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  • Stephanie


    Mel Torme and Judy Garland? How awesome is that?

  • Texacalirose

    I’m so sick of the “holier than thou” attitude of those who have joined the circular firing squad, blaming Romney’s loss on a phantom group of people who “just didn’t care enough.” Those “blamers” lack empathy and are ignorant, being incapable of understanding that election dynamics are more complicated than keeping score of who staffs a phone bank. Those “blamers” lack the maturity to accept anything other than their own self-centered view of how things ought to be, that only their actions are significant and that if anyone else doesn’t do what the “blamer” has decreed to be the only acceptable action, that person should just STFU about Mitten’s Romney’s loss.

    Circular firing squad.

    Don’t blame the voters for Romney’s defeat.

    ORCA failure

    I wish those arrogant ignoramuses would STFU themselves. Maybe get a job. Just leave me alone.

    • Tracy,txmom2many

      I know you’re not talking to me 😉 but I’m gonna go ahead and share my thoughts anyway because I know you’ve all been waiting to hear my astute analysis.

      Romney probably could have been clearer, the media could have been more fair (or even given it a thought), the supporters more enthused. But really, I don’t think any of those lost it for us. I believe we lost because a large portion of the voters aren’t ready to do something different yet and a good bit of that is because doing something different is akin to admitting you were wrong. Much of our current society is really entrenched in a no consequences, no logic, no wisdom kind of loop and it’s just not painful enough yet for them to pursue change. In 4 years, they will be forced to a change of sorts so it won’t sting so bad, though many of them will still vote for whoever has a D.

      It’s good to reevaluate after a loss, but at a certain point we need to just get on with it. These are the cards we’re dealt and I’d still rather being playing my hand here than anywhere else.

      • Texacalirose

        Absolutely not talkin’ ’bout you, darlin’. :) And glad you’re at the round table. (And finally you’ve shared your astute analysis … now I can exhale! *o^)

        • Stephanie

          LOL blame me because thats who your going after. Here’s the deal? How much did you do to help get out the vote? Did you do calls? Did you sign wave? Did you do door to door and being in Texas is not an excuse. There were calls for help for people to come to Ohio, VA, FL, and PA. How many sat back? There were people who couldn’t help out that were depending on people in safe states to help push the election over the edge for Mitt. But hey get upset when those of us who are stuck in friggen no mans land see a lot of blame to be passed to a lot of people including the sacrosanct voters. Go on twitter or many who screamed like girls there before the election about Obama did nothing physically to help Romney.

          • Texacalirose

            Uh oh. Looks like ED removed my comment.

          • Tracy,txmom2many

            I didn’t go after anyone.

            You’re right, I didn’t do any of that. I have a limited amount of energy and time, so I budget it and my kids/family come first. Leaving for OH, VA, FL or PA for weeks on end isn’t what I am called to do right now. I didn’t bitch about Obama before hand, I didn’t whine about Romney after. I’ll take any responsibility that’s mine but Mitt losing ain’t it, Miss I-hate-the-GOP-they-are-dead-to-me after Perry was out. That there was REAL frickin helpful.

            • Texacalirose

              I didn’t read the screed myself. God bless ya! You’re a better woman than I! :o)

            • goozer

              Speaking of bloviating on blogs…weren’t you the one who said something like “I will NEVER vote for Romney! If he gets the nomination, I will leave the party!” and “I will never move to Korea!” If one is going to make absolute declarations, one should at least have the conviction to carry through on them. Otherwise, one may seem…unprincipled.

              They were warned what would happen if they nominated another so-called ‘moderate who can win’, election evidence to the contrary notwithstanding. I said, “This far and no farther!” in 2008, as I watched them pick Dole II (had Palin not been on the ticket, I would’ve walked away then.) I meant what I said. My principles remain the same whether I live in Texas or Ohio. There are apparently a sizeable number of like-minded individuals who feel the same. It is likely we aren’t coming back.

              Let. It. Burn.

