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  • Scott M.

    LSU 41,Ole Miss 35


  • Texacalirose

    Shangri-La?? (Lucky. Enjoy.)

  • Kit

    Saw LINCOLN last night (We’d missed Skyfall’s showing).
    I’ll repeat what I wrote yesterday (With a bit added)

    It’s a pretty good movie. Daniel Day-Lewis is astounding, perfect as Lincoln. The scenes where he tell stories (Especially the Ethan Allen one) are funny.

    And it’s worth seeing just to hear Thaddeus Stevens (Tommy Lee Jones) use the term “Dim-o-crats”.

    • JimmyC

      Of course, Spielberg and Tony Kushner have gone out of their way to say in interviews that things are reversed now, with Democrats on the side of the black community and Republicans on the other side. And while it’s certainly true that the Dems got their act together and beginning with LBJ, they started championing the civil rights movement and never looked back, I question the idea that the GOP ever regressed in any way. If we did, then when did it happen, and where’s the evidence? From Lincoln to Coolidge to Eisenhower to Reagan, Republicans have always been vocal supporters of equal rights. Heck, Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act at a rate of over 90%, higher than the Democrats did (60%). I mean, am I the only one who noticed that the South only became Republican after racism started to be eradicated there, after segregation ended and all the Bull Connor’s and George Wallace’s got rejected?

      • -fritz-

        True Jimmy. Johnson only signed on to civil rights because he got backed into a corner and had to! The Democrats have never, repeat, never been in favor of the freedom of blacks, and that, if studied very closely, is even more true today than it was back in the days of white sheeted KKK members burning crosses and hanging blacks in the middle of the night!

      • Daniel Crandall

        Kushner & Spielberg can attempt to spin the political parties any they like, it doesn’t change the fact that is was Demon-crats who had a former Grand Wizard of the KKK in their midst (and someone whom all you had to do was let ramble on long enough until he’d eventually spew out his festering racism).

        That being said, I think Spielberg did a great job with “Lincoln”. I loved the film. I do wonder about the historical reality of the breakdown of Republicans along the lines of “conservatives” and “radicals” as the film presented them. It seemed like Spielberg did what he could to make those evil “conservative Republicans” (and that is how they were always referenced in the film) the big impediment to the 13th Amendment. Still, unless he wanted to completely fabricate history (which he’s not loath to do – ex: “Munich”) his hand was forced to show that it was Democrats who had to be dragged into supporting the Amendment, not Republicans.

        All in all, I think this is a great film.

        • Kit

          Daniel is right. I did wonder re: the “Conservative” and “radicals”. I know about the “radicals” in the party. While they had a good side (staunchly anti-slavery) they could be downright looney and counter-productive at times. The movie itself sort of touches on this.

          As for “conservatives”, I know there were moderates in the party. I would love to read about the early history of the GOP.

          Also, Daniel Day-Lewis nails Lincoln in much the same way that Albert Finney nailed Winston Churchill in THE GATHERING STORM. And for me, that is very high praise.
          Everything: His voice, his slouch, his stories. Lewis captures Lincoln.
          Tommy Lee Jones is also fun. (Note: The scene with him at the end is one of those debated points of history.)
          And nearly everyone from Sally Field to Lewis to Jones to the guy who plays the C.S.A. Veep Stephens look exactly, or near exactly, like their real life counter-part.

    • -fritz-

      Blatantly stealing a joke from my youngest son, “This is the best that Lincoln has done in theaters since 1865!”

  • -fritz-

    The Cowboys win the pennant! The Cowboys win the pennant! Well, not really, but they did manage by the skin of their teeth to squeak out a winning field goal against the Browns…in overtime! I’m not so sure I should watch Thursday night. If they lose, I’m liable to launch the turkey at the TV! Eaten or uneaten! :-)

    • Thursday, 1 PM your time my friend…not night. We eat the turkey in the afternoon, so I may very well be sick.

      Nice to see a lot of my Facebook Cowboy fan friends wanting to throw Romo under the bus…it’s hard to throw a pass lying on your back. :/

  • Texacalirose

    Are the Steelers bumble bees or somethin’? C’mon!! That’s ridiculous.

  • Stephanie

    Hey guys. Leaving tomorrow back to overseas. Funeral was tough. Yes shit went down but I subtly kicked ass. I did the second reading Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians and eulogized my mom. I guess it went ok. I wish I could explain how horrible it all is… There are people in my family who need their asses kicked. And I miss my Mom.

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