Instagram City

In an effort to increase international interest in the area, the small Indonesian village of Kampung Pelangi came up with a novel idea: paint the entire city in bright colors.


The result has been quite successful, making the slum-filled town into a popular tourist spot and Instagram post subject, and a boon to the local economy.


The total cost to taxpayers was around $22,000. It’s an investment that appears to have paid off, as the resulting tourist influx and job growth appears to be giving the area a good return on their money.


I’m glad to hear the investment has paid off, and the pics are beautiful to look at, but personally I’m glad they didn’t do this in my town, because being around that many colors every day would drive me slowly insane. Just going through the kids’ toy section at the grocery store makes my eye twitch a little.


You can see lots more pictures here.

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