Classic Pick O’ the Day — November 21

Gone With The Wind (1939): Classic tale of Scarlett O’Hara’s battle to save her beloved Tara and find love during the Civil War.  Dir: Victor Fleming (&co.)  Cast: Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable, Thomas Mitchell, Hattie McDaniel, Leslie Howard, Olivia DeHavilland.  223 min. 9:15pm CDT. TCM.

We’ve been here before but nothing wrong with going ’round again.  This is part of TCM’s “Great Adaptations”, a monthlong salute to books-into-films.  The novel — once a bestseller, since faded in the shadow of the blockbuster — has its moments.  The best? the long conversations Margaret Mitchell penned between hero and heroine, which are compelling and strangely contemporary.  Theirs is as much a meeting of minds as Bronte’s Jane & Rochester.

But I love the movie more.  Too many favorite bits to mention, but I think Number One has to be when Scarlett takes indignant leave of Rhett to go on her ill-fated journey through the rough part of town.  She dismisses his (quite prescient) concerns with an airy, “I can shoot straight…if I don’t have to shoot too far.”   And an irritated Rhett can only admire her as she drives off: “What a woman!”

Our thoughts, exactly.

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