Movie Posters has a couple of summer posters up to a couple of movies I’m looking forward to — assuming the fiscal cliff allows me to see movies anymore.

Star Trek poster channeling The Dark Knight Rises bat-shaped rubble. And Man of Steel (I’m assuming those are kryptonite cuffs:

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  • JimmyC

    h/t to Mr. Crandall in the Open Thread for the Man of Steel poster. That one looks great, BTW. Not sure about the Star Trek one: seems to be riding Nolan’s coattails a bit, aesthetically speaking.

  • I take it that “Where no man has gone before” now means the Matrix.

  • Scott M.

    Truth,Justice,and the Allah Way!

  • Daniel Crandall

    Okay, I’m nitpicking, but I can see standing on a pile of rubble to survey damage. But standing on a pile of burning rubble, note the red glow beneath Kirk’s (whom I presume it is) feet. Someone might be getting a bit of hotfoot.

    Also, another interpretation of the Man of Steel in cuffs thing is that he went willingly, acknowledging, for the time being, the authority of those who want him so bound. Besides, if they were kryptonite cuffs, they’d have to drag him in since that material does away with all his energy. … And I am not a geek … I swear … 😉

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