R.I.P. — Marvin Miller

The passing of Marvin Miller will have some folks thinking he’s on his way to have St. Peter open up the Pearly Gates for him, a savior who secured for professional athletes a negotiating power they previously never possessed. Others will be convinced he’s on the Hell Express, a minion of Satan who pushed the financial pendulum too far in the opposite direction. Whichever direction Miller’s headed, I offer prayers and condolences to his family that he may rest in peace.

“Some of the player representatives were leery about picking a union man,” Hall of Fame pitcher and U.S. Senator Jim Bunning, a member of the screening committee that recommended Miller, recalled in a 1974 interview. “But he was very articulate … not the cigar-chewing type some of the guys expected.”

It also gives me a legit excuse to re-post relevant clips from Looking for Oscar

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  • Texacalirose

    Well, duh & double duh & triple duh. I read the 3D “cast” bios & there was no mention of EP’s accomplishments in the film world!! Color me duh!

    I never saw Looking for Oscar (I recall when it was released that I thought it was about an aspiring actor or somethin’).

    I din’t know EP is an actor who has actually been in a film or two or more (unlike moi who is an actress in her own mind only.

    So, I am not worthy! (and may I have your autograph, EP?)

    P.S. I intend to watch Looking for Oscar in toto ASAP.

    Bravo! P.S. That dude was 95 years old! Good on him.

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