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  • Daniel Crandall

    In my office I’m surrounded by folks who mouth that killing an infant in the womb = a woman doing what she wants with her body. By the definition can one Siamese twin kill the other Siamese twin? After all that other “thing” is nothing more than an appendage to the other’s body. Right?

    Oh … Good morning, Threedonians. Traffic’s been sparse, of late, in these here open threads.

  • It’s funny — our traffic hasn’t dipped a lot but the commenting has. I blame Magnus and his new job.

    • Texacalirose

      I had laryngitis. *o^ (But my fingers have been up & running here & in the Amazon!)

    • -fritz-

      I have been, am still, and most likely will be, sick! Lousy malaria style cold/flu/problem STD…whatever it is, refuses to go away! When you see Santa taking his place on the chimney, you will know that I am well enough to carry on! That is all…here’s your coffee! :-)

      • Tink in Cali

        Excellent, I need that coffee to perk up this vanilla greek yogurt I am eating. The daughter unit swiped the last blueberry one.

      • Texacalirose

        Chicken soup. Penicillin. Ginger ale. Vicks Vaporub. Two weeks on a sandy beach. Then call me in the morning.

        • -fritz-

          I was just kidding about the STD thing, otherwise I could take care of that with some yogurt! :-)

          • Loyal Goatherd

            STD: Senile Transistory dimentia…………What was I talking about?

            Make your own Greek yogurt by straining traditional yogurt. It’s the reduced whey content that makes Greek yogurt so thick and creamy. Put the yogurt in the cheese cloth and hang it over the sink or over a bowl for at least 3 hours, or let it strain overnight in the fridge. I think you can finally kick that sickness if you can put it in cheese cloth and hang it over the sink three hours. And stop milking the goats, it embarrassing to them! and probably illegal in Germany.

  • Texacalirose

    Wow! Mac, Ayotte, & Graham are pissed upon leaving their meetin’ with Rice & that CIA guy this morning.

    Any news on how Petreous’ pen!s is doing? Old news, I guess.

    • Daniel Crandall

      Surprised.. I was sure these weak-chinned Re-Dumb-licans would have come out saying something like, “Well, we had concerns, but we believe those concerns have been answered. We are now prepared to bow down before America’s new lord and savior; giving him whatever he wants – confirming Madam Rice..”

      • Texacalirose

        Yes!! I expected the mamby-pamby response, too. It is my prayer that our GOPers are listening to the pervasive message that we the peepul want our leaders to believe the conservative story and be unafraid of the conservative message (as Bill Whittle, my new boyfriend, so eloquently and sternly put forth – H/T Kenn).

        Just say “no” to Susan Rice! Send the message that we will fight the uber-liberal SCOTUS nominees, also.

        It’s war. On.

      • Kit

        The Senate GOP having more balls than the House GOP? Didn’t see that one coming.

      • Stephanie

        Im not that surprised. This is where GRaham, and McCain excell. They can hold up Rice’s nomination for decades if they want. Benghazi pisses McCain off to no end. Can anyone here see him leaving those guys to die? I can’t. His problems are domestic policy. Period.

    • Tink in Cali

      I guess Mr. Perteous’ man parts also had the holiday week off. Thank goodness.

  • Daniel Crandall

    I didn’t need Mr. Jones to tell me not to watch the show that’s made him rich. It is nice, however, to see he found God..

    • -fritz-

      I stopped watching it before I ever watched it…courtesy of Mr. Sheen Jr. being in the original cast! :-)

    • The kid grew up doing that show; he’s never known anything else. I think it’s admirable he’s finally caught on to what a lot of people knew all along. I wish more kids who grew up in that cesspool would put their adolescent rebellion to good use like that.

      • Daniel Crandall

        He gets props from me for having the courage to speak out, even though it will likely end a mainstream Hollywood career, breaking free from that cesspool, as you put it, Lars. He can now count on a long career of 5th rate films starring Kirk Cameron.

        • -fritz-

          What better though…a long, prosperous career in H-Wood, with hell as a destination, or a crappy career, with Heaven for an eternal reward?

          • Daniel Crandall

            I get your question, fritz, and agree with the sentiment behind it. Another question, however, is how is God better served in this world, creating 5th rate art that influences no one but the already converted and does little but satisfy one’s sense of self-righteousness, or great art that challenges the un-churched and influences people to consider the real and transcendent presence of God in this world?

            Please don’t think I’m critical of Mr. Jones, his conversion, and his regret over the influence his past career on behalf of the Evil One. I just pray that he connects with great filmmakers in Hollywood, and there are great ones there doing great work, and doesn’t fall into the trap of making “church basement” films for a few who already think like he does.

            On the other hand (because there is always another hand), most of his Hollywood peers will do everything they can to force him into that “church basement” film ghetto, given Mr. Jones’ outspokenness on behalf of his faith.

            • Loyal Goatherd

              “church basement” film ghetto Wow, you must have seen some of the stinkers that I have seen (thanks for the recommendations, Netflix). While it’s true “church basement” film ghettoes have yet to produce a great film, some have produced better and better films in succession. While Hollywood has made films for 100+ years now, each more technically superior, “church basement” film ghetto has for perhaps only 40 years, really 20 if you looking for serial producers. Hollywood’s first 20 years were a marvel at the time, but looking back at them now, most are not masterpieces. I think you judge the newcomers 20 years of effort with the lense of the 100+ years of the professionals. Every great effort starts with 1 faltering step. Patience is counseled!

