From The Trailer Park: AMERICAN ASSASSIN

I’ve got to say this isn’t how I envisioned Mitch Rapp would look like.

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  • Keaton: Yes.

    Kitsch: A 2017 Mitch Rapp doesn’t have to have an operator buzz cut and Oakleys, but did they get him because Michael Cera wasn’t available?

  • G. E. McCulley

    You must be joking. All-American lacrosse player/tri-athlete Mitch Rapp played by a Hollywood wimp. This is almost as bad as Tom Cruise playing 6’5″ Jack Reacher. Does anyone believe if Vince Flynn were alive that he would allow this? No wonder the studios are losing money, casting metro-sexuals as real men is not the way to make box office coffers fill with cash.

  • Because giving the lead role to a skinny, bland twentysomething worked so well for the Jack Ryan franchise. I can’t wait for the James Bond reboot starring Justin Bieber.

    • Magnus Caseus Formatis

      Perhaps the producers see a long franchise with Lee Child’s books, and don’t want to be switching older actors out for younger as the franchise ages. Then, again, it worked for James Bond, mostly.