3D Weekend Five: The Tale of the Turkey

I thought we might take this time to regale each other with stories of the family table…or of the family trip to the mall, afterwards.  Is your gang Black Friday indulgers? fond of football & leftovers?  What specialty do you bring to the meal? which specialty do you crave on this day? favorite T’giving-themed film/TV ep?

5.  My slow-roasted rosemary sweet potatoes: Embarrassingly easy to prepare, yet happily popular with the Parents du Wank.

4.  Cranberry sauce preference:  Whole berry-in-can.

3.  Football:  Wow, I knew it wouldn’t be long before the “real refs” were as maligned as their replacement brethren.

2.  2012 additions:  My brother’s new gf is half his age and…sigh…a hugger.  There’s something about being embraced by a person I’ve only met once before, brings out the cactus in me.

1.  the Family du Wank:  I spent most of my adult life far away from them during this season.  So now there is great joy to be had in crowding together on the sofa, watching the National Dog Show before turkey is served.

5 comments to 3D Weekend Five: The Tale of the Turkey

  • -fritz-

    Turkey, dressing, pumpkin pie all covered with the acidity of a Cowboy’s loss! But there is/was the Thankfulness for family, friends and the God Who made us all!

  • Stephanie

    1: Brined Turkey, roasted and basted with a mix of butter, garlic, and white wine. Also skin rubbed after brining with butter. Makes the skin crispy..yummy
    2: plain old fashioned mashed taters. Seriously.Sprinkle paprika and parsley on top for color. They have to white or russetts. The mealier and more textured the better.
    3: Bourbon Pumpkin Butter Pie.
    4: My brother’s duck breasts wrapped with bacon,
    5: hanging with the part of the family thats normal.

    Rudy and I are usually away though from home so I do everything myself. I made my patented Sausage and Sage stuffing and after we ate…forgot about it. Ate it all in a turkey Sausage stuffing mashed tater hash the next night…nummy.

  • Tink in Cali

    Turkey: this year we did it in a slow roaster and it was done in two hours (!). Mr. Tink also deboned a whole bird (a la Jacques Pepin on Youtube) and both were delish.
    Cranberry Sauce: Mama Tink’s homemade cranberry relish with dinner and jellied from the can for sandwiches.
    Green Bean Casserole: this year Sister o’ Tink made everything from scratch and added mushrooms, one of the best offerings of the day.
    Pie: I think each kid can eat their weight in pumpkin pie, so we generally have more pie that we do people. My sister’s pumpkin was the star of the show this year – she credits beating the custard extra long time.
    Family: this year the two halves of the were eating at the same time literally one block apart because the oldest generation thought their houses weren’t big enough. Next year, they don’t get to choose and we are cramming everyone together whether they like it or not.
    Television: sorry Cowboys, RGIII took ya down. And then The Blind Side, which is always awesome.

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