I would rather drink six razor blades

Young Democrats like Justin Chenette may think their vision of the United States’ future would thrive most effectively in a collectivist environment, but methinks we’ve already seen how that movie ends. Counter Contempt’s David Stein agrees. Be sure to check out the whole column for more nifty-cool historical reminders.

What is wrong, massively, horrifically wrong, is Chenette’s vision of America. And as a delegate at the DNC this past September, Chenette spelled it out. After ridiculing the notion of free-market choice in education, Chenette told a reporter, “This is not about each individual. This is about how each individual can contribute to a society. And that is what we’re all about here at the Democratic National Convention.”

I’m probably better-schooled in musical theater than most gay men. So I tend to think theatrically – to associate events with scenes and numbers from plays I acted in. And after learning of Chenette’s victory, the first thing that came to mind was the “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” scene from “Cabaret.” As it was staged by Bob Fosse, the number is jarring, as patrons in an early ‘30s Berlin café witness the fanaticism and optimism of Nazi youth.

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  • -fritz-

    That boy needs a strong dose of reality. Lock him in a room and make him watch “Hammer & Tickle” on an endless loop for 48 hours. Then take him outside and beat some sense into his sorry butt!

  • Texacalirose

    Stein is brilliant: using a gay icon film to counter Chenette’s support for national socialism. If one has the mental ability to look past Minnelli’s vamping and the bi-sexual themes (and marabou and eyeliner and glitter), the fate of the individual, especially the homosexual individual, is forewarned.

    Perhaps Chenette hasn’t seen the movie or just doesn’t know that when the superiority of the individual is totally subsumed by the ostensible good that each individual can contribute to a society, he will be first into the rail car.

    Life is not a cabaret.

  • The old TV show, “The Prisoner” is also quite instructive in understanding this new “Village” the left is constructing.

  • Loyal Goatherd

    It’s not just the socializing, we are the state and the state is all, attitude of hard socialism. It’s also the soft socialism of lowered expectations, the weakened spirit of America.

    I was re-watching the movie “The Right Stuff”. It’s hard to imagine that just 65 years ago, an american would be so eager to fly a plane, the design of which had killed all who had tried before. So eager in fact, that he would conceal his broken rib and enlist the help of a trusted friend to figure a way to make it work. Or imagine our Army planning on a 50% casualty rate for the invasion of France, today. Wouldn’t happen. Ambition, bravado, and the can do spirit has been legislated and educated out of us as a people. It’s to a point that we can’t have peanuts of airliners! and sinking fast. Who will be the first man on Mars, at this rate, he will plant the yellow hammer and Sickle on the red banner of China.

  • Loyal Goatherd

    You know, we had a real world experiment where people could decide if they wanted to live under socialism or capitalism, it was a devided city named Berlin. Perhap’s Justin Chenette could explain why the socialists had to build four diferent walls over the course of 28 years. I’m sure he might have had this in a textbook at some time in his life, but the education facilitator might have said those chapters were wrong and will not be studied. So, Justin Chenette is probably completely unaware of this:

    One of the most infamous cases of a failed attempt occurred on August 17, 1962. In the early afternoon, two 18-year-old young men ran toward the Wall with the intention on scaling it. The first of the young men to reach the Wall successfully scaled it. The second one, Peter Fechter, was not so lucky. As he was about to scale the wall, a border guard opened fire. Peter continued to climb the Wall, but ran out of energy just as he reached the top. He then tumbled back onto the East German side of the Wall. To the shock of the world, Peter was just left there. The East German guards did not shoot him again nor did they go to his aid. Peter shouted in agony for nearly an hour. Once he had bled to death, East German guards carried off his body. He became the 50th person to die at the Berlin Wall and a symbol of the struggle for freedom. (Source: http://history1900s.about.com/od/coldwa1/a/berlinwall.htm)

    I’m sure Justin Chenette would explain this as proof of the heartlessness of capitalists. How can the clueless make intelligent thought, let alone intelligent law?

  • Dr. Schplatt

    AVG is giving me virus warnings about the link.

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