on a ballot.

The mainstream media cannot die fast enough, as far as I’m concerned. In the meantime, we need to watch them, hold them accountable, and make sure that our leaders are chosen by the people, not the next magazine cover.

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  • Ken in NH

    Chelsea is proof that Hillary’s anti-charisma is far stronger than Bill’s charisma. Had the charges been balanced then Chelsea would not exist as sperm and egg would annihilate on contact.

    • Honestly, to this day I don’t understand why anybody saw Bill as charismatic. The guy just comes off as the sleaziest, most two-faced used car salesman in the world. He makes Donald Trump look like George Bailey. The fact that people couldn’t see right through him still amazes me.

      That said, at least he was more centrist, and had a thicker skin and a better sense of humor than, Obama. Democrats seem to be successfully lowering the bar with each administration.

      • Rufus

        Bill Clinton is very smart, dude was a Rhodes scholar! He was a true student of politics and understands human nature very well. I’m no fan, but I understand his appeal. He was a great campaigner and very at ease with the public. He also did a good job of reacting to changes in the political wind during his Presidency. He worked with Gingrich and instituted some conservative policies that were not part of his ideology.

        He also benefited immensely from being in office when something called the Dot Com Economy exploded. And his foreign policy disasters were under the radar. Most folks don’t know the role his fecklessness played in 9-11, or even what we are dealing with now in North Korea and the middle east.

        I probably wouldn’t call him charismatic, but he was likable. President Obama has such a haughty, arrogant tone I can barely bare to listen to him speak, except when he’s joking around. I disagreed with a lot of Bill Clinton’s policies, but I never thought he hated me when he was explaining them. Often when President Obama or Hillary Clinton speak it seems like they have animosity towards folks like me. I never got that vibe from President Clinton.

      • Ken in NH

        Having never met the man, I do not understand his charisma either. I am skeptical of his politics so it probably does not work on me at a distance. I have met plenty of politicians, both whom I agreed with and disagreed with politically, and charisma is a real thing. You want to like them even if you are adamantly opposed to them. Do a search of people who have said that about both W and Clinton. People who would never agree with them or give them a benefit of a doubt felt differently in their presence. Clinton clearly has it in spades. The way people swoon over him, even those who should know better, is proof.

  • Rufus

    I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am still surprised at this attempt to treat Chelsea Clinton as relevant. I know little about her, and wish her well, but why, oh why does she want to be in the national spotlight and why, oh why does anyone want to spend time promoting her?

    I’ve never had filthy rich parents (and there are few people who the term, “filthy rich” applies to more aptly), but if I did, I think I’d wake up everyday thanking my lucky stars and just hoping to lay low, and not rock the boat. She could take a vacation to a private, Caribbean island. Then, when she returns home take another vacation to a remote, mountain village.

    She has more money than she can spend in a lifetime. Her daughter will inherit more money than she can spend in a lifetime. Her husband could have a great life trying to spend all her money in his lifetime (and his folks are not paupers either). No one would care, or begrudge them any pleasure if they could just do one, little, extremely simple thing: keep a low profile and don’t remind us that your parents are corruptocrats who ripped off the treasury and erected a bogus, not for profit to line their and your pockets.

    Bill Murray was golfing at a celebrity tournament and after a few holes his caddy, a teen-aged boy, got up the nerve to speak to him personally. “Gosh, Mr. Murray,” he exclaimed. “When I grow up I want to be like you, rich and famous!”

    Murray hit a beautiful drive, right down the center of the fairway and replied, “Go for rich kid. Go for rich.”

    But they never do. They always go for famous.

    • Indeed. Being financially successful is something we should all aspire to (to one degree or another), but I wouldn’t wish fame on my worst enemy. For about 99.5% of the people who spend their lives pursuing fame, it’s a path to failure at best and madness at worst.

      Chelsea is like a child actress whose parents shoved her into the spotlight and made her hang around with sleazy producers when all she wanted to do was go to school and play with her friends. Now as an adult she’s hurling herself at the spotlight again to please her parents rather than having a life of her own. I feel for her – being born a Clinton must be a large blessing and an even larger curse.

  • Scott M.

    Maxine Waters…that toxic old hag made her bones egging on the Rodney King rioters.

  • Dr. Schplatt

    If only Chelsea had gotten a tenth of her father’s charisma. But no, she took after mom. Ugh…