Classic Pick O’ the Day — November 20

Merrily We Live (1938) A society matron’s habit of hiring ex-cons and hobos as servants leads to romance for her daughter. Dir.: Norman Z. McLeod  Cast: Constance Bennett, Brian Aherne, Alan Mowbray, Billie Burke  BW/95 min.  8:30 pm CDT. TCM.

There’s more than a little nod to My Man Godfrey here, with the incognito rich guy serving the daffy socialites & falling for the daughter.  Only this one is missing the heavy hand of Teh Message that the Powell/Lombard vehicle contained.

It’s all part of Constance Bennett month at TCM.  She’s one of the forgotten leading ladies of her era, and it’s movies like this that remind me to remember her.  She was amazing: gorgeous, elegant, snarky, fun. Speaking of forgotten — this was one of Brian Aherne’s best performances.  He deserved to be half of a memorable movie team.  Why couldn’t it have been with her? a little A&B action?


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