3D Weekend Five: A Few of My Favorite Things

I figured we could all use the cheering-up, after all.  So consider this another 3D dartboard: what are your (current) favorite things?

5.  Snack:  guacamole by Dad du Wank.  I was never a fan of this dish, or of the avocado.  But then my dad started making it.

4.  TV show:  Castle.  At the end of last season, the two leads finally got together.  This, defying all standard belief, has actually *improved* the show.  Last year I rarely tuned in.  Now it’s Must-See TV.

3.  Cheese: Parrano.  This thread is starting to feel Monty Pythonesque.  But this little Dutch delicacy sure is gouda.

2.  Polititican:  Benjamin Disraeli.  Because right now, all the live ones are too connected to this painful week.  And he spent years and years in Opposition, yet managed to save his country anyway.  There’s hope in that.

1.  Website:  Threedonia.  Because it’s a soft place to land amidst the harsh reality of the outside world.  And these next four years?  I’ll need this gang more than ever.

33 comments to 3D Weekend Five: A Few of My Favorite Things

  • Tracy,txmom2many

    5. Snack: I know I always say this but…. my two favorite words are fried and cheese.

    4. TV show: Castle, so I can get my Nathan Fillion fix, but I hate the serious ones. Go On is quickly becoming a favorite too though. As a grief counselor, it’s cathartic to see the method exaggerated to the ridiculous. It also appeals to my highly macabre sense of humor (see the episode where they look for personalized license plates for the widower http://www.nbc.com/go-on/video/no-mo-wife/1417475/

    3. Cheese: Blue. Especially on homemade potato chips.

    2. Polititican: I got nothing.

    1. Website: Threedonia. Because I’m posting here and it’s just rude not to dance with who brought ya. But I also love Facebook. I know it’s popular to hate it, but it’s how I keep up with my cousins and friends in other places. I love knowing what they wore at Halloween, that they went to Target and listened to all the Christmas music samples, and how they feel about the guy in the car in front of them. There are annoying parts, but sometimes my husband bugs the crap outta me too and I still love him more than fried and cheese together.

  • 5. Snack: Chocolate. Milk chocolate. The heck with that healthful dark stuff.

    4. TV show: Burn Notice. Which I only catch in re-runs on MeTV. Can’t get enough Gabrielle Anwar.

    3. Cheese: Can’t stand the stuff. I like it in pizza, and that’s it.

    2. Politician: Calvin Coolidge. Can’t somebody dig him up and clone him?

    1. Website: I guess Facebook, though it makes me mad often enough. For good company, Threedonia is actually better.

  • Texacalirose

    Snack – Sweet potatoe [Quaylesque] fries and homemade Lars Bars: 2 c pitted dates
    1/4 c pecan or walnut halves
    1/4 c whole almonds
    1/2 tsp cinnamon
    Rough chop dates in food processor. Remove to separate bowl. Grind nuts & spice in food processor. Combine everything & mush together mix w/ hands. Mash into lightly oiled pan; cover w/ plastic wrap; refrigerate until set. Cut into bars and then eat them all at one sitting. Paleo & Vegan.

    2. TV show – Jeopardy & Wheel of Fortune. Other favorites come & go, but these two are my always and since forever standards.

    3. Cheese – NA (I’m paleo, doncha know).

    4. Politician – See Lars’ response above and whoever can beat the Democrats anytime, anywhere. (Blue dogs, my @ss).

    5. Website – You’re lookin’ at it. What a motley crew, a band of brothers, the happy few, the Katzenjammer Kids, my fellow Americans, and the funniest, smartest, clear heartedest bunch of people I never knew.

    *Wankita, why do you stand on your head when ordering your list? *o*

  • -fritz-

    5. Snack…I’m with Lars on this one C*H*O*C*O*L*A*T*E. I’d bathe in the stuff if I could!

    4. TV Show… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=635Fcs2GfCI
    My opinion and I’m sticking with it!
    3. Cheese…Once again, with Lars!

    2. Politician… Despite some of his faults, I’ll have to go with George W. Bush.

    1. Website…Got to be 3D, of course!

  • Scott M.

    Snack:Boiled peanuts

    TV Show:Mad Men…best character on TV,Roger Sterling(rottenest,Pete Campbell).Also Nashville…need more Powers Booth!

    Cheese:ditto Lars

    Politician:PM Stephen Harper of Canada,a canny survivor

    Website:Saveur..not a big foodie,but it is treasure.

  • Snack: Popcorn. Fills me up just right while kicking back with my evening shows. If I should happen to be driving by a Del Taco on the way home from reffing or umping, I will likely need their recently returned deep-fried macaroni and cheese.

    TV Show: No Justified for another couple months (Season 3 DVD a few weeks before that), so Sons of Anarchy filling in quite nicely (thanks, Tink!). Jax and Chibs are off the rails this season and the rest of the cast isn’t too far behind them. Great, great add in Jimmy Smits this year as well.

