This Afternoon’s Broadcast is brought to you by…

The Toadies. I’m not gonna lie…

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  • JimmyC

    I used to get in arguments with people about this song. I always thought it was about vampires.

  • Stosh from the Sticks

    If anyone cares, there is in fact a “Possum Kingdom” in South Carolina, located roughly between Anderson and Belton (if you’re unfamiliar with Belton, it’s just down the road a piece from Due West and Honea Path).

    “Bear” Rinehart, one of the founding members of the group NeedtoBreathe (kind of a country/pop/Christian fusion) was raised in Possum Kingdom, where his dad was a pastor for a number of years. NeedtoBreathe opened for Taylor Swift during her tour a few year’s back. (Yes, I’m also surprised I know this stuff).

    I realize that Possum Kingdom trivia is probably as useless as anything one is likely to run across on the internet, but when one lives in the cesspool that is greater Chicagoland, it helps to know that there is in fact a whole country of normal human beings out there, and to a significant extent they live in Possum Kingdom (or its numerous equivalents across the country).

  • Possum Kingdom is a lake in the DFW area. The band is from Fort Worth, TX…you figure it out.

    I have read that is song is about a murder carried out at the lake, I have also heard the vampire thing as well.

  • Stosh from the Sticks

    Two Possum Kingdoms (at least) – are we a great country or what?

  • Tony Rome

    Outlaw is correct. Killer album (Rubberneck). Check out the tunes ‘Tyle’r and ‘I Come From The Water’.

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