You're Not in Kansas Any More, (Christian) Toto!

If you haven’t recently been to Christian Toto’s website, “Hollywood in Toto, I encourage you to take a look, Hollywood in Toto

I think he’s on to something big.

Many of us met at the old, Libertas site. As evidenced by the number of readers and commenters that site had, it obviously filled a void. I think Breitbart and Nolte imagined “Big Hollywood” would take over that same space, but it never worked for me. I haven’t visited it for a year(s?). As Yogi Berra said about a restaurant, “Nobody goes there any more. It’s too crowded.” That’s how I felt about, “Big Hollywood.” It quickly exploded into something so huge it became unwieldy, at least for what I was looking for in a website devoted to a Conservative slant on film. I don’t think I’m alone. Even its founder, John Nolte, has left the site! And the couple that had founded “Libertas” tried a reboot, but I haven’t been there for years either. I found it lacking.

I only know Christian from his comments here and some of his posts I’ve read, but my impression is that he is a man who loves film, has a good knowledge of the subject and its history, and most significantly to me, he’s a hustler. In the same manner he pops up here and adds to this site’s content, I see him pop up on other sites doing the same. And, as he grows and learns and builds his network I’ve noticed he continually re-tweaks his site, working to make it better, and to build his audience.

About a week ago I hit a link on Instapundit that took me to Christian’s site. I didn’t know it was Christian’s site, the link made no mention of him, so I had an unbiased view. I was instantly impressed. I thought, “Wow, this site has a great look.” Then I read the linked piece and was impressed with the writing so I scrolled up to see who the author was. Then I noticed the banner and url.

I don’t know when he came up with this most recent iteration of his website’s format, but I think it’s going to do very well. I think Christian may very well be the person who cracks the puzzle of providing a great website focused on media (especially film and television, but he’s got a music corner also), with a Conservative bent (but he’s not hitting {pun intended} anyone over the head with that aspect).

Kudos, Christian! Congratulations!!

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  • I fell in love with this group (in a totally platonic way) back at Libertas. There was simply nobody else talking about movies and Hollywood from a conservative perspective at the time, and there are no words to express how refreshing it was to see Nolte and the other commenters pushing back against all the propaganda. I’ve followed this group to Dirty Harry’s Place, Breitbart, Daily Wire, and here, and would gladly follow it elsewhere.

    Seconding Rufus on Christian Toto and his site – it’s one of my regular visits in the blogosphere. Toto’s writing is smart and passionate, but also humble and down-to-earth. It’s a rare writer who can review movies without coming off as pompous, rarer still that one can discuss politics without being snarky or overly partisan.

  • Very distinct reason Christian received (and graciously accepted) so many invitations to appear on Radio Free Threedonia. Exciting watching his presence in the blogosphere and beyond explode.

  • Wow … my site was down all morning (hosting company issue) and I’ve been in a grumpy mood … until I read this. Can’t thank you all enough. I think you’ve X-rayed me and the site exactly as I hoped. I love Hollywood and don’t want to become bitter about it (that’s getting harder of late!). I also work as much as my family situation will allow to improve the site.

    So … thanks again. And if anyone would like to write for the site when the mood strikes — let me know. Doesn’t have to be political. Frankly, Id love to add more apolitical content to the site.

    • Magnus Caseus Formatis

      I just printed your recommendations. My wife and I have a new source for trusted and reliable reviews! Thanks!

    • Scott M.

      If you need a writer,CT,Jimmy would be great!

      • Aw shucks, Scott (and SF), thankee kindly. I do have a post I’m working on that might be good for HiT…I’ll get in touch with Mr. Toto about it when it’s ready.

  • Swamp Fox

    I agree, great stuff! Thanks for the post – didn’t know if Christian’s Site till now. I’ll be a regular visitor.

    I’m also a lurker since Libertas’ days. It’s nice to find a site in the same spirit again. Keep it up!

    (And I agree with the comment mentioning Jimmy above!)