Classic Pick O’ the Day — October 24

The Raven (1963)
A widowed sorcerer discovers his late wife is alive and living with his mortal enemy.
Dir: Roger Corman. Cast: Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff, Hazel Court, Jack Nicholson. TV-PG. 8:00 PM EDT. TCM.

Very loosely based on the Poe poem, this movie is a campy creepy good time. Price and Karloff are in their element as is Hazel Court. Also on TCM tomorrow are prior CPODs Murders in the Rue Morgue (9:45 PM) and The Black Cat (11:00 PM).

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  • Matt Helm

    As an A.V. aid in the seventh grade, I convinced the teacher in charge of the A.V. equipment to order this movie to show at an assembly. He didn’t think anyone would like it, but they did.

    • Texacalirose

      “Loosely” justified as part of the curriculum, 19th Century American Poets. *o*

      From the TCM site:

      Jack Nicholson has a role as Lorre’s son, Rexford. In later years, Nicholson had high praise for everyone he worked with on the film except for the Raven himself, who had a nasty habit of relieving himself all over the set, particularly on Nicholson. “I would look down when the Raven flew off my shoulder, and it would be covered in poop,” he said. “I hated that bird.”

  • Loyal Goatherd

    The last time this film was mentioned at 3D four or so years ago, I slipped over to ebay to find it on VHS. I was suprised to find it fairly easily, though the description was rather information poor. Spent maybe $10 and eagerly awaited its arrival. Imagine my disappointment when the film was The Raven (1935). Well, Boris Karloff was in both motion pictures, I don’t think I have bought anything on ebay since. DVR set, I’ll finally get to see this again, only been about 35 years.

  • Scott M.

    Like it where the girl says to JN “You might be killed!” and he replies earnestly,”I hope not!”

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