Truth’s a mutha

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  • Daniel Crandall

    Hah! And, by the way, Natalie, if you’re in your mid-twenties, you ain’t old enough to be nostalgic for old-school MTV, or VH1 for that matter. Grow the F*** up, get some years under your belt, and come back to see me! But about that having kids & sh*t, here’s my number 123-555-ASIF. …

    Oh, Snap!


  • Raoul Ortega

    Interesting how a minor art form like the “music video” could come and go so rapidly. They really were something peculiar to the 1980s.

    And I found that disconcertingly unfunny, mostly because the casual contempt for anyone not in their audience tribe strikes me as far too real, and too common in most of our culture. (And how many of the guys running these companies are just Jimmy Savile wannabes?)

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