Wednesday Open Thread

The teat suckers have won. Hopefully we’ll be back in 4 years. People in PA and OH… kudos to you for killing your own coal and fracking industries… don’t cry when it happens… I will laugh at the pain coming your way. Virginia? Enjoy a downsized Navy and the loss of jobs that comes with that. Laughter and mocking will also come your way. North Dakota, kudos to you for voting in a Democrat Senator — the party that is against the energy industry that has made your state an economic bright spot. Florida… a real Mediscare is coming your way. Don’t say we didn’t warn you — friggin’ blue hairs.

And for the Vagina Ideologues? Kudos… Uncle Sam’s mitts will be all over your lady parts. Congratulations on that bit of logical thinking. We’ll be here in 4 or 8 years independents idiots — hopefully — after you wake up from the nightmare you’ve embraced.

I don’t despair… my Hope is not in a candidate, party, or even in the U.S. of A., but in a nation built on ideas, I do feel like a man without a country.

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