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Neils Bohr and Albert Einstein discussing their favorite episodes of Spongebob Squarepants

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  • Magnus Caseus Formatis

    Leftists cry “foul” (heck, they cry about everything, but I digress) over “corporate welfare.” “Why are we giving millions in tax breaks to the wealthy?” they scream. Odd, then, isn’t it, when the shoe is on their foot, and we’re giving millions to a multi-billionaire:

  • You know what two headlines I’d like to see now? Dennis Miller takes over Bill O’Reilly’s job, and Bill O’Reilly runs for the Senate.

    I know the first one isn’t going to happen because Tucker Carlson is getting O’Reilly’s slot (and I’m pretty sure Miller doesn’t want the job anyway), but the second one would make liberal heads explode everywhere.

  • Rufus

    is well worth a read.

    It’s a piece by PJ Media’s, Charlie Martin explaining Trump’s animus, and why everyone in the media (and many outside of media) doesn’t get him.

    Trump is not a politician. He is not a statesman. He is not an ideologue. Trump is a salesman. He wants to close the deal.

    • JimmyC

      Good piece. Trump is really a Democrat at heart, in the sense that they are always doing whatever it takes to close the deal, aka stay in power. “If you like your plan you can keep it”, anyone? How about “the Era of big government is over”?

    • Magnus Caseus Formatis

      That is a good piece! I second the motion for O’Reilly to run for Senate. Franken did it, and he’s as ill-equipped as any of them.

  • Raoul Ortega

    SpongeBob? I’da thought Big Al would’ve been more of a “My Little Pony” kinda guy.

  • USA Today just put out its list of the 10 most polluted cities in the U.S., and guess which state the majority of them are in?

    Maybe the libs should take a break from lecturing the rest of us about the environment and stop polluting their own backyards instead.

  • “Democrats are in trouble nationwide because they have strayed from their core pitch: caring about every American. Instead, they have decided to embrace the intersectional nonsense of Barack Obama, who divvied Americans up along race, class, sex and sexual orientation lines and then pandered to each group individually. That program is both anti-American and insincere because to pander to each group means to shortchange them all. After all, what happens when Democrats claim that black Americans are victims of white society but that gay Americans are victims of straight society? Are black straight people the victims or the victimizers? Is the unemployed blue-collar white fellow who used to work a steel job in Indiana the victim because he’s living on the edge of poverty, or is he the victimizer because he refuses to agree that a biological man can be a woman?”

    • Rufus

      Agreed. I’m no admirer of Donald Trump, but I find it odd how many people criticize him for being a “populist,” as if it’s a big secret. Wouldn’t the best “populist” running always win the Presidency? Isn’t that what the word means? Reagan was popular. Bill Clinton was popular. The majority of public opinion on an issue is the popular opinion and a politician who caters to that is a populist. So, a populist gives the majority what the majority wants.

      Conservatives will always have issues with a populist, except when what the public wants is conservatism.

  • Scott M.

    Hackademic snowflake blames Trump for his insomnia!

  • Scott M.

    Canada says, “Soil your Undies”!

    Donate a pair,Magnus?

  • Scott M.

    Christian student questions Muslim professor…guess who’s in hot water