          • Loyal Goatherd

            Not to step into any snake pit here (we’ll just leave the catfight term right out, then), the culture of America has changed. We are in a death spiral, and to take pot shots at others who also realize the predicament we face is not helpful. Righteous Faith, extended family, constructive education, honest government, and a fearless press were what sustained this country. What is left of those five pillars today? Ridiculed faith, isolated families, de-constructive education, dihonest government, and a compliant press, little remains to sustain us. It can be traced back to many beginnings, when doesn’t matter. Why did Romney lose? More votes for Obama, that’s why!

            The admixture of emotionalism and narcissism encouraged by the formal immediacy of much of contemporary journalism: We’ve created a journalism that feeds contemporary emotionalism brilliantly with these cubist blips of description. Dark. Dangerous. The horror. It’s very much of its time, of its emotional time. But by doing this, we are amplifying and increasing people’s emotional sense that everything happens inside their heads. We are contributing to a feeling of being trapped in our heads and our emotions and a feeling of disconnection from a more political, physical world.

            This is the journalism of attachment, the journalism in which subjective feeling becomes objective fact. The lesson is clear. When emoting and feeling become the substance of journalism, then facts, and the truth, suffer. And so does the Nation!

            Well, we can disagree with the press and get our story out, somehow. Think America! we know it’s not the popular opinion, but here’s what we say. The media is lying, use your education to discern the truth, unpopular as it maybe!

            The result of three decades’ worth of campus censorship, from the politically correct speech codes of the 1980s and 1990s to the anti-harassment dictata of today, has been chilling. A recent survey conducted by the American Association of Colleges and Universities: ‘Out of 24,000 students who were asked the question, “Is it safe to hold unpopular positions on campus?”, only 35 per cent of students strongly agreed. But, when broken down, the stat indicates something even worse. Forty per cent of freshmen strongly agreed, but only 30 per cent of seniors.’ In other words, students unlearn freedom of speech during their studies. ‘Even worse, only 16 per cent of university faculty strongly agreed with this statement. It’s not even a particularly strong statement, and if we’ve reached a point where only 16 per cent of faculty strongly agree with it, then we’re doing something wrong.’

            How has this happened? How has censorship come to play such a prominent role within the academy? In attempting to answer this, it is impossible to ignore the therapeutic turn in society at large. In brief, the robust, trailblazing individual of American legend had, by the late twentieth century, been reconceived as fragile and in need of external help and protection. Campus censorship plays upon this theory of the vulnerable individual, which presupposes a very ‘weak idea of what people are capable of coping with’.

            It is this belief that certain words and opinions might be too hurtful to young, vulnerable people which, in the eyes of the censors, justifies campus regulation of speech. Censorship even comes to present itself as the right thing to do, so much so that people much too readily give the moral highground to those who are pro-censorship. It’s very easy to see that many people today self-censor unpopular or non-correct thoughts and ideas. “Obama cares” lives in their minds and nothing else matters. It will take a miracle or an attack to break this mindset.

            Some verbage pilfered from: and :

            • Texacalirose

              Not to step into any snake pit here (we’ll just leave the catfight term right out, then)

              Good call, Loyal. We dames will point out that snakes are phallic and nothing snarls & howls like a tomcat. 😉

              Now, back to your comment. It reckons back to JimmyC’s linked article a few ago written by the Chinese-American Republican:

              “Take back the campuses.”

              That’s where it festers. You’re on it.

        • Stephanie

          No Texicali is attacking me. No Tex dear I am not ignorant. I am stuck in friggen no mans land seeing things going on that I can’t help. Reading news and seeing idiots blame Mitt, blame a tech issue or what have you for a loss that shouldn’t have happened. These are the same people who did NOTHING for the campaign. NOT. ONE. THING! Romney had no ground game in Florida. Could have used door knockers from OK, TX etc there couldn’t we have. At least when I was in the US I had the chance to do precinct walks and help out making phone calls. People to poeple is how campaigns are won not blasting Obama on twitter, facebook or a blog. But hey I am ignorant. Wow thanks darlin.

      • Texacalirose

        And hey! Where’s Mrs. M.D.? It’s Tuesday ; we need our tacos!!

    • Daniel Crandall

      ‘arrogant ignoramuses’? No, I think you meant my new favorite word: IGNORANUS – a wonderful combination of being both stupid and an *sshole. 😉

  • Texacalirose

    Yes, General, you have found your noblesse oblige but too late.