    Cheese: See above via Del Taco. Once a Midwesterner, always one. Deep fry a shoe, we will eat it.

    Politician: I still have faith in guys like Ted Cruz and Col. West, loving the latter fighting the left with their own recount medicine. Despite her loss, ditto Mia Love. Not saying we didn’t get rung upside the head big-time on 11/6, but I still hear the words of my all-time fave politician Churchill (slight nod over Ronnie) quite clearly: “Never, ever, ever, ever give up!” and “We will never surrender!!!”

    Website: Commentarama. Y’all are family here, natch, but so are our cousins Andrew Price, Scott DS, Bev, T-Rav and Co. over there. RIP, Lawhawk. The team continues to do you proud.

  • JimmyC

    5. Snack: Tortilla chips w/ranch dip.

    4. TV show: Once Upon A Time.

    3. Cheese: Colby Jack.

    2. Politician: Bobby Jindal.

    1. Website (Other than 3D, of course): Facebook. Despite all the goofy arguments I get into there, it’s still an invaluable way to keep up with friends, family and acquaintances that I pretty much can’t live without now.

  • Snack: for some reason good old buttered popcorn has been scratching that itch. Good!

    TV Show: Copper on BBCA — despite some early misgivings it came through nicely… gritty, mostly realistic (there are always anachronisms of course) and a lot of good Civil War intrigue (damn Copperheads).

    Cheese: Colby Jack… in cheese enchiladas…

    Politician… Calvin Coolidge

    Website (other than 3D) — Commentarama Films

  • Matt Helm

    5. Snack: Tortilla chips with my homemade spinach and artichoke dip.

    4. TV Show: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The funniest thing on TV, and irreverently un-PC.

    3. Cheese – Marscapone. I love most savory cheeses, but marcapone cannoli filling is the bomb.

    2. Politician: Jefferson Smith. Not the mayor, the one Jimmy Stewart played.

    1. Website – Besides here, Youtube. I can get stuck on there for hours.

  • Kit

    Snack: Not sure, Springles, probably.

    TV Show: Currently airing? ONCE UPON A TIME like Jimmy. Also, Doctor Who.

    Cheese: American

    Politician: Abe Lincoln. Jefferson Smith was good too, Matt.

    Website: This place is the best. Facebook and youtube are as well.

  • RGallegos

    Snack: Chili Cheese Fritos

    TV Show: Red Eye with the Five right behind it

    Cheese: Swiss

    Politician: W…not the best conservative but damn the man cared about this country and who would you have wanted on 9/11? (Plus Bingazi would not have happened under W)

    Website: Threedonia…a motely crew of opions and posts

  • G.E. McCulley

    Snack: Rye Triscuits with cheddar cheese and smoked oysters.

    TV show: Justified…it’s truly disarming.

    Cheese: Velveeta

    Politician: V.I. Lenin

    Website: Besides 3D, Tribute To Troy

    Favorite week: Starting today it’s beat up a bruin week! Fight On!

  • Snack: Chips n’ queso or salsa (either, or both it don’t matter)

    TV Show: If I have to pick one, South Park. Honorable mention to: Don’t Trust the B in APT 23, Burn Notice and Modern Family.

    Cheese: Sharp Cheddar especially good with homemade chili

    Politician: Ronny Ray-gun

    Website: Aside from this fab place, Ace of Spades HQ

  • Stephanie

    Snack: Chips and Salsa and real stove top made hot popcorn with butter
    TV show Fraiser
    Cheese Pepper Jack
    Politician Ronald Reagan, and Dick Armey.
    Website William Sonoma, here and a facebook page called People Who Love Christmas.

  • Mrs.Make.Do

    Snack: Crisp fall apples. With or without that yummy cream cheese and brown sugar dip.

    TV show: Just finished 6 seasons of Foyle’s War on Netflix. I do DVR The Mentalist.

    Cheese: Swiss

    Politician: I’m so tired of all of them right now I don’t even want to think about it.

    Website: Twitter

  • Tink in Cali

    Better later than never!

    Snack: perennial favorite POPCORN! And I have been enjoying some Gardetto’s Snack Mix lately.
    TV Show: I have been fairly caught up with Sons of Anarchy currently (although I don’t foresee anything ending well for anyone); I can’t wait for Justified to return (always at the top of my list), we have been enjoying Elementary and Person of Interest and think that New Girl is a hoot, like Modern Family and haven’t started the new season of the B in 23 yet.
    Cheese: Harvarti (with or without Dill) is yummy. And Tillamook Monterey Jack kind of blows my mind, it is so good.
    Politician: I am with Mrs. Make Do on this and am fairly exhausted by them all right now. I do admire Condi Rice and Margaret Thatcher, however.
    Website: Here (natch), Ace of Spades, SB Nation during baseball season.

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