Happiness in slavery

OK, I’ve prayed and slept on it, and here’s what I’ve come up with as dust settles on one of the many hoodwinks of the 2012 election cycle: For those of you on the left (both genders) who bought into Team Obama’s phony “War on Women” meme, I paid attention to your Facebook posts. I heard quite well your work-time quips and casual conversations elsewhere about your rights to foist your hands into my pockets. Sometimes I took the bait and offered retorts, or asked you to prove your points. More often, though, I bit my tongue while enduring unsubstantiated lies, distortions of the bigger picture, and outright attacks on my values. Caught every last bit. Now, here’s where I’d like you to have the courtesy of paying as close attention to me as I did to you.

Unlike your imaginary “War,” my wife possesses an all-too-real Multiple Sclerosis medical condition, a condition which isn’t getting any better, despite the wonders of currently available medicine. So, when the Obama-sponsored healthcare medical reviews deny her access to affordable medication and/or make her wait so long her condition worsens even further, since I love her very much, I’ll be coming to you with a big hat in hand so you can help pay our less-than-fair share. Please reference my “Tragic Mike” Halloween costume if you haven’t already — it may not be a 10 gallon hat, but I’ve got an awfully large cranium which will not be crying itself to sleep on a large pillow, not while the likes of Sandra Fluke and college floozies get their birth control on this taxpayer’s dime, or a Catholic church is forced to perform an abortion in the name of your “lady parts.” No. No, you voted for this man’s policies, so you’re going to own them, every last penny.

I know where a lot of you live, and will find out where the rest reside. So, please, after I knock on your door, be sure to wear your generosity smiles widely and dig as deeply as we deem necessary. Please also don’t look at this as a threat or a promise, either, and rather simply accept it as your time to share that wealth around like your Dear Leader wants.

We thank you in advance,
The Porvaznik Family, Burbank Contingent

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  • JS Lawalin

    What makes you think that we’ll have anything to give once the premiums for our rationed healthcare jumps 300% in 2013? I already pay over $500 a month for coverage that doesn’t even kick in until I have paid a $5000 deductible out of pocket. Once Obamacare really kicks in next year the middle class will be priced out of the system, which we will then be taxed for as a penalty! We are living in mad times, my friends.

  • Mighty Skip

    My original healthcare plan 2+ years ago was deemed a “Cadillac” plan by Obamacare and was taxed into oblivion. That seems like a lifetime ago. We received our preliminary healthcare package for 2013 last week. Looking it over, current costs are rising again and my coverage goes down even if I pay the higher amount. I’ll likely opt for the lower costs and much reduced coverage just so I can keep up with inflation on everything else.

    And this is before a lot of Obamacare goes into effect.

  • -fritz-

    No thanks. My wife and I have no healthcare coverage, with the exception of my Medicare …whatever Part it is that covers a hospital stay. I’d prefer it to stay that way, of course because we are never sick, the exception being this lousy cold we have that we can’t seem to give away. So now, I presume we will be stuck with Obicare whether we want it or not…”Applicable Charges Will Apply!”

  • kbiel

    I’m thinking those of us paying taxes need to join the 47% who don’t. The only way out is to stop fighting and hasten the collapse. I’m not a fan of Objectivism, but Ayn Rand was right on one big point. This crap will not stop until the producers stop producing.

  • Kit

    On the topic of Slavery, here is part of a letter by John Wesley, founder of Methodism, to William Wilberforce, one of the leaders of the Abolitionist movement in Britian.

    It was the last letter Wesley wrote before he died.


    Unless the divine power has raised you us to be as Athanasius contra mundum, I see not how you can go through your glorious enterprise in opposing that execrable villainy which is the scandal of religion, of England, and of human nature. Unless God has raised you up for this very thing, you will be worn out by the opposition of men and devils. But if God be for you, who can be against you? Are all of them together stronger than God? O be not weary of well doing! Go on, in the name of God and in the power of his might, till even American slavery (the vilest that ever saw the sun) shall vanish away before it.

