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Classic Pick O’ the Day — November 26

The Empire Strikes Back (1980): As Luke trains with Master Yoda to become a Jedi Knight, his friends evade the Imperial fleet under the command of Darth Vader, who is obsessed with turning Skywalker to the Dark Side of the Force.  Dir.: Irvin Kershner  Cast: Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams 124 mins. 1:30 pm CDT.  Spike TV
After a week of Classic Chick O’ the Day, I thought we’d cleanse the palate.

The argument? that this was the best* of the Star Wars films.  Discuss.

*programming note: I just rewatched (I-refuse-to-call-it-that-other-name) Star Wars, and for me, it’ll always be the best.  Partly because of lines like Han’s “One thing’s fer sure — we’re all gonna be a lot thinner!” right before the Death Star trash compactor went boom.

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  • Matt Helm

    I’m in with the TESB being the best of the franchise crowd. Maybe it was the different locales, the more dynamic plot, or maybe the fact that Lucas didn’t direct it.

  • JimmyC

    Best Star Wars movie, and IMHO the best sci-fi movie of all time, period.

  • Loyal Goatherd

    I’m always contrary to the prevailing winds, it seems, when y’all see ewoks “you say, it’s over!” Well, I went there one earlier. Star Wars was a well crafted fairy tale with cutesy crap for the kids, and not too many plot holes. A conspicuous effort to choreograph a fairly accurate semblance of a final battle scene. The movie borrowed heavily from WWII movies, including a word for word usage of “The Dam Busters” attack scene. I could take or leave it until, one little piece jumped out at me as an awesome little detail, in the attack of gold squadron (also borrowed from torpedo squadron 8 at Midway, 6/4/42). As gold squadron begins its attack run, gold leader takes in gold 2 and gold 3. After 2 fighters are destroyed, the survivor calls to red leader, “they came from behind”, that pilot identifies himself as gold 3. Red leader responds “Copy, gold leader”. Of course, I saw that as a filmmakers’ error on my first viewing. On the second viewing, I saw it for what I believe was the intention of Mr. Lucas, a battlefield promotion (shortlived as it was, for he died as gold leader seconds later). That respect, one warrior to the other, in that dialogue spoke volumes of Mr. Lucas’ respect for the WWII generation and their efforts. He tried to capture a little piece of that and present it to a new generation. Most folks do not even notice this little subtlety. I think it makes the movie.

    Okay, TESB starts out at ice station zebra, I half expected Hudson and Borgnine to show up. There are so many giant holes in this storyline, I had a hard time liking it. I did enjoy the story moving forward, but make sense once and while, please!

    1 The imperial probe droid sent back a picture of a power generator, but did not pick up any of the rebel’s wireless communications, that they used freely. You’re hiding try radio silence! and what a great invention a probe droid that takes pictures from 10 feet off of the ground, but hears nothing on the comm.

    2 We have to use taun-tauns because the speeders have a problem being adapted to the cold, I guess they haven’t been there very long. Oh wait, look at the power generator and ion cannon, did those get built quickly? What about the really big ice hanger for all the ships, command center, corridors everywhere, Princess Leia has her own quarters!?! These rebels have priorities!

    3 Taun-Tauns are native to Hoth? What do they eat? The planet is nothing but ice and rock! Okay, they brought the taun-tauns with them just in case there’s a problem adapting the speeders to the cold. Then what does the ice monster eat? Maybe they brought him too! What kind of predator doesn’t kill its prey in the hunt? Does that same type of predator have some method to melt ice and re-freeze it upside down in a cave to hold his prey he didn’t first kill! I guess it wasn’t dinner time yet so he waiting on the clock.

    4 “The first transport is away”. We can’t hold out, we’ll have to evacuate. One transport and two fighters at a time. That worked well on the surprise initial transport, I guess it worked every time because they never show any rebel ships captured of destroyed, I guess another admiral failed for the last time again.

    5 The imperial walkers (ha ha ha) attacked the power generator and debarked stormtroopers to enter the base, then what? They parked them and took a tour of the rebel base? You don’t suppose they should have pushed on and attacked the transports still on the ground? Maybe they were worried about more harpoons!

    That is just a piece of the illogic flowing out of this movie’s first 30 minutes. There is too much more. No, can’t agree on TESB being the best anything. But I do like it, it just can’t stand to any scrutiny at all.

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