  • Dr. Schplatt

    I think I posted this last Christmas. In fact I’m sure I did. But this is the first song that get’s played in the Schplatt household the Friday after Thanksgiving. This is the first year I get to dance with my wife while the song plays. Heh…typing that makes me smile while I sit at the keyboard.

    Merry Christmas you all and may the Lord Bless and keep you!

  • Kit

    Folks, I have decided to come out in favor of Pot Legalization. And potentially many other drugs as well, including possibly the dangerous and deadly Meth (well, maybe not Meth. . . yet).


    Because, the way I see it, once Pot is legal the Liberal elite will surely begin to go after it as a major health danger.
    Just as they have gone after alcohol, smoking, and coca-cola. :)

    • -fritz-

      Let me smoke some pot and think about it, then I’ll get back to you! :-)

    • Texacalirose

      I support your decision, Kit. Then we’ll need another drug czar to ameliorate the conflict between the current bureaucracies over control of the newly legalized drug that could also be regulated by Deptment of Agriculture.

      Is it a drug or is it a plant? Let’s just legalize it and then do catch up to clean up the mess. It will keep our politicians busy protecting us from ourselves (one of my favorite things that they do!)

      Kit, I’m witcha. No drug cartel will ever have experienced the wrath of a scorned IRS agent or state regulator. DEA? Child’s play compared.

    • Tracy,txmom2many

      I’m against it just because when I really needed it during the YEARS I spent throwing up to grow my family, it was illegal. I refuse to let others have a benefit I couldn’t.

  • JimmyC

    Some new set pics out from the Lone Survivor movie. I gotta say, I was skeptical about Mark Wahlberg playing Marcus Luttrell convincingly, but he absolutely looks the part here. Good to see Eric Bana playing a soldier again, too- he was great in Black Hawk Down.

    • Via the mighty Andrew Price:

      [H]ere are our options:

      1. The Talk Radio Option. Scream about the fiscal cliff, walk away in a huff.

      The Result: We get destroyed by the media for risking the country. There is no fiscal cliff “bang” so people feel they dodged a bullet we aimed at them. The economy sinks slowly. We get blamed for not doing anything to help Obama.

      2. The Smart Choice: We tell the public will give Obama everything he wants with no obstruction. We frame what he wants using his own rhetoric to (1) jack up the destructive tax hikes on his supporters, (2) shift the blame for Medicare cuts onto him, and (3) use him to do our dirty work by eliminating trillions in deductions which will allow us to move toward a flatter tax later.

      The Result: Obama gets 100% of the blame because he can’t argue we stood in his way. The tax hikes cause a slow erosion of the economy into 2014 and beyond. We argue for tax cuts on the basis of “Obama got what he wanted and he destroyed the recovery.”

      3. The Republican Plan: Stand up to Obama rhetorically in the name of protecting the rich from tax hikes. Get some minor concessions on military spending. They will then claim they worked with Obama… while getting a better deal… while saving America… while protecting the military.

      The Result: Obama will talk about trying to save the country but the Republicans standing in his way to save the rich. The deal will cause the economy to tank slowly. Obama will blame the Republicans for not giving him what he wanted and the public will believe it.

      Which would you choose?

      • Texacalirose

        #2 (and I mean that in the worst way). Let’s get it on, the inevitable, I mean. Let it burn now.

      • JimmyC

        All due respect to the great AP, but make no mistake, Republicans are going to get the blame no matter what happens. The media will make sure of that.

        Heck, Obama had total control from 2008-2010, and his policies failed miserably, but did we hear about that in the media? No, because they were focused on demonizing the Tea Party, Prop 8, and Glenn Beck. To hear the Left tell it, Obama’s policies would have worked great if the racist Tea Party hadn’t stood in his way, and if all those greedy rich people weren’t sitting on all their money instead of investing it.

        • -fritz-

          My total agreement Jimmy! The media and the left have all but turned the vultures loose on what’s left of what they’ve done to pick clean the bones of the America we once knew!