  • Scott M.

    Attack the lotus eaters on the right,Eric…we ate our fill,didn’t we?

  • Loyal Goatherd

    Well, my employer called mandatory meeting for this AM, Open enrollment time. Small increases across the board, no major changes. (Sighs of relief were heard.) Oh! one small change as part of our wellness “incentive”, if you smoke cigarettes, cigars, a pipe, chew tobacco or snuff or use e-cigarettes, a decision must be made.

    One may enroll in a company sponsored cessation program at no charge and if one can certify 30 days tobacco free on April 15th and pledge to remain tobacco free forever more, no further action will be required. If one enrolls in the program and is unable to certify on April 15th, an unspecified consequence will occur on some future date if one is unable to complete the process prior. If one wishes to remain an evil tobacco user, the company will “incentivize” you to the tune of $600 a year! That’s right the company will pocket (it’s not going to the insurer) $50 a month on your disgusting dirty habit (that is totally legal, but who cares about that). Less than 20% of employees use these products, so for the more than 80% of you who do not use tobacco, this is of no consequence. (grumbles filled the room)(Minority decrimination! my thought)

    And one more small change, our insurance will now cover gender re-assignment surgery. (Loud grumbles filled the room) We were then warned that our company embraces diversity and we should shut up!

    So got that? Gender re-assignment is good and noble diversity, but having smokers and non-smokers is not diversity to be embraced.

    Now, I do smoke and use e-cigs to reduce the amount I smoke. I had planned my 30th anniversary quit attempt for the great american smoke out next week, but I don’t like coercion and my instincts tell me to resist. And I understand the company’s desire to reduce costs associated with smoking. But this screams 1984 Orwellian heavy handed un-personhood. It’s doubleplusgood. And e-cigs are water vapor that may or may not have nicotine in them, I sure don’t see the need to include them in this. And consider, the company will provide to enrollees the patch at no cost, nicotine replacement to assist in quitting, but using an e-cig to that same end is tobacco use. It’s almost like the statists won an election or something and are hell-bent on someone paying!

    So EP, I’m right there at the edge with you, just one nicotine fit away from unspecified consequences. :)

    • -fritz-

      Seems like a “mixed bag”, pardon the pun, if you are going for the gender reassignment, and your male self was a smoker and your female self was not! How are they going to charge you for that…especially if you have multiple personality disorder? Doesn’t diversity just keep getting grander and grander? đŸ˜›

      • Loyal Goatherd

        Yeah, I left out the quitting tips sheet they handed out. It told us to replace the bad habit with good ones. In light of the gender re-assignment disclosure, I wondered aloud: bad habit replaced with good one, like what, sodomy? That seems to be approved diverse habit. The PC is getting ridiculous twenty years ago, now what is it?

  • Stephanie

    Guys we fight on. THis isn’t over. We cannot give up. Cannot. I have a medical condition I was born with. I have to take certain meds everyday to help blood pressure and other issues. They discovered it when I was 17. It is why I cannot have children. The problem is this: There are issues with artery tears, stroke etc. Of course HB is part of this. If something happens and I need an operation, I sincerly doubt they’ll pay for it. So, I am pretty much dead to.

  • Stephanie

    We have to go on together and get through this. We can stop Obama. Somehow. I was feeling horribly sorry for myself last night. We all were I think. I woke up this morning enraged. Let that rage fire hyour heart, warm your soul and let it grow. Thats what will carry us through and we will win. I know we will.

    • Appreciate your words, Steph, but haven’t felt sorry for myself since 1987, and not starting up again anytime soon. The fire in my belly’s back big-time, though, and I will do my part to stop Obama and his surrogates by taking it to his voters and having them taste their own medicine, via the above-detailed MO, as well as start trailing Obama/Biden-stickered cars to the pumps to have them pay for part of my gas. Wealth sharing while we can, at least till the 2014 mid-terms!!!

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