              • Daniel Crandall

                LG, with 100+ years of filmmaking professionalism to build on, why try to reinvent the wheel in a Baptist church in Georgia (yes, I’m looking at those folks who made “Facing the Giants”, “Fireproof”, etc. – as well as the incredibly amateurish adaptation of Chesterton’s “Manalive”)?

                “Church basement” films will always be church basement films because they are generally poorly written, poorly acted, poorly directed, and, all in all, poor quality films.

                Barbara Nicolosi has been working with and training people – specifically Christians because she sees Hollywood as a mission field – to write and produce films in Hollywood for years. She has some very harsh, but necessary, words for earnest Christians who turn their backs on the “harlot” of Hollywood, then think they will change the culture with their incredibly inspiring Christian film. It isn’t going to happen.

                Regarding one project she was asked to give script notes on, Nicolosi writes,

                “I generally avoid reading this kind of project – especially because no one ever wants to pay me for my trouble. But, in this case, I wanted to help because I have some personal relationships with folks involved in the project. So, I volunteered to read the project for free.


                “The sub-title of the piece should be “Or, Why We Need Act One”. It is typical of hundreds of projects that I have seen from earnest Christians over the last decade. I am so tired of seeing good people’s money wasted on efforts like this. Filmmaking is hard, and complicated, and not something that can possibly work on a whim and a prayer.emphasis added

                When Hollywood was in its infancy people worked hard at the art and craft of filmmaking. Those folks (Jack Warner, Samuel Goldwyn, Frank Capra, Elia Kazan, Willam Wyler, et al, too many to name) built Hollywood and knew how to make great films. If you want to make great films you don’t spit on the industry and try to reinvent all those people’s hard work and artistry.

            • Tracy,txmom2many

              AMEN Daniel. I don’t know when Christian art became a synonym for low rate cheesey mess but I hate it. I occasionally have to go into our local chain Christan store for homeschool material and it’s all I can do to get out of there without offending the staff by my hysterical laughter at the merchandise. If I see one more poorly painted “Santa worshiping Jesus” picture I’m gonna go all Jesus in the temple and end up on the news.

      • Agreed, but considering most of these perpetual Peter Pans consider flipping Jesus the bird as the ultimate form of rebellion, don’t see it happening any time soon. Still, nice to see one biting the hand which feeds it.

        • Loyal Goatherd

          …flipping Jesus the bird as the ultimate form of rebellion….

          We need to convince them that Muhammad bird flips are even more rebellious, all the cool kids are doing it!

    • Kit

      Congrats to him for finding God.

      But let’s be honest, its stopped being worthwhile the moment Charlie Sheen went bonkers and left.

      • Tracy,txmom2many

        It was never worthwhile. It may have been an amusing distraction that stopped being funny when the star went nuts, but it was never worthwhile.

  • Daniel Crandall

    I want to thank Threedonia for providing a space for those things I won’t share on Facebook.

    Case in point:

    Pervert screws dolphins, manages to get a book deal and writes about it, and is feted by the maroons and ignoranimouses in at Huffpo. Now doubt this will be coming soon to a theater near you.. Sad.

    How’s this for massive understatement: “But Dr. Denise Herzing of the Wild Dolphin Project, which researches communication between dolphins and humans, said a book aggrandizing a human-dolphin sexual relationship could send a dangerous message.”

    Why is it dangerous, you might ask? Good question. Not, however, because it violates all this sacred and holy about the human person. Oh, NO!

    ” “Glorifying human sexual interactions with other species is inappropriate for the health and well being of any animal,” Herzing told HuffPost. “It puts the dolphin’s own health and social behavioral settings at risk.” ”

    That’s a freakin’ pervert spanks his monkey while rubbing against a dolphin and the problem is what it will do to the dolphin!!!

    Good God in heaven. Please, if you’re there, Lord, I’m ready to come home. Please.

  • Kit

    More proof the GOP is the Stupid Party. Why aren’t they trying to reach out to Asian-Americans?

    My goals for the GOP in terms of minorities.
    -Shave of 5-10% of the Black vote. Get at least 15-20% in your corner by 2020.
    -Get about 40+% of the Hispanic vote. Don’t need to flip it, just shave off parts of it.
    -FLIP the Asian vote. Chinese Americans might be a bit hard but Koreans, Vietnamese, etc. should be naturally easier.

    Hell, I’d go to Koreans in Los Angeles (the ones that still live there) and ask “Which party was that sold you down the river in 1992? It wasn’t the Republicans, they didn’t control Los Angeles” and “In 1992 Korean-American shop-owners grabbed their guns to defend your shops, the Dems want to take away your right to do that.”

    Hell, the fact that the GOP didn’t use the 1992 riots to permanently flip the Koreans into the GOP was a major wasted opportunity.

    • Texacalirose

      You can say that again! :)

    • JimmyC

      Good points, Kit. The GOP needs to start winning the culture if they want to keep winning elections, and a big part of that means practicing community outreach at the grassroots level. Democrats do it all the time, so it’s already fair game. Just compete, for God’s sakes.

      • Kit

        But remember, the key is we don’t need to win all of them. Maybe not even a majority of each group. We just need to win ENOUGH.
        Just enough to fracture the Dem coalition.

        Fight for every vote and you just might shave off enough to alter the balance.

  • Dr. Schplatt

    This is a post to pad the comment count and make Floyd feel better.

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