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Speaking of tolerance …

… Counter Contempt’s David Stein had some filth-flarn-filth thrown his direction over the weekend, via Million Muppet Puppet Marcher Chris Mecham. Seems some people can’t take any satirical heat.

Obama won, so it didn’t influence a damn thing. So you’d think that victorious Mr. Mecham would just be able to laugh it off, pop open a bottle of government-funded sparkling cider, and move on to more pressing details, like raising middle-class taxes to bring back “The Electric Company.”

Ah, but if you thought that, you’d be overestimating Chris Mecham. Because that tireless promoter of Sesame Street wholesomeness took one look at my parody video, featuring my recurring character “Drunk Kermit,” and decided to (publicly) leave a comment …

Here’s the video in question again, too, because it’s still damn funny no matter what happened 11/6/12.

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