Classic Pick O’ the Day — November 16

That Thing You Do (1996)
A Pennsylvania band scores a hit in 1964 and rides the star-making machinery as long as it can, with a good deal of help from their manager.
Cast: Tom Hanks, Tom Everett Scott, Liv Tyler, Johnathon Schaech, Steve Zahn, Ethan Embry, Charlize Theron, Giovanni Ribisi. Director: Tom Hanks. TV-PG. 1:00 PM EST. Fox Movie Channel.

Tom Hanks directorial debut, and labor of love, is on Fox Movie Channel tomorrow. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it, but a nice time capsule of the last seemingly innocent time in these United States, coupled with some catchy tunes and a cast of then unknowns that now populate a lot of movies and television shows. Also on Fox tomorrow is prior CPOD True Lies (3:30 AM).

12 comments to Classic Pick O’ the Day — November 16

  • Pray you don’t ever see the extended director’s cut and see the things that are revealed about Tom Hanks character…totally unnecessary and kind of ruined the movie for me.

    • One of this Erie, P-A, boy’s favorite movies, endlessly quotable, and while knowing of the character reveal doesn’t bother me, have still avoided purchasing the special edition DVD because I don’t need to know any more than I already do.

      • Loyal Goatherd

        As revealed earlier this year, standing in for EP’s hometown, Erie, Pa, is my hometown, Orange, Ca. Appreciate the scenery and forever glad they didn’t destroy this movie’s innocent feel with anything more suggestive. Kept it a family movie.

        • It’s a family movie unless you watch the director’s cut, unless you come from certain families, I guess.

          Actually I’m overstating this whole thing, the movie’s fine even the director’s cut is OK (Tom Hank’s character is gay)…it’s just so totally unnecessary and felt out of place to me anyway, you can easily see why it wasn’t in the theatrical release.

          • Loyal Goatherd

            And rightly so, the whole sixties innocence was what sold it for me. Kisses and gentlemenliness right on the edge of the sexual revolution. Gay producer more info than I need. It easily could have become sordid, after all it’s a rock and roll band, but fortunately it ,properly, left it hinted at and a mystery.

  • Tracy,txmom2many

    I don’t watch extended director cuts for that reason right there.

    “A nice man in a camper wants us to sign a contract. I’m signin’ your signin’ we’re all signin'”

  • Tracy,txmom2many

    you’re signin’ sigh…..

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