          I have another option I’d offer, but it won’t likely happen…fire the SOB and his dog & pony show helpers Nancy and Harry and start over Jan. 20th with a real conservative government that does not include either of the Clintons or Joe Biden in any role! And this time, let’s get somebody that actually will work under and protect the Constitution!

        • Texacalirose

          JC, I hear ya, but I envision that when the free money runs out, the hordes will riot. The vacuum will need to be filled. If/when the R’s are blamed, then my D-conversion, what’s-in-a-name, can work. A conservative by any other name smells just as sweet. The dodo’s won’t know the difference but they’ll still get to vote. Vote D!!!

          I’m a LIB now, too. Let.It.Burn. Like goozer sez.

        • Dr. Schplatt

          That’s what I was thinking. Option #1, #2, and #3 end up with the Republicans getting blamed for everything just like we blame the police for giving us a ticket rather than try not speeding.

      • Stephanie

        A mix of two and three. Obama can be brought to heel on military spending. But as I see it I think Krauthammer is right and the GOP should say fine whatever and walk away…but what scares me is the military cuts. Next year won’t be a happy Christmas for a lot of military people and our country if Obama gets his way on that issue.

      • Heard a good one – offer up the recommendation of Obama’s own debt commission – Simpson Bowles. If the Dems bock at that, they’re inflexibility would take center stage as those recommendations were bipartisan – and the debt commission was Obama’s idea

    • Jimmy, ’bout Lone Survivor, a friend of mine flew the Apache that is in one of the pictures. He came away from a week there impressed, he said he was told that this is a middle budget film. He also said Wahlburg was rather standoffish…for whatever that’s worth. He enjoyed meeting the other actors and the director though…ended up with a speaking part.

      • JimmyC

        Wahlburg’s just grumpy because he didn’t get his chance to stop 9/11 from happening. 😉

        Congrats to your friend on getting a speaking role in the movie. I guess they’re filming it over in New Mexico because they get a tax break for filming there. Because we all know how much Hollywood HATES those tax cuts for the rich.

  • JimmyC

    Well, Obama justmade his first offer to House Republicans to avoid a fiscal cliff, and it was so ridiculous it made Mitch McConnell literally laugh out loud.

    $1.6 trillion in tax increases, an end to the debt ceiling, and the GOP gets nothing in return. I’m with Krauthammer: they should walk away. Obama clearly doesn’t give a damn about avoiding the fiscal cliff, and the media is going to paint them as the bad guys either way, so why compromise and get jack squat in return? They should stand up for what they believe in, and just walk away.

    • Texacalirose

      Too bad the Constitution prevents preezy from doing a lot of things he wants to do (That dern House holding up preezy’s murse!). Otherwise, he could just pass a budget and then we could see what was in it after. Nancy sez it’s going to good for me.

      Seriously, I keep waiting for the R’s to just cave, to hear that this has all been bravado. I’ll never fall in love again.

    • Loyal Goatherd

      It’s positively medieval, the patient is bleeding to death, and the doctor wants to put the leeches on him.

    • Scott M.

      Amen.Tell that fuckr Obama to jump and enjoy the view down.

  • Scott M.

    Jay Nordlinger’s last Impromptu on Gertrude Himmelfarb’s book(see Thursday OT for parts 1 and 2 if you bothered to read them).The picture is of Lord Balfour,by the way.

  • Daniel Crandall

    Okay, I’m gonna throw this out to the Threedonia crowd. Next year will be my 49th on this earth, and I’m thinking of going back to school to pursue an M.S./Psy.D. at the Institute for the Psychological Sciences ( I’m really unsure at my “advanced” age to to back to school, studying what I did as an undergrad and as a grad student (the latter degree conferred in 2000), though with the critical difference that IPS is a distinctly Catholic school. Applying means letters of recommendation, taking the GRE (again, ugh..), etc.

    Am I completely nuts? At my “advanced” age, do I have to realize that that ship has simply sailed, and I need to be happy with where I am? And don’t even get me started on how I’ll pay for it without incurring more debt (yes, I still have student loans I’m paying off … again, ugh..).

    I’m open to whatever all y’all want to say, even if it’s “That’s Insane!!”

  • Saw my son’s ad again during the PAC-12 Championship game… awesome again. :-)

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