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  • I’m contractually obligated to leave a comment on this particular post. But darned if this song flew passed me back in the proverbial day.

    How about … it’s so ’80s it hurts?

    • It’s got VH-1 written all over it. It was too adult contemporary to ever be on MTV.

      Speaking of the 80’s, why on the TV show The Americans is nobody ever listening to a Walkman or watching music videos? There are 3 teenagers on that show, that’s all kids did back then besides ride bikes and go to the arcade. 🙂

      • Excellent points. Dearth of Walkmans very bizarre, but re. MTV, maybe cable hadn’t reached their neighborhood yet?

        • My family didn’t have cable, yet I saw music videos on all sorts of venues. It was ubiquitous. It’s just not eighties enough. ?

          • I’m not arguing videos’ ominpresence in the 80s, notably with NBC finally getting in on the craze with Friday Night Videos almost two years to the day after MTV’s debut, so maybe we’re ignoring the fact the featured families seem to live rather dull domestic lives (video game living Henry excepted). Makes semi-sense with the commies, though can’t explain swingin’ Stan and his kid.

            • In real life Page the weird angst ridden teenage girl who hangs out at with the peacenik preacher would probably be made fun of and ostracized by the other kids. Notice none of them ever go to birthday parties or school events. Way to blend in stupid